The Lone Soldier

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic


I was born in Dallas, Texas on 2050 November 7th and my parents named me Ace Long.

My parents, Scott Long and Mary Long, were very wealthy individuals who were worth a whopping 700 billion dollars! They owned a company called “Long Industries” which sold weapons to the US government, made cars, home necessities, games and everything you could think of! The company itself was worth 3 trillion dollars!

At the time of my birth, the president was Abraham Washington, a republican who was elected on 2048 November 7th. 

9 years later 

I just had my 9th birthday on Wednesday November 7th and my parents threw a huge birthday party! They invited all of my friends from school-Mike, Sophie, Sophia, Michelle, Scott Wright, Jake and Tony. We went to a waterpark in Texas called MILITARY WATER PARK! There it had a bunch of decorations of energy weapons, guns, explosives, tanks, armor, planes, helicopters, vertibirds and army men (in armor!).

After the party, on Thursday I went to school and we had a quiz. I ended up getting an A+! Before lunch, I had to go to the bathroom and right after I was done doing my business, the school bullies Mark and his two minions Roger and Sammy walked into the bathroom. They had been bullying me since kindergarten and I have been putting up with it the whole entire time. I could have easily beaten them up since I have been taking Karate Kung Fu and Judo since I was 4 years old. Mark walked up to me and said gruffly, “Well, well, well, look who we have here. It’s the little weakling who didn’t let me copy his work. You know, I failed that quiz because of you”. “Yes, I know but I couldn’t show you because the teacher would se- “Oh shut up, you can repay me by giving me all of your lunch money”. He said roughly.” Or else I will dump your big head into the toilet”. His minions laughed smugly with a huge grin on their faces. I firmly said “No”. Mark grimaced and said, holding back a laugh, “Well you got what was coming to you”. He and his minions leaped to grab me but I swiftly dodged their attack. I picked up Sammy and gave him the “grand slam” into the ground. I spin-kicked Roger back and blocked Mark’s attack, then came back with a jumping side kick and I knocked him back, putting his face into the toilet. Roger came back with a punch. I blocked it and I did a spinning double jump kick and hit him back into the wall.

They never messed with me after that.

When I got home, I decided to hop onto bitude( a social media site owned by Long industries) and go to the home page. A certain video caught my eye titled U.S.A military patriot march. I click on it and see at least more than 100 soldiers wearing Long Industries’ armor, tanks, vertibirds, weapons, and planes. I did more extensive research about the history of the U.S.A and learned about George Washington, the founding fathers, the Revolutionary War, the British, King George the lll, Abraham Lincoln, democracy, communism, slavery, WW1, WW2, Vietnam War, the collapse of the twin towers in New York, Flight 93, and the Afghanistan War.

After that I wanted to join the military and serve my country. My father got me a F-57 and a soldier wearing armor saluting, and another one fighting and using an energy machine gun.

8 years later 

I ended up getting a job at my dad’s company and taking command of the weaponry department. A person was trying to steal a prototype energy weapon but was stopped by some robotic guards. He was put in jail, and later sentenced for 50 years in prison.                                                                                      

After work I went home and watched the news. The news anchor John Smith reported China destroying a U.S aircraft carrier and Russia bombing Guam and Tokyo killing about 10,000 people and killing around 97 U.S soldiers. China attacked and took control of Arkansas and part of Alaska. The American people were enraged after that incident and the military sent in a battalion of U.S soldiers through vertibird transport, though the Chinese launched 10 missiles at the battalion killing almost all of the soldiers. The rest were wiped out by Chinese soldiers- death toll:1,967 Chinese soldier deaths and 1,012 American soldier deaths.


10 months later


The war is still raging on. The Chinese and the Russian have started gaining the upper hand. President Abraham Washington (he got re-elected and he is still the president because of the war) issued a withdrawal from Alaska, bringing back 5,000 American soldiers’ home from the 20,000 that are stationed there after losing about 20 square miles of territory. The military are drafting people to fight in the war. And I ended up being 1 of them. I was made to be a Navy Seal given my past record and experience with all the weapons. The training was rushed. It took only 1 month to complete. I was at the top out of all the recruits being assigned the leader of my squad, which consisted of 7 men and 3 women. Our first mission was in the sky, intercepting a small squadron of Bistros with a speed of Mach 5.4. We intercepted them by using five of the new prototype planes made by Long Industries named the X-87 Thunderbird, an advanced stealth fighter jet with speeds of Mach 5.8 and following one U-87X Stealth Bomber with a speed of Mach 2.4(much slower but that is to bomb the Chinese base).


