A God Good Important Message!

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An amazing encounter with God. Please read this brief description. You are going to love this story - plus, it is important for your health.

A God Good Important Message!


By Alexander Guinevere Kern


My Friends -


Read this through - you’re going to love this story.


Perhaps due to age or meds or some other unknown reasons, I’ve experienced a LOT of tiredness of late.


We are so SICK and tried of the fear, uncertainty and frustration of dealing with COVID 19 virus and its variants.  We don’t know what to believe. People who worked/or lost their employment -  and were granted a moratorium on paying rent or mortgage may soon have this taken away from them and how will they pay the money/rent now due in full?


DO we mask? Take the vaccines? Not Mask? Avoid the vaccines?


What shall we accept?


Yesterday I poked my finger in my carpet trying to push in a door-stopper to prevent Frankie, my Hercules cat from forcing the door open.


I punctured the tip of my index finger with a carpet nail. Just a pinch and three drops of blood. I ran to the faucet and washed with soap and water. A little Triple Antibiotic cream.


Just what we’d all do, correct?


Who would bother to think of anything else? We all injure ourselves in many ways. Even a scrape. Having our nails done at a salon?  Anything.


In my case, one tooth extracted every other month for two and one-half years. Sometimes two teeth in one appointment. 20 teeth gone in 3 years. I brushed twice daily. I flossed, I used a rinse which prevents dry mouth.


Here’s what happened to me yesterday.


I called my Plush Care doctor and she phoned in a Tdap for me right away, because the last time I had a Tetanus shot is when I stopped on a nail in the Day Care parking lot and it went right through my toe. I yanked it out and drove to the ER and was given a tetanus vaccine 38 years ago.  You’re supposed to have a Tetanus shot every TEN YEARS. I’m 66. So they tell me, anyway.


For years now, I have been experiencing random weirdness with my body. I made an appointment with my General Practitioner when I lived in Baltimore and described my disagreeable, painful and bizarre symptom.


She studied my face and said, “Honestly I don’t KNOW! It seems you are having a Charley Horse in your face!”


Yes, and in my neck.  Full body seizures/contractions persist unto this day, rigors, mouth popping open wider and wider - could only close my mouth with effort. 5 minutes or more of staring blankly at my surroundings without comprehension. VERY often do I experience these symptoms.


Worst of all the sudden and dramatic muscle tightening in my abdomen which caused me to tighten up and roll forward or jerk up and down.


By now, you get the gist. I thought it was my medicine!


I lived alone for 14 years except for my Senior Church Lady friend and my kindly neighbor. They never saw these manifestations. Why would they?  No one is around at night, when they were worse, although they could happened anytime.


I took 3 blood pressure meds for my extreme, malignant hypertension and 3 for my mood disorder.  I assumed the stricture in my face and rigid tightening in my abdomen, the stout cramps in my legs - all due to meds, right?


No one knew me. No one cared enough to get to know me. I had no where to go but my doctors or in the hospital.


Since I could no longer take care of my house at Parksley, my Designated Daughter paid her last dime to bring me here to California. I was falling down the steps and in the shower at Parksley.


And I thank GOD for her and my SIL.


So, yesterday I called my daughter to take me to CVS for this Tdap, Tetanus, Diptheria (which almost killed my uncle back in the day and killed three of my Great-Grandmother’s children in two weeks time) Pertussis and Polio.


I did not want to go. In day past, as always, I would have applied Neosporin and a band-aid.


I have been very fatigued of late. I told God during prayer I was simply too tired to breathe. I could not pick up a pillow.  I was tired of trying to live.


And I am not suicidal!


My daughter said, “Mom! The tetanus is making you feel that way!”


I surmised she had lost one of her chocolate cookies! I’d just pinched my finger that morning.


I told her "NO, I don’t want the vaccine. I’m too tired to go.  It has terrible side effects and I have NO immunity!” (I’d again lived alone since 1-17-2017.)


She said, “I’m not sure if my key fits your door anymore. I am going to stop by this afternoon and try all my keys to see which one fits your door lock - in case of EMERGENCY.


She’s really flipped, I thought.


I said, “Okay, I’m going to bed.”


Tetanus starts percolating anywhere from 4 to 21 days. NO Emergency yet!


I feel asleep, dead tired, don’t-remember-anything sleep.


As I awakened, God spoke to me. (You all know He does do that.)


He said, “Honey, you have Tetanus and you have had it a long time. The vaccine not going to kill you, it’s going to save your LIFE. Some people live with Tetanus a long time - but sooner or later, you will get the terrible manifestations which most people associate with Tetanus.  Get the vaccine. It will not only save your life, it will cure your long time overgrowth of Candida albicans. You will feel like a new person in two months. I promise.”


I was bedazzled and wondering what this was all about.


He went on to say, “Don’t be shocked when you see new teeth erupting, either.”


Now that Mystifed me, as I only have 5 teeth left, but I am afraid of Jehovah so I never interrupt.


He said, “In two months time, you will pour out so much Light and Love for the people. You can heal them. You can help them.”


I told Him I have X-rays of all my teeth and my dentist, who could not believe how fast my teeth decayed, has all of my records and they show which teeth he extracted and when.


Then I can SHOUT to the world, Jehovah has heard me and He has done this miracle, which He does every day, anyway.


I never doubt.


It is common for people with Tetanus to suffer severe hyper-tension and then hypotension.  That’s why I can take a measly 5 mg now, and when I was in the hospital they gave me 7 pills a DAY just to get my 220/120 down to 140/90. That took 3 weeks. At one time in Baltimore, at St. Agnes Hospital, my BP hit 280/160.


People can live 40 years with Tetanus! But sooner or later - BLAMMO.


ICU. Vents. Full Body Spasms. (Ghastly) Drugs. Horror and Fear and Pain. And possibly death. Long time in the hospital.


A remarkable number of people do survive it. And Tetanus is relatively rare.


Or is it?


Here’s the Kicker: They used to use “Flagyl, Amox and Doxycycline” to treat Tetanus. Those are the very drugs I ordered from CHINA last year! During the Pandemic I did not want to go to a doctor’s office, the waiting room packed with people who might be suffering from COVID 19.


Biggest Kicker of all: HE promised I’d feel like a new person in two months time.


Then we had a longer convo.


When He left, I suddenly thought, “Hey! What is today’s date? I gotta write this down in my diary!”


I checked and it is September 30th.


I was Baptized September 30th, 1957.


Who’s your Daddy Now?





Submitted: September 30, 2021

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