Dichotomy of a Fallen Race Ch4

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 4 is here, thank you as always for reading! Hope you enjoy it!

“A what….?”
That was the only response I was able to muster, it stuttered out of my mouth before I even had a chance to process what Aiko just said. A lycanthrope? That’s pure fantasy, the kind of things you see in anime and manga but not in the real world. And yet, sitting across the table from me is one of my oldest friends claiming to be a werewolf. The absolute absurdity of it would make me laugh if her ears weren’t 4 inches longer and covered in cascading black and grey fur. Not to mention all the other unbelievable things she did yesterday that I had hoped were just another part of an extended nightmare. But no, this is my reality now. My body regenerates somehow at impossible speeds, I can shred metal faucets with my bare hands, and my friend is half wolf. Whatever comes after this I shudder to think about.
“A lycanthrope, I’m a lycanthrope, look.”
To further her repeated statement Aiko transforms both her forearms again. Seeing them up close is undeniable, they are huge. Her claws are so sharp I swear they reflect light just like the edge of a blade. The fur looks so real I instinctively reach out to touch it. The curiosity has taken full control at this point. I run the back of my hand against Aiko’s forearm and my god, its incredibly soft, can fur even be this silky? Looking back at her hands, my eyes fixate on the ominously sharp claws. I reach out to poke the points, “Ouch, those are dangerously sharp” I say inwardly. Finally coming to terms with the situation but understanding absolutely nothing I turn back to Aiko.
“Ok… I guess, you’re telling the truth, but, but what does it all mean? What else don’t I know, what’s being hidden from me and by who? Who else knows?”
The questions fire out of my mouth one after another before I even have a chance to think about them let alone give her a chance to respond to any of them. Aiko takes a moment, probably trying to figure where an appropriate starting point would even be before she speaks.
“Close your eyes.”
“What?” I respond incredulously.
“Just trust me, close your eyes.”
Against my better judgement, I humor her and close my eyes.
“Ok, don’t open them, just follow my instructions.”
I nod back unconsciously.
“I want you to focus on the darkness until you can see a color, then tell me what color you see, but do not open your eyes.”
I still don’t understand what this is supposed to accomplish or how this explains anything, but I do as she instructs and focus on the darkness. The black behind my eyelids yield nothing. Several long moments of focus show me nothing, I’m ready to give up on this pointless exercise. When suddenly a jolt shoots down my spine, it feels almost as if Yumi shocked me again but its significantly less painful. It feels almost as if its traveling with purpose instead of the indeterminant excruciating pain it brought last time. Finally, I start to see color forming in the darkness, its very weak at first but it gradually grows brighter until I see that same pale blue stream from my nightmare. Its flowing just like it did before but its easier to see now, and it pulses in line which the rhythm of my heartbeat. Surprised and shocked, my eyes fly open to tell her what I saw.
“Aiko! What is that?!”
“You finally saw something huh, what’d you see?
“No! I mean yes but no! Why are you glowing?!”
Aiko smiles devilishly and lets out an evil giggle.
“Oh this? You can see my affinity now, here watch. I’ll show you what it means.”
Before I get the chance to speak Aiko begins to glow, a more intense and fiercer yellow. Then grabs a utensil from the table and stabs herself in the back of the hand with a frightening amount of force.
“WAIT!!” I scream out but not nearly fast enough.
Aiko brings the silverware down on the back of her hand and the metal shatters into hundreds of tiny pieces as if a boulder fell on an ice cube. I stare incredulously at the half handle still in her other hand, then look around at this tiny metal pieces that now littler the table and my floor.
“HUH?!” I stammer out at a volume I didn’t know I possessed. I’m so stunned real words don’t exist anymore just basic non-human sounds of surprise are all I’ve got left.
“The yellow glow that you’re seeing is my affinity. The color you saw when you closed your eyes was yours. Each color represents an affinity, which is basically an area of magic that your body is capable of. Every person capable of magic has an affinity, and some have multiple or complementary affinities. That is, they are bonded to another individual and their powers mutually benefit each other. My affinity that you just witnessed, is a type of body enhancement. I can strengthen or speed up parts of my body individually or all together. Now that you’ve got the basic rundown, what color did you see in yourself?”
I sit there baffled by this elementary education in magic, which until 5 seconds ago I wouldn’t have believed in. Everything she said makes sense on the surface, but I still don’t understand what any of it means.
“Blue” I stutter out uselessly.
