Green Leaf Hospital

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Andy Harrison loves horror and ghost stories, he lives and breathes them.
But he never thought he would live his own ghost story, he never thought it would happen trying to help a girl find her brother.


The day was peaceful, it was a Monday afternoon and lunchtime. Most students were eating lunch and talking. They were basically, minding their own business and enjoying themselves.

Students are typically allowed to eat either inside or outside, some do that and usually look at the sky, or read a book.

One such student was Andy, he was sixteen years old and loved to read as a pastime.

His hair was chocolate brown and short, but messy. The bangs were wild and untamed, but short like his hair.

Andy had a white button-up shirt and jeans on. He sat outside on the bench, reading a horror book.

He was deeply into the text he read. Andy loved the horror genre and was envisioning himself as the main character every time. It amazed him about what stories there were available in that genre.

So many good ones, by so many famous authors.

“Have you seen Shawn today?” A female voice asked.

After looking up, Andy saw that a girl with blonde hair was talking to a couple of other girls. 

She was slim and slender. Her hair was long and neatly trimmed.  A gray jacket was open, revealing a striped shirt underneath. The jeans she wore were ripped.

One of the girls she talked to was Canadian, hair-dyed blue, white shorts, a purse over their shoulder, and a pink shirt with a heart on it. Something sweet was written on her shirt.

“Shawn?” She answered, confused.

The girl with a gray jacket rolled her eyes. “Shawn, you know from tenth grade?” The other girl asked.

When the lady didn’t know who she was talking about. She put on an annoyed expression. “On the student council!” The girl angrily said.

The Canadian girl still had confusion written all over her face. However, the girl standing next to her wasn’t confused. She probably knew the person.

Next to her was an African-American girl. 

She had on a yellow hoodie and tan pants. Her hair was also puffy and in an almost Afro.

The girl looked at her. “I heard he went exploring. At least, that’s what Cynthia told me.” 

Her friend looked at the African-American girl. “What do you mean? He went exploring somewhere?” The Canadian girl asked.

The African-American girl took a deep breath and looked annoyed. “Yes, Annie. He did,” She pointed in the distance. “Shawn went out of town,” The girl leaned into Annie’s ear and started to whisper. “Into the abandoned hospital where people go missing.”

Annie’s eyes lit up. “You mean Green Leaf, Kris? That abandoned place?” She asked in a loud manner.

“What about Green Leaf?” The gray jacket girl asked.

Both girls looked at her, horrified expressions on their faces. “You don’t know about that place?” Annie asked her.

The girl nodded her head. “Shawn is my brother. We only recently moved here a bit ago.” She answered.

“Green Leaf is a hospital outside of town. Very little information is known about it.” Kris told her.

“We just know to stay away at all costs!” Annie said.

The girl seemed interested. “Why? Is it dangerous?” She asked.

“Not exactly, we don’t know.” Kris placed a hand on the girl’s shoulder in a friendly manner. “You just stay away from it.” She told her.

“I heard it's haunted.” Annie added.

“I’ve heard it’s demonically possessed.” Kris told the girl, a serious expression on her face.

The girl didn’t seem to believe any of this. “But that is all rumor and speculation, right?” She asked. The girl laughed. “None of this is actually real!”

“I believe it,” Kris pointed at Annie. “Which is why we both stay away from that place. Especially after the murder that occurred a long time ago.” She explained.

“Or that’s what they say!” Annie added.

Kris looked at Annie with an angry expression. “Could you stop trying to scare her?” She smacked her forehead. “You're so annoying sometimes!”

The girl had her arms crossed and smiled at them both, not believing a second of what they were telling her. “You’re trying to pull my leg? There is no way this is all true.” Annie and Kris gave unhappy expressions to the girl. “I think you're trying to scare me.”

Kris scoffed at her. “Believe what you want.” She looked away from the girl. “Maybe you're right. I don’t know. It could be an urban legend. We just know that if you go through the front door.” Kris