2010 book collection

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Emma-Lucy Stories

This is a collection of books I have done in 2010 when I first started writing stories

Table of Contents

2010 book collection

2010 book collection

Emma Lucy Stories

Books 1. Emma 2. Ellie Louise’s amazing story of her life 3. Ella Rose’s Story 4. A princess tail

This is dedicated to all my friends

Emma Emma-Lucy Stories

Once upon a time, there was a kind and gentle girl called Emma. She lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters called Kelly and Abby. They were jealous of Emma's kindness and beauty and made her
workday and night. The only friends Emma had been the mice and the birds. Emma did all the cooking and cleaning while her selfish stepsisters worried about their hair and looks and did nothing to
help poor Emma. But Emma never complained. She believed that one day her dreams of happiness would come true. One day, an invitation arrived from the king. There was to be a royal ball of honour of
the prince. Every young girl in the kingdom was to be invited. Emma was so excited. "That means I can go too!" her foolish stepsisters just laughed. "But the invited says every girl was to attend."
"Very well Emma, you can go after you finish your chores, now wash Kelly's clothes and curl Abby's hair and wash all the windows, oh find my fan." They kept Emma busy all day. Then it was time to
go. "Why Emma, you're not even ready for the ball" "I didn't have time to dress" But her stepmother and stepsisters just laughed and left for the ball. "Oh well. What's a royal ball? It will
probably frightfully dull and... completely wonderful". She burst into tears and ran away into the garden. "I thought someday my dreams would come true" sobbed Emma "now I never get to go to the
ball." "Yes, you will, my child, but we must hurry. Emma looked up, and there stood her fairy godmother the same image of her birth mother. "Let's see now," said the fairy godmother. "I'll need a
pumpkin and some mice." Then she waved her wand and to Emma's amazement, the pumpkin became a splendid pink coach, and the mice turned into elegant white horses. "Oh, this wonderful," cried Emma.
She looked down at her rags "But I need a..." "A coachman, of course," interrupted the fairy godmother. And she changed a horse into a coachman. "Now hop in my dear! You mustn't be late." "But
don't you think my dress..." "Lovely my dear," began the fairy godmother. Then she looked again "good heavens child, you can't go in that." And there stood Emma in the loveliest pink dress she had
ever seen. And on her tiny feet were delicate glass slippers. Emma was delighted. "Oh, fairy godmother- it's like a dream come true!" "Yes, child. But like all dreams, it can't last forever. On the
stroke of midnight, the spell will be broken, and everything be as it was before," "I remember," promised Emma. "Oh, it's more than I ever hoped for! Thank you, fairy godmother." "Bless you, my
child. Now hurry up it's getting late." Emma stepped into the coach and was whisked away to the royal ball. The king's ballroom was beautiful. Every lady in the land was dressed in her finest gown.
But Emma was the prettiest of them all. When the prince saw the beautiful Emma, he fell in love with her instantly. The duke said to the king "you see, your majesty, the prince has danced with that
all evening. It looks like he's found the girl he's wants to marry," All at once, the tower clock began to strike. Emma cried "I almost forgot" and without another word, she ran out of the ballroom
and down the palace stairs. On the way, she lost one of her glass slippers but didn't have time to pick it up. Emma stepped into the magic coach and drove away quickly. As the clock struck for the
twelfth time, the magic ended! Emma was left with a pumpkin, some mice, and the memory of her wonderful evening. The next morning, the whole kingdom who was the mysterious girl was. The only clue
was the glass slipper. The grand duke carried the glass shoe from house to house looking for its owner, for the prince had said he would marry only the girl who could wear the tiny slipper. Every
girl in the land tried to put the slipper on. The selfish stepsisters tried hardiest of all. But it was no use. Not a single girl could fit her foot into the glass shoe. And where was Emma? Locked
in her room. The wicked stepmother was taking no chances that poor Emma would try on the slipper. But Emma's mice friends found the key and rushed it to the locked room. The duke was just about to
leave. "Well, madam, if you have no other daughters, I'll bid you a good day." Just then he heard a voice. "Please wait! May I try the slipper?" it was Emma "of course," said the duke. "Every girl
must have a chance, please sit down." He slid the glass shoe into Emma's foot, and it fits perfectly. Emma's dream had come true. No longer would she slave for her cruel stepmother and selfish
stepsisters. She would marry the prince and live happily ever after. And what became of Emma's mice friends who had been Emma's only friends? They went to the place, too. And they all live happily
ever after. The end

Book: Ellie Louise’ amazing story of her life

Chapter one – a new beginning So, this my new life living with my unmarried dad, my grandma, my triplet brothers and my 2 older sisters, we lived in a small flat in London we all like it there, I
and my brothers go to starlight secondary while my sisters go to Richard Hewish College. I have 2 best friends and a boyfriend of course, so it just me, my dad, my grandma, my brothers and my
sisters, no mum, my mom died on mine and my brother’s birthday. Anyway, my best friends are Emma-Lucy and Molly-Louise, and their brother is David is my boyfriend. Of course, they have boyfriends
too. Yeah, you guessed it my triplet brothers and my older sisters, they haven’t got boyfriends, they did a few weeks ago but sadly their boyfriends dumped them, but never mind, let’s carry on with
my amazing story. So, I was packing my bag for school when my brother David came in “Hurry up Elli, the bus is here, you are going late if you don’t hurry up, now come on,” said David. I quickly
did my hair say goodbye to my grandma and then I kiss my dad goodbye and off we went to school.