“I mean, like a pale blue, it was kinda faint and hard to tell.”
“Hmmmmm,” Aiko leans back in consideration for a moment.
“Basic colors can represent lots of things, blue for instance based on shade of blue can be, water, ice, air, electricity, and even fire to an extent. Along with dozens of other possibilities, the only way to know for sure is test out as many as you can and see where your affinity falls.”
“So, I’m basic, got it. Thanks for the help Aiko.” I throw back sarcastically. Aiko shoots daggers back at me with her eyes. “I’m kidding!” I reflexively echo. All jokes aside, what am I supposed to do with this information? Why was all this hidden from me? And…wait….
“Who else knew about this?! You said we hid this from you. Who’s we Aiko?”
I had a sinking suspicion of her answer, but I still wasn’t prepared, I don’t think there’s anyway I possibly could. Aiko drops her head in guilt, her shoulders slump and her voice softens.
“Your parents, and mine of course.” She says guiltily.
I knew it was coming, but it still hurts all the same. They’ve all kept such a huge secret from me for years. How can I not be upset? Anger boils up inside of me, I can’t stand being lied to, the fact that its some of the people I trust the most in this world just infuriates me even more. My fists clench reflexively in my lap, my anger builds as years of memories play through my mind like a movie. What else did they lie about? Can I trust any of my memories? The anger reaches a critical level and I lash out. “DAMMIT!” I scream, and slam both fists down on the table like a child throwing a tantrum. The dining room table that was once part of my living room is gone. The wood disintegrates under the force and the table is reduced splinters and saw dust. The thunderclap and sounds of flying shrapnel shock us both back to our senses. Amazed by how effortless that felt, my gaze shoots over to Aiko.
Shit, is she ok? Did any of the debris hit her? When I look up Aiko has both her arms up to shield her face, her exposed legs and arms are covered in small scratches. Some of them bleeding more severely than others. I panic and rush over to her.
“Aiko! Aiko! Are you ok?! I’m so sorry I didn’t know any of that would happen.”
As I’m leaning over her to check her injuries, Aiko kicks me square in the gut and sends me flying into the far wall. The force of the impact takes all the air out of my lungs. Struggling momentarily on the floor, I mange to groan my way back into a seated position. “What was that for?” I say as I hold my head in my hands trying to stop the spinning. Aiko stomps her way over to me, stopping just over me so she can lean down. Amazingly her injuries are gone already.
“If you’re going to throw a tantrum like an idiot, I’m going to treat you like one!”
I look dizzily at Aiko standing over me, I see them, and I can’t stop myself. Aiko is wearing a pair of black frill panties and my immature side takes over without permission and I blurt out.
“Those are some sexy panties, they for me?”
My side of my head is immediately greeted by Aiko barefoot, I can’t tell if it was more anger or embarrassment, but I swear this kick was harder than the last one. I’m definitely going to feel that tomorrow. But was it worth it? Absolutely, no regrets whatsoever.
“You’re a world class asshole you know that? I’ve had enough of you for today. Tomorrow at 2, come over to my apartment and we can talk about what to do with you then.”
Aiko turns and storms out of the apartment without another word. I look around my apartment from my new floor height perspective, it’s a disaster zone. There’s bits of wood, metal, and porcelain from the bowls everywhere. Sighing heavily, I manage to stand back up thanks to this conveniently placed wall I was graciously kicked into. There’s no way I can leave the place like this, but man cleaning it up is going to be a daunting task. Grit my teeth and head to the closet, “if I don’t clean it up now I never will.”
Several hours later, after I’ve cleaned up the mess and showered away all the dirt and grime I’m back in my bedroom. Reaching for my phone, I check for any messages from Aiko or Koshiro. Unsurprisingly there’s nothing new waiting for me. Its already late and I’m exhausted, I don’t have the energy for literally anything else today. After setting the alarm on my phone and placing it on the nightstand to charge, I turn in for the night. The events of yesterday and this afternoon have my body and mind so utterly depleted, I’m asleep moments after my head touches the pillow.

Brrrrrr, Brrrrrrrr, Brrrrrrr, its already morning and my phone won’t shut up. I’m not ready to get up yet, but it won’t shut up until I do something about it. So, I roll over groggily without opening my eyes to slap the snooze button. *Bonik, Boink* “Huh? It’s warm.” *Squeeze, Squeeze* “And soft” I vaguely realize that what I’m grabbing isn’t my phone, but that’s all I know. My eyes openly slowly at first, then shoot open.
There’s a naked stranger in my bed. Its bad enough its some girl I’ve never seen before, BUT WHY IS SHE NAKED?!


Submitted: October 01, 2021

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