We zoomed over the Pacific Ocean when our radar scanners picked up 7 planes closing in on our location. The good thing was that they didn’t see us coming because of our stealth. The bad news was that they had a HUGE flying fortress behind them, probably carrying 15 nuclear bombs. I spoke to the mission control, “Holy crap, there is a HUGE Flying Fortress!” Mission control responds saying, “Don’t worry. We are sending in 7 more planes, 5 Y-47M Eagle fighter/bomber jets to your location and 2 heavily armed X-989 Hades.” As an intense dogfight ensues, the flying fortress fires 20 missiles at my squad destroying one of our planes. Luckily, we were able to launch flares and dodge the missiles. I shot down 2 planes with the energy machine gun and they both went plummeting down to the earth. We all launched missiles at the flying fortress, but it barely scratched it. The reinforcements were 20 miles away. The U-87X is staying back because of the dogfight. Suddenly the Flying Fortress launched 3 EMP missiles, blacking out 2 jet planes and 1 Y-47M Eagle(yay they got here). Suddenly the 4 Y-47M fighter/bomber jets launched multiple nuclear rockets, destroying the left side of the plane and triggering 5 nukes, destroying a main control center, causing 2 smaller jets to be destroyed. Now with the Flying Fortress damaged, they deployed a bunch of drones to take us out. The drones shot down 1 of our men. Suddenly 2 Hades showed up and launched an EMP making all the drones plummet to the ground. 

When we thought we had won, the Flying Fortress suddenly repaired its wing! And launched a barrage of missiles taking out every plane except the bomber which retreated backwards.


**Y-47M is a fighter and bomber jet which can carry 2 nuclear missiles, has 2 heavy energy machine guns placed in the front of the jet, also has 8 EMP missiles, 8 missiles and can travel at Mach 4.5.


I went down, still in the plane. Luckily there was water and the plane (that deployed a floatie underneath it) was able to stay intact. The planes are VERY durable, probably able to withstand a Collison from 30,000 feet. I was able to grab the Stealth Suit (the stealth suit makes the user and everything they touch invisible and can breathe underwater) and an energy rifle (has a scope so that it can shoot from far away and disintegrates everything it hits). Suddenly a vessel with a bunch of Chinese on a boat zoomed towards my location. I put on the stealth suit and equipped my weapon ready to fire. I shot from a long distance at the driver which made the boat halt to a stop. Then I shot the motor and made the boat unusable. The Chinese saw the fighter jet and started firing at it. I noticed that there was a missile still attached to it and activated the missile, destroying the boat and everyone in it. I followed the path that the boat took and while following the boat's trail, I saw a piece of the Flying Fortress’s wing. Suddenly 5 drones came from the wing of the plane sensing movement, good that I had my stealth suit. I heard a loud noise coming from the sky. I looked up and saw Y-47M coming from the sky. There was a pilot ejecting and parachuting from the destroyed plane. He shot all of the drones with a multi-tactical sniper rifle. He dropped onto the Flying Fortress plane and swam towards the crashed jet, grabbing stealth armor and an energy pistol. It turned out that he was my very close friend Scott Wright. I turned off my stealth and called out at him. He took out his pistol and aimed it at me, saying, “Who are you? And why are you here?” I deactivated my helmet and said, “Hey! I recognize you. Aren’t you Scott Wright?” He responded with, “yes, I am Scott Wright, and you? I say, “Ace Long ''. He lowers his weapon and speaks to me saying, “Hi good friend! Now let’s cut to the chase. I need help infiltrating and destroying the nearby enemy base and stopping the Flying Fortress from reaching the U.S.A”. I question him saying, “How will infiltrating and destroying the base help stop the Flying Fortress?” And he responds with, “There is a teleporter in the base which allows people to go into and out of the Flying Fortress. We need to destroy the base so that people can’t get into the Flying Fortress and to cut off their communication with the Chinese government”. “I was shot down by the Flying Fortress while flying towards the base.” We begin our journey to the base. Luckily it isn’t too far.