Chapter two – moving to a care home

I like my new life; my dad has got a job and I thought that my new life was going to be great until the terrible accent. I and my sisters were hanging around together when my brothers came over
followed by Mrs French, looking very upset. “Girls, I have some bad news!” said Mrs French “what happened? Has David and Liam be fighting again?” said Louise. “No, it’s worse “replied Mrs French.
“What happened” shouted Becky “Well your dad has been run over by a car and has been rushed into hospital” replied Mrs French. “Oh no! Poor Dad,” I said, Mrs French, where would we lived now dad is
in hospital, “I asked “Well, Ellie, me and your grandma had a meeting and said it would be best if you go into care” replied Mrs French. “What?” said David “ yes, I know there a lot to take in but
you must understand now that your dad is in hospital, your grandma can’t look after you, do remember there is 5 of you” replied Mrs French, “ We will remember Miss” replied Louise. It was the end
of school and me and my brothers and sisters starting walking home and when we got there, we went straight upstairs to pack our bags when our grandma came in “Gran should we started walking to the
care home?” I asked, “no not yet” replied gran, it is time to go to sleep, you will need a good night sleep for tomorrow” replied gran tucking me in and kissing me and then when Gran left the room,
I fell fast asleep.

Chapter three – family Dear Diary, I love my family but I especially my mum, but she died, I and my brothers and sisters had in and out if different care homes. Since my dad’s ex-wives walk-off, he
and my grandma had been looking after us. Now we are living with our aunt and uncle and that my dad is in hospital, we must go into care. I have been through a lot over the years, but I use to it.
From Ellie-Louise

Chapter four – Hospital Dear diary, I love my kids, they have been through a lot with my wife and me in hospital, they all in care because my mother can’t look after them all. I do miss them all,
but I miss Kate and Ellie-Louise a lot then the others, Ellie-Louise and the others have been through a lot especially when my ex-wives walked off with their new boyfriends. I promise I will be
better soon, and I will pick you up and your mum loves you all and I love you too From Mike

Chapter five – Mystery Dear diary, We had to run away and find our dad because we are in care because our grandma is too old to look after us. We love our gran but sometimes she is annoying, but we
love her all the same. However, we must run away and get our dad back in time for Christmas and to celebrate our mum’s birthday, we know she died and all that, but we just celebrate to remembered
us of her and we all go down to her gravy and sing happy birthday. We know it’s weird, but we don’t care because we celebrate our mum’s birthday, unlike some people. But we still had to run away
but first I had to tell the others. Ellie-Louise

Chapter six – Discovery Dear diary, So, we all decided that we would run away in the middle of the night. It was the middle of the night we all pick our bags and seek downstairs and open the door
and we got on the bus to look for our dad it was early in the morning when we arrived at the hospital until we find the hospital our dad was staying at, and we arrived at the ward, and we find our
dad lying on the bed speaking to grandma. We all thought that why was Grandma and how we’re going to speak to dad. Later that afternoon we all rushed back home, and it was just in time for
Christmas and Mum’s birthday. From

Ellie-Louise, Louise, David, Liam, and Becky

Chapter seven – Christmas Dear diary, I was very pleased that my dad was home in time for Christmas and mum’s birthday. It was Christmas Eve and my dad collecting us from the care home. My friends
didn’t want me to go but I said I promise to visit them, and we all headed home and when arrived there. We decided to decorate the house for Christmas and my brothers went on the computer while I
and my sisters unpack our bags and did our nails and then we left a carrot and some milk for Santa and then we hang our stockings up and then it was time to go to sleep From Ellie-Louise

Chapter eight – Happy birthday, mum Dear Diary, The next morning, it was mum’s birthday, so we decided to go down to her grave and spend some time staying down there and then I and Louise went back
to make the cake and we went down again and sang happy birthday and we said that we will remember our mum and whatever happens we will never forget our mum From Ellie-Louise

Chapter nine – a brand new beginning Dear Diary, I can’t believe it, we are going to a boarding school, why are we going there anyway? We didn’t do anything wrong. We will never ever see our
friends again and I will never ever David again. We all thought that this was going to be a brand-new beginning, but now we were wrong. Instead, our dad is sending us to separate boarding schools.
Becky, Louise, and I are going to a private girl’s boarding school while David and Liam are going to a private boy’s boarding school. I never see my brothers even though they are sometimes
annoying, but I will still miss them. From Ellie-Louise