We finally make it to the base. Scott stays back and gets into a sniping position turning on his stealth suit. And I turn on my stealth suit and start sneaking into the base. Scott uses a bomb bullet to cause a distraction and divert a lot of the guards while I take out the remaining guards with a knife. Suddenly a bunch of armed guards surround me, and a soldier in a powerful suit of armor, it’s actually the armor that Long Industries has been creating! The Chinese commander says, ”Open Fire!” and they all start shooting at me! I run away from there as fast as I can. Luckily the armor is strong enough to withstand that much firepower. I survived, barely. Suddenly I hear jet engines and I see a military glider dropping 10 U.S soldiers and 1 person in the armor! They mow down all of the commies but suddenly the Chinese armor suit lets out a powerful blast knocking back all of the U.S soldiers and shutting down the U.S armor. The commander says, “Good riddance,” and punches the soldier back into the wall then launches missiles, killing the soldier inside the armor. I run to the armor. The general tries to shoot at me saying, “Die American bastard!” He raises his weapon but suddenly Scott shoots him with an EMP bullet stunning him and I am able to get inside the armor. I blast the soldier away and shoot him with a net making it so that he is unable to move. I continue on inside the base. They try to stop me but the suit is way too powerful. All of the energy bullets bounce off. They fire a rocket at me but it barely dents the armor. I use the built-in energy minigun to kill them all. They put up an electronic barrier to try and stop me but I just destroy it like it’s a fly. Suddenly a tank approaches and tries to run me over. I struggle to get it off of me, but in the end, I throw it off of me. It fires a shell at me causing severe damage. I try to dodge out of the way of the second shell but it ends up hitting me leaving the armor almost dead. The armor automatically repairs itself but it probably won’t repair itself in time. I launch a mini nuke at the tank to destroy it. They then use an enhanced energy mounted minigun to kill the armor and it actually does! Just when I thought I was dead (epic plot armor moment), Scott launched an exploding bullet at the Chinese, killing all of them and causing the wall to break and unveiling a teleporter. Scott caught up to me and said, “We should probably wait for the armor to repair itself before we go in. I’ve already planted explosives all over the base”. “They will probably be waiting for us when we get there. I’ll be in stealth planting the bombs all over the plane”. After the armor repairs, I get in and we go inside the Flying Fortress. We teleport inside and sure enough there are at least 20 soldiers waiting for us. I activated my minigun and mowed them all down. We were met with a lot of force on the plane, but we were able to get through them all. We got to the cockpit (epic boss battle coming) and we see a person standing there with armor surrounded by a bunch of men and 2 enhanced energy mounted machine guns. The soldier says in Chinese, “I am Hu Xiao, you dare to approach me?” He starts running towards me and hits me against the wall. The other soldiers start shooting at me. I aim my minigun at them but Hu Xiao hits me before I can. I shoot a mini nuke at the soldiers disintegrating them all. Hu Xiao fires a rocket at me but I deflect it back at him disabling his left arm. Hu Xiao lunges at me shouting, “ No!” But I shoot a rocket into his arm disabling both of his arms. Suddenly Hu Xiao prepares to launch a super mini nuke at me but Scott manages to attach a bomb to Hu Xiao which goes off and shuts off his armor. I finish him off by picking him up and throwing him out of the plane. We jump out of the Flying Fortress as it explodes and we prepare for the impact, but it doesn’t come. We end up landing in the ocean. A couple of hours later, we are picked up by a group of United States soldiers and brought back to the U.S military base in the Pacific.

A couple hours later we are preparing to head back to the United States to enforce the defense and get my promotion to general (because of the Flying Fortress). Suddenly before we can go out we receive a transmission from U.S intel saying that there is a whole fleet of bombers, fighter jets, aircraft carriers and destroyers getting to America in 6 hours. So we have to stay longer at the military base, and the United States is sending a whole fleet of ships and planes to help fend off the commies. 6 hours later our radar is picking up a bunch of objects. We see the Chinese and the Russian fleets and the American fleet in the distance closing in fast. We get into our jets (I get into X-87 Thunderbird) and prepare to take off. The American fleet starts engaging the Chinese and Russian fleet. We are given the go to take off, and we start engaging the enemy. All the ships around me are sinking and catching on fire, AA gun bullets fly past us and a Chinese plane crashes into an American destroyer sinking it. The person next to me is shot down by a Bistro. Scott next to me gets his wing shot by a jet named “Strongie” and starts plummeting towards the water. He ejects out of his seat and activates his stealth suit. He lands in the water and radios to me, “I’m going to find a way onto a destroyer and try to take control of it”. Before I can respond, I am shot by a AA gun. It wasn’t too serious of a hit and I am able to stabilize the plane a bit. I aim to land on an American aircraft carrier. I head towards an SS bounty aircraft carrier. There are sparks, flying everywhere as the plane lands on the carrier. It barely stops before hitting the building. I jump out, but before I can say anything the ship is hit by a torpedo from a submarine. The sirens start wailing on the ship and the ship launches mines underwater to destroy the submarine, and it works! We are forced to get into a submarine and launch torpedoes at the commanding ships. We get into the submarine. We prepare to launch the torpedoes. Before we can do that, the submarine starts filling with water. Everybody comes out of the hatch. I am wearing armor on steroids and everyone else is wearing scuba gear. We swim towards the commanding ships and get on them, planting bombs as we go along. Suddenly there is a huge explosion and all of my team are dead. There stands a Chinese soldier holding a rocket launcher. I aim my rockets at him and fire causes the ship to start leaking water. I then run out of the ship as fast as I can and trigger the explosion sinking the ship.

The battle continued on for 8 days, but finally the enemy forces had to retreat. Russia and China didn’t have enough money to sustain the war since they spent too much money on the Flying Fortress to sustain the war. They were forced to give up and the U.S won.




Submitted: September 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 CSL. All rights reserved.

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