Book: Ella Rose’s Story Emma Lucy Stories Author: Emma Lucy Stories "Ella-Rose, come here," said Mr Barker. "Coming daddy," said Ella-Rose as she walked up the stairs her older sister tipped her,
and she fell, and the entire kitchen things fell and broke into pieces. Mr Barker came rushing out and saw what happened "oh princess are you ok," said Mr Barker looking at Louise's face "no I'm
not ok, Ella-Rose threw my washing all on the floor and now it's all dirty," Louise said. Mr Barker look at Ella-Rose and signed "Ella-Rose, you need to do the washing again, do the windows and
Harry, if he doesn't get the lunch ready and feed Louise's puppy he's going to be in big trouble" shouted Mr Barker and then he slapped Ella-Rose. Ella-Rose ran up the stairs and knocked on Harry's
bedroom door. Harry opened the door and looked at Ella-Rose started to cry. "Uh, father said you have to get lunch ready and feed Louise's puppy you're going to be big trouble" Ella-Rose said "what
happened to your face Ella, did father slapped you" asked Harry hugging Ella-Rose. There was a pause and then Ella-Rose started to cry again. Harry sighed and went downstairs Ella-Rose followed him
where their father and Louise. Harry opened the door and slapped Mr Barker. "WHY DID YOU SLAPPED ELLA-ROSE WHEN SHE HASN'T DONE ANYTHING WRONG," said Harry cuddling Ella-Rose. "I did that because
she threw Louise's washing all over the floor and now it's dirty," said Mr Barker "only because Louise tripped her and she fell down," said Harry. "Haven't you got some chores to do, they don't do
themselves" looking at Ella-Rose and Harry. Ella-Rose walked upstairs, and Harry walked into the kitchen to do the lunch.

\ Chapter two

The next day Ella-Rose and Harry were cleaning the windows when they heard a knock on the door "Open to the name of the king" said the messenger as Ella-Rose opened the door "thank you very much"
Ella-Rose said as she said this Louise came rushing down the stairs and grab the letter from Ella-Rose. "Who would give a letter to Ella-Rose an invite to the ball to the prince's palace," said
Louise. Louise gasped "oh look, daddy, there is a ball tonight and I am invited," said Louise. "That means me, and Harry can go to," said Ella-Rose. Her father and her sister laughed. "There is no
need to laugh, Ella-Rose wants to know if we can go to the ball," Harry said. Ella-Rose started to cry and rushed up to the attic where she slept and walked over to her window. Back downstairs
Harry said "Look what you did, do you ever think about mum what she would think about you treating us as slaves and giving Louise treats, think very carefully about that dad" Harry walked up to the
attic. I was lying on her bed holding a picture of her mum and her other brothers and sisters when Harry came in. "are you ok?" Harry asked hugging me "yeah but I miss mum," I said, "I know sis, I
miss mum too," Harry said.

Chapter three That evening, I was helping Louise get ready for the ball and Harry was helping Mr Williams get the limo ready. Half an hour later they were ready and got in the limo whilst I and
Harry were cleaning the windows again. That minute later they were gone, and I and Harry were alone. Then there was a sparkle and another and another and another.

Chapter four

"Our fairy godmother," I said "Yes I am, now I will help you to get to the ball," said their fairy godmother. As I heard this she screamed "yes, please would you do that for us then she paused and
signed but I don't have a dress and Harry doesn't have a suit and father and Louise won't let us borrow theirs" I said looking at the floor. "A borrowed dress, borrowed suits my foot," said their
fairy godmother. Their fairy godmother waves her wand and suddenly my Rags turned into a beautiful, sparkling pink dress and on her feet, I worn glass slippers and she did the same for Harry and
that moment later Harry's rags turned into a smart black suit, and he wore black shoes. Harry and I gasped "it's like a dream, a wonderful dream come true," they said both together and went into
circles. "Yes, my children, but like all dreams, I’m afraid they can't last forever" " we know that but it's more than we ever hoped for," said Harry "but you must understand my dears, on the
stroke on 12 the spell will be broken," said the fairy godmother. As she said this a limo came and parked and the driver came out "Hello fairy godmother" he said "Hello Tim, can you take Ella-Rose
and Harry to the palace for the prince's royal ball" said the fairy godmother as she said this, she looks at her watch "oh god, hurry up dears the ball can't wait" she said. Harry and I jumped into
the limo and as Tim droved, they waved at their fairy godmothers, and she disappeared

Chapter five Hours later Harry and I arrived at the palace. Louise wasn't dancing with anyone "Daddy I can't believe no one is dancing with me not even the prince, I mean I'm prettier than
Ella-Rose, she wears rags and I wear dresses" Louise said as she said this she turned and her father was there and her mother was there instead "Mum, what are you doing here" Louise said "I am
looking for your father,” said Mrs Williams. "And why did you say that Ella-Rose, that's she is in rags," said Mrs Williams "Well, it's true, she and Harry are at home cleaning the windows," said
Louise. Mr Williams came over "sorry sweetheart that I went off, oh Ashley what are you doing here" said Mr Williams "Michael, could I speak with you a moment" pulling him and closing the curtains.
"Louise said that Harry and Ella-Rose are at home cleaning the windows, is this true Michael," asked Mrs Williams as she said this Harry and Ella-Rose came over to their parents. Mrs Williams
started at her children as they came over. "Mum, what are doing here," Harry and Ella-Rose said together hugging their mum. "You two, has father been treated you as slaves, while I was away," said
Mrs Williams "Well," Ella-Rose said looking at her father. Mr Williams shocked his head "well, he has" Ella-Rose said. Mrs Williams looked at her husband. Louise came over running and looked at
Ella-Rose and Harry. Then the prince came over. "Would you like to dance with me?" said the prince.

Chapter six

Ella-Rose looked at the prince. Then Louise came and push Ella-Rose out of the way. "You don't want to dance with Ella-Rose," said Louise. "Sorry sis, but he does," said Harry pushing in front of
his younger sister. Louise went off in grump then her parents followed her and so does Harry and harry wrinkled at Ella-Rose and left her with the prince. There was silent then the prince said
"What's your name" he said. "My name is Ella-Rose Williams. Then she heard the clock stroke midnight. "Oh no, I'm sorry, I have to go," she said "but we haven't even dance yet, and didn't you know
that" the prince couldn't continue as the clock stroke midnight again and Harry came over "I'm sorry, I have to go, goodbye," Ella-Rose said. She ran down the stairs, but she lost one of her glass
slippers, but she couldn't get it and jumped into the limo and Tim drove and vanished.

Chapter seven

The next day, Ella-Rose was cleaning the windows when her mother came over. "Ella-Rose, why are you doing that," said Mrs Williams. "Well, father said that just because I went to the ball without
his precision and I didn't finish the windows I have to finish them," Ella-Rose said signing. "Where's your father now Ella-Rose," said Mrs Williams "Father has gone shopping for Louise," said Mrs
Williams. "What about you and Harry," asked Mrs Williams "we're just got these rags, mum why are you asking?" asked Ella-Rose. Then the front door opened, and it was Mr Williams and Louise came
running down the stairs to hug Mr Williams "Daddy, did you get what I wanted?" Louise asked, "yes sweetheart,” said Mr Williams. Mrs Williams stared and didn't say a word. "Ella-Rose when you
finished, the washing needs doing and Louise's bed need to be change and Louise's dog needs a wash," said Mr Williams said ignoring Mrs Williams. "Michael, haven't you got anything for Ella-Rose
and Harry?" Mrs Williams asked. "No, why Ashley, they’ve just got those rags" Mr Williams. Then there was a knock on the door and Mrs Williams answered it. It was the prince. "Does Ella-Rose
Williams live here?" the prince said. Mrs Williams about to speak but Mr Williams pushed in front of her "no your highness but I would like to introduce my daughter Louise,” said Mr Williams. Mrs
Williams spoke "yes, she does, your highness," said Mrs Williams. "Well, if she does live here, she left her slipper behind on the palace's stairs," said the prince. Mrs Williams came over to
Ella-Rose. "Ella-Rose, there's someone for you sweetheart," said Mrs Williams said, "there’s someone for me," she said starting to stand up. "Yes, come on," said Mrs Williams said holding Ella-Rose
and leading her over to the prince. "Your highness, this is Ella-Rose Williams," said Mrs Williams giving Ella-Rose's hand to the prince. "Madam, is this your beautiful glass slipper," asked the
prince. "Yes, your highness," I said. "Can you try it on the slipper? " He asked leading Ella-Rose over to a chair. The prince helped Ella-Rose and then bend down and put the slipper on Ella-Rose's
foot and you'd never guess what. IT WAS A PERFECT FIT.

Chapter eight

The next day the prince asked Ella-Rose to married him. Hours later, Ella-Rose's mum was helping Ella-Rose get ready for the grand event. The afternoon Ella-Rose was reading when the prince came
over followed by her father and Louise. "Your father and Louise have something they would like to say," said the prince. Ella-Rose stood up and closed her book. "Sweetheart, we are very sorry about
the way we treated you and we hope that you can forgive us and invite us to the wedding," said Mr Williams. Ella-Rose didn't say anything then she did the best thing in her life and hug her father
and Louise and said "of course you can, and I do forgive you and Louise, let's go shopping" Ella-Rose said. That evening me and her family were all ready and so was the prince and the wedding went
ahead. "Ella-Rose, I really love you and I am really sorry about the way I treated you and Harry and I am so proud of you," said Louise. "It's ok Louise, you looked beautiful by the way as always,"
Ella-Rose said laughing and hugging Louise. The end

Book: A princess tail Author: Emma Lucy Stories Chapter one – my life as a princess Dear diary, My life is so secret that it is so secret that not even my best friend Emily knows, I am telling you
this because I trust you, when I was born, I was not born the normal way because I am a mermaid, but I dress as a princess I don't want anyone finding out my secret. I live with my mum Lily and my
dad Mike, my name is Casey Lily Baker, we lived at 24-Star Lane right next door to my best friend Emily. I have no sisters and no brothers which is quite nice but sometimes I get lonely. But I get
Emily over for a sleepover. I go to Starlight Secondary with Emily. My dream is to be a mermaid, I know I am a mermaid but when I go in the water my secret is discovered and that's why I wear long
dresses and acts like a normal girl. My mum and dad were shocked when I came out with a mermaid tail, I used to be a normal girl. I am getting ready to go when the doorbell rang and I quickly put
on my pink flowery dress and ran downstairs to asked, it was Emily. Hi Em. Hi Case, ready to go "Yeah, I ready" I replied. Then my mum came to the door. Where are the two you going? We just going
to school Mrs Baker Ok, Casey, don't be late for dinner Ok, mum kissing her goodbye. Emily has 2 brothers and 4 sisters; her mum and dad are best friends with my mum and dad and that how I and
Emily became best friends. Are you ready Case? Yeah, sure let's go 5 minutes later we arrived at school. We walked over to Emily's sisters Hi Becky Hi Case 5 minutes later the school bell rang, we
walk to our tutor room, that's Miss Smith she is nice. She took the register then it was time to go to lessons. What had we got today? I took out my planner from my bag. We have got Maths, English,
History, Design Theology and Physical Education. We walked to maths and the day went by quickly and in 25 minutes it was home time. Casey reading- We went to Emily's house and went upstairs then my
pervious secret was discovered. I don't know what going on but Casey you’ve been acting weird all week Well, I got a secret to tell you Em I pull up my dress and show my tail. I looked up at Emily.
Why had been wearing dresses and not be doing swimming in P.E Well, I am not a normal girl, I am a mermaid Emily looked at me and stared. So that's why you had been wearing dresses to hide your
tail. - It was time for me to go home, we went downstairs. You promise not to tell anyone looking at Emily. I promise" Emily said. Ok, I see you tomorrow. I walked over to my house and open the
front door and went upstairs to my room and by the time it was 9.00 o clock in the evening, I was asleep Casey Baker

Chapter two – my secret is discovered Dear Diary, The next morning, I must tell my dad what happens. I went downstairs and did my cereal and sat down at the table then I heard my dad coming
downstairs and enter the kitchen. “Hi Case, good morning” said Mr Barker “Hi dad” I said My dad came over to the table. Dad, I got something important to tell you I look up at dad. Mr Baker- What
is it, sweetheart? Well, you know my secret, well Emily knows because I accidentally told her". "WHAT YOU KNOW NO ONE ISN'T TO FIND OUT YOUR SECRET" dad shouted. "I know, I am very sorry" I replied
and started to cry and ran upstairs to my room and on my way, I passed my mum, but I didn't say anything to her and went right to my room and close the door behind me. My mum went downstairs and
went into the kitchen. "Casey is upset," said my mum, "well she shouldn't have told Emily Davis,” My dad said, "I am going to talk to her, and I've decided to send her to princess boarding school,"
My dad said. That was the end of the conversation. My Dad left the room and walk up to my room and knocked on the door. "Come in" I snuffled. Dad came in and sat down on my bed. "Listen, I didn't
mean to shout at you Casey," my dad said, "I am really sorry for telling Emily, she is my best friend dad". I got something to tell you, but I’ll tell you in the morning. "Ok I am sorry dad," I
said hugging my dad. My dad stood up and kiss me and went downstairs. I put the light out as I cuddled my favourite teddy, and I went fast asleep.

Chapter three – the big row Dear Diary, I opened one eye and realized it was morning, so I got up and went to the bathroom to put my dressing gown and slippers on and went downstairs and as I
entered the kitchen, I was shocked to see my dad sat down reading the morning Sunday newspaper and I stared as I saw a bowl of cereal on the table. "Is that for me?" I thought as I sat down.
"Morning sweetheart," said, dad. "Morning daddy," I said looking confused. "Casey, I've decided to send you to princess boarding school," dad said "what you can't just send me there without mum
agreeing first," I said. "You asked for it, you shouldn't have told Emily” Dad replied, "She is my best friend dad," I said we tell each other everything as I walk up to my room to get ready to go!
When I was ready, I pack my suitcase with clothes and storm downstairs with my suitcase. "Are you ready?" I said still cross with dad as I look up at dad. I open the front door, grab the car keys,
put my suitcase in the boot and open the front door of the car and got in the car. "Casey, sweetheart I know you are mad at me," dad said as he opens the front door and jumps in. " just go," I said
not saying another word as we drove. I spoke 1 hour Later we were there. "Here we are," dad said as he got out of the car and over to open my door. "Come on Casey" you might like it there. I looked
up and got out of the car and stood up. "I am very sorry dad," I said smiling as I open the boot and got my suitcase. As we walked up to the school loads of girls were chatting to each other and
looking at us. We were finally there at the door and the headmistress came out to make us feel welcome. Hello, you must be Mr Baker" said the headmistress shaking my dad's hand. "Yes, and this is
my daughter Casey," my dad said. "Hello madam as I bow. "Well do come in," said the headmistress leading my dad to her office. "Casey why don't go up to your room," said the headmistress "ok" I
replied as I did, I passed loads of girls with tiaras on their heads. 1 hour later I find my room and got settled in. when a group of girls came in to intrude themselves. "Hi there, you must be
Casey, I am Stella," said Stella. "Yes hi," I said there nervously. "Oh, these are my friends, Bella, Lucie, and Emma, Jasmine, Charlotte, Stella and me of course," Stella said. "Hi," I said "hi
Casey," said the other girls said. "I think I going to like it here," I said, and all the girls laughed including me. That night, I couldn't sleep what if the girls find out my secret, where will I
go then and what will dad say when I am sent back. I do want my dad to happy It just... Never mind I look up at the cell and then I turned the lamp off beside my bed, then I was fast asleep. Casey

Chapter four – being a mermaid Dear diary, Being a mermaid is very special, but I would like to be a proper girl. You see I am a mermaid; my mum Lily is a human, and my dad Mike is mermen. Yes, he
is the one who sent a princess boarding school.it is nice there and loads of great friends but now I am going to tell Emily. We tell each other everything. The next day I walked over to Emily's
house. I knocked on Emily's front door and Emily's sister Becky answered the door. "Hi Casey," Becky said "Hi Becky" I replied. "Is Emily in?" I said "yeah sure come in" Becky answered. I stepped
in and I closed the door behind me. I walked up to the stairs and knock-on Emily's room. Emily answered it. "Hi, Casey," said Emily without pausing for breath. "Hi, Em I got something to tell you,"
I said. "What that's oh let me guess your dad’s sending you to princess boarding school". There was silence for a few minutes. Then my phone rang it was my mum " I got to go home, thanks for being
there through all of this" I said "it’s fine, at least, you told me" Emily said as we went downstairs, and Emily opened the door and I stepped out outside. "When do you go?" asked Emily “on the
weekdays, I come back at the weekends” I said, "See you case, you will email me every day and text me every day?," Emily asked. "I promise, crossed my heart and hoped to die to stick a needle in my
brother's eye," I said. "Ok see you soon," Emily said "see you tomorrow" I went to my front door and close it behind me.. Casey Baker

Chapter five – True love Dear diary, The next day, there was a knock on the door. I answered it and it was David I froze "uh hi," I said nervously. "Do you want to go out with me?" David asked. I
close the door and I scream as I could. Then I open the door again. "Of course, I would love to"| I replied, "ok I see you tomorrow," David said I love you "I love you more," I said. "Bye then," I
said as I kissed him and close the door behind me. I went upstairs and I jump on my bed. "True love at last," I said to myself and went fast asleep From Casey Baker Chapter six – happily ever after
Dear diary, David is so cute I bet he's going to knock any minute now. Then there was a knock on the door "go away Liam" I shouted as I open the door. "Oh, David, I thought it was Liam, my twin
brother," I said. "That's ok I am used to it by my two twin sisters" David replied. "Really I forgive," I said "of course" David replied "so are you going somewhere nice today," David asked "no
just out for a panic" I replied "would you like to come," I asked "yes please," David said "is it ok with your parents," David asked "I go and see," I said as I was shocked and I opened the door to
see that my parents were kissing. I went over there "mum, you know we are going on the picnic in the park at lunchtime is it ok if David comes," I asked "and don't do that in public" I added "yes
of David can come and Casey don’t do what in public?" mum said "doesn't matter," I said as I went upstairs into my bedroom as I jump on my bed. "And we lived happily ever after me, mum and dad and
my boyfriend," I said dreaming.

Book: Nobody’s perfect Author: Emma-Lucy Stories

Chapter one

"Gemma, you are so selfish" shouted Zoey Charles "Me? What about you?" shouted Gemma Charles at her big sister "I AM NOT SELFISH" shouted Zoey "yes you are, just like ..." I said, "like who?" asked
Zoey "never mind, it's my turn to have my own room," I said "like mum? And no it's not, it's my turn, I'm the oldest, I need my own room to study," said Zoey "yeah, but so do I, if you didn't
notice, I'm starting uni tomorrow," I said "I have notice Gem, but it's my second year," said Zoey "and it's Ralph's three years, not just you Zoey, let's ralph decided, as he is the oldest out of
all three of us and our guardian," I said sounding all grown up "fine," said Zoey. We didn't say anything and then we shouted "RALPH!!!" We heard someone coming upstairs and opened the door.
"What?" asked Ralph Charles? "Ralph, Zoey says she's having her own room when she had her own room in the old house and it's my turn," I said "no, it's not, it's my turn" shouted Zoey "it's my
turn," I said "mine" shouted Zoey "mine," I said. "Both of you shut up, seriously" shouted Ralph "fine, but she started it," said Zoey "you did" I shouted "shut up and grew up the pair of you"
shouted Ralph "ok, sorry," I said "it's ok Gem, so what were you fighting about anyway?" asked Ralph "who is having their own room," I said "I see, who had it last time?" asked Ralph "Zoey did," I
said "no, Gemma did," said Zoey "shut up, give me a coin Gem," said Ralph. I got a coin out of my pocket and gave it to Ralph. He threw it in the air. "Heads? Or tails?" he asked "heads," I said
"tails," said Zoey "that's settled then," said Ralph "I don't get it," I said looking confused "whatever the coin lands on, gets their own room, idiot," said Zoey.

Chapter two

Dear diary, I can't believe Zoey gets her own room, she's so selfish and now I must share a room with Ralph AGAIN. I shared with him in our last house. When dad died of career and because mum was
so upset, she ran away and left us as orphans but never mind about that. It's not that bad, I mean I have an older brother who has done so much for me and Zoey, he practically raised us and I have
an older sister who loves me deep down. We have our fights and falling outs but when I have a problem with boys and university I can always replay on Zoey and Ralph. I have the bestest friend ever,
I will tell you about her later, but there's not much to tell really. When I started primary, I was alone and I bumped into this girl and four hours later we were building sandcastles and doing
each other's hair and when school was finished, she intruded me to her family, and she told me her name was Maire. She told me that she had 1 brother and sister, 3 older brothers and 2 older
sisters and 1 older stepsister and stepbrother. And since then, we're done everything together we went to the same first school, secondary school, college and university; she's like my sister
that's how close we are. I love her so much we're never fell out, she stuck by me when dad died and mum ran away, we've never kept secrets from each other. But lately, I haven't been telling her
the truth about who I am I'm a singer. My stage name is Gem Gem. I feel awful not telling her but I'm scared if I tell her she will treat me differently and she's a huge massive fan of Gem Gem,
bigger than the universe I guess.

Chapter three

The next day began as a nightmare. I was late for university because Zoey took my shampoo. "Give me back my shampoo" I shouted "no because I haven't got it" shouted Zoey "yes you have, you're the
only other girl who uses girls shampoo" I shouted "shut up, we're already late, you'll just have to wash your hair tonight Gem," said Ralph "but ..." I said "sorry Gem, now let's go," said Ralph
taking my hand and closing the door behind him and we walked to Queen Elizabeth University. We went our separate ways when I bumped into Maire "sorry" I said helping Maire off the ground "it's ok
Gem, are you ok? You don't sound your happy self, what's up?" asked Maire "oh, just one annoying and selfish older sister, nothing much" I said. Maire laughed and we walked to class. That afternoon
we were in science "so are you going to see GemGem in concert?" asked Maire "no, are you?" I asked "yes, of course, why aren't you going? Has Ralph grounded you again for fighting with Rose?" asked
Maire "no and I don't really like them," I said. Maire was gobsmacked. The bell rang for the end of the day. "Shall we go?" I said sounding causal "how can you not like GemGem," said Maire sounding
shocked "I don't know, I just don't, see you tomorrow," I said "ok see you tomorrow," said Maire. I met up with Ralph and went into my house. "I have to tell Maire I'm GemGem," I said "you can't,"
said Ralph "I have to," I said, and I went up to mine and Ralph's room.

Chapter four

I went downstairs when I turned around because someone was following me "what" I said, "you can't tell Maire that your GemGem" said Zoey. I looked at her. "Ralph told me," she said, "and why not?"
I asked "because she's a super fan of her and if she finds out that you're here, she will treat you differently," said Zoey "I guess, but she's my best friend," I said "I know she is but you can't
tell her," said Zoey "yd I can and I'm going to take that risk of my secret being discovered," I said "well, it's your choice Gem, I will stick by you whatever decision you make," said Ralph coming
into the living room "thanks Ralph, at least I have one sibling who is nice," I said looking at Zoey "hey, I am nice to you too," she said "no problem Gem," said Ralph ignoring Zoey I smiled and
went up to my room. I have to tell Maire I'm Gem Gem. I have no choice; she's my best friend and I can't bear of keeping a secret from her no longer

Chapter five

Dear diary, Another concert has done tonight, and Maire was there with her older sister Robyn. I guess Robyn brought the tickets, but I didn't know she was a fan. Ha you learn new every day not
just at school I can't bear keeping the secret any longer I don't care what Zoey said. She doesn't have a best friend like me; in fact, she doesn't have any friends. So, it's not a big deal to her
but it is to me. I have to tell her, I'm Gem Gem Gemma Charles

Chapter six

"You're Gem Gem?" asked Maire on our way to university "yep," I said, "are you mad?" I asked "no course, I can't believe that my best friend is Gem Gem," said Maire "please don't tell anyone," I
said sounding serious "I promise," said Maire "thanks Maire," I said "no problem Gem," said Maire as we walked in maths, we sat down at the back "so when is GemGem's next concert?" asked Maire
"tonight, don't worry I've got tickets for you and Robyn," I said giving Maire the tickets "Aww thanks Gem, you didn't have to do that," said Maire "yes I did, your my best friend," I said
"thanks," said Maire looking at the tickets "front seats and backstage passes?" I asked "yep, you have to see my closet, it is so cool," I said. Maire smiled. After uni, I showed Maire "OMG!!" said
Maire "I know and look, there's more" I said pressing a button on my remote control and all my shoes came out "O.M.G!!" said Maire "I'm so jelly, there can't be more" she said "sorry but there is
and I got something for you" I said and gave a box to Maire "open it" I said. Maire opened it and she was gobsmacked "Aww Gem," said Maire "it's a necklace I wore at last weekend's concert, do you
like it?" I said "like it? I love it, thanks," said Maire "it's no problem," I said. Maire looked at her watch "I've got to go, I will see you tomorrow" said Maire "ok, another day" I said. We
hugged each other and I came downstairs and opened the door and then closed it again and went back upstairs.

Chapter seven

Dear diary, That went very well. I knew it would, so Zoey was wrong. I can't wait to show Maire my bigger closet at the weekend. But I do hope she doesn't tell anyone, but she let's not go ahead
and start worry, she said she wouldn't and I trust her. Gemma Charles

Chapter eight

"Gem!" shouted Ralph. I rushed downstairs "yes," I said "you coming?" asked Ralph "where?" I asked, "to the studio, stupid," I said "oh, I totally forgot, and I AM NOT STUPID," I said putting my
coat on because I was wearing a dress and it was cold outside "yes you are," said Zoey "NOT, ralph am I stupid?" I asked Ralph "no course not Gem," said Ralph "see," I said poking my tongue out at
Zoey. When we arrived at the studio, it took ages to get ready but eventually I was ready. I decided I would sing Nobody's perfect. 5 hours later the concert was finished, and I was at home when
someone knocked on my bedroom door. I answered it. "That was brilliant," they said. I didn't recognise the person. I was about the person who they were, but I was too slow "it's me Gem" said Maire
"oh Maire, you scared me, why are you dressed like that?" I asked "because I thought that I could be someone else because everyone knows I know at uni, so how does Hilary McGuire sound? Asked Maire
"that's an awesome name and good idea, you are the best," I said, and Maire smiled at me "see you tomorrow," she said "see you," I said as I opened the door and closed it again and went into the

Chapter nine

Dear diary, Another concert done; the crowd loved it so did I Maire thought about having another name when she's with me when I'm Gem Gem and that everyone knows she knows me so her other name is
Hilary McGuire That's so cool I'm glad I told her Gemma Charles

Chapter ten

"You are so stupid" shouted Zoey "no I'm not" I shouted "yes you are! How can you tell Maire you're Gem Gem" shouted Zoey "Because she's my best friend and like ralph said it's my choice" I
shouted? Zoey was going to reply but Ralph came over "and I meant it Gem, Zoey should respect your decision and you are not stupid," said Ralph "exactly my point, thank you, Ralph," I said smiling
and I went into the living room to watch telly. I sat down and started to watch neighbours when Ralph stood in front of it "Ralph, I can't see" I said moving my head right and left to see the tv
"Good. Can I ask you a question Gemma" said Ralph "yeah, what's up?" I said "what's up Gemma is that you failed to hang in your geography project, where were you? Let me guess Gem Gem didn't have
another concert, did she? How could you Gem? Said Ralph "I'm sorry, I'll do better next time," I said "next time? You'll do better now" said ralph "what do you mean?" I asked, "you'll do it tonight
and you won't be doing the concert either," said Ralph "what? That's not fair!" I shouted. Ralph signed and walked into the kitchen Chapter eleven

Dear diary, Great! I thought it would be great being a singer but no it's nothing but not perfect. I have to cancel the concert L Gemma Charles

Chapter twelve

That evening I had to tell Maire that I had cancelled the concert. "What? You can't, Gem!" said Maire "I have no choice," I said "oh, can't you sneak out?" asked Maire "No! Certainly not! I may be
a singer but I'm not perfect" I said "fine, well I've got to go now Gem, see you tomorrow" said Maire "right, see you tomorrow" I said "bye Gem,” said Maire I hung up the phone and went upstairs.
Maybe I could sneak out? Just this once Yep, I will do that. It's for my fans and Ralph won't even notice that I will be gone for 4 hours Chapter thirteen

Dear diary, That was fantastic! Ralph didn't even notice or came up to check on me I guess he trusts me J I better get down to my geography project Like I said nobody's perfect, right? Gemma

Chapter fourteen

"You never guess what?" I said "what?" asked Maire "Gem Gem is going to meet JLS & One Direction," I said "OMG! Does Gem Gem get to bring a friend?" asked Maire "yeah and I was going to ask Raven
if she wants to come," I said smiling "Gem!" said Maire "I'm joking," I said "don't do that! I love you," said Maire "I love you two, do you think Gem Gem should sing to JLS & One Direction?" I
asked "yeah of course! Do you want to go to the mall?" asked Maire "I can't, I'm still grounded," I said, "oh yeah," said Maire "but I did do my geography project and hanged it in this time and I
got A*, so I'll go ask Jeff," I said "Aww, well-done Gem, ok," said Maire I went downstairs looking really pleased with myself. I should be allowed to go, shouldn't I? Because it's one direction
and JLS and an opportunity of a lifetime and I can't miss meeting them.

Chapter fifteen

Dear diary, Hopefully, I and Maire are going to meet JLS & One Direction I know, so cool! But that is if Jeff lets me go but I did do my geography project, hanged it in and got an A* So, I should
be allowed to go, right? Gemma Charles

Chapter sixteen

"Yes you may go and meet XLS and one dream," said Jeff "it's JLS & One Direction and thanks to Ralph," I said "well you deverse it after you got an A* for your project, I'm proud of you Gem," said
Ralph "thanks, I'm proud of you too," I said "thanks and no problem Gem," said ralph "you better go and pack," he said looking at his watch. I smiled at him and went upstairs. Ralph loves to be on
time, he never likes being late for things, I guess he's like dad, really. He never was late for anything. I guess Ralph isn't that bad. He can be really mean but that's only because he wants the
best for me and he could be really nice and kind and help me with homework For some reason, though I want Ralph to come with me and Maire I finished my packing and sat up at my desk and started to
do my homework

Chapter seventeen

Dear diary, I'm excited but I haven't decided what to sing or to wear! OMG! I have nothing new to wear!!!!! Big crisis!! Gemma Charles

Chapter eighteen

"That's brilliant Gem! And yeah, that is a crisis, meet me at the mall, ok?" said Maire "ok" I said, and I hung up the phone and went upstairs. "I'm going out," I said "where?" asked Zoey "to the
mall," I said "ok but don't be late," said Ralph "ok," I said, and I slammed the door behind me. When I got to the mall, I saw Maire and walked over to her "hey" I said "hey Gem,” said Maire. I
looked through the row of clothes. "I love this," I said showing Maire a pink sparkly dress "yeah me too, that will look stunning on you Gem," said Maire "thanks Maire," I said "that's ok Gem,"
said Maire "I will be right back," I said "ok," said Maire. 5 hours later we were on our way to America to meet one direction and JLS. I am so excited! Ralph is coming to, but Zoey didn't want to,
but I guess that's her choice.

Chapter nineteen

Dear diary, I guess dreams really do come true To mum and dad, I really miss you (not!) ralph is doing pretty well himself so don't come back because you're not welcome here. Leaving us as orphans
were the best thing you ever did. I mean it was mean at first but I'm glad you did so I hope you are happy on your own. Your daughter Gemma Charles Gemma Charles

Chapter twenty

Dear diary, Meeting one direction and JLS was the best thing ever! My dreams came true so here's some advice Keep on dreaming and maybe your dreams will come true as mine did. Be yourself and never
ever change not even for a boy!! Keep on dreaming and be yourself because nobody's perfect not even me GemGem aka Gemma Charles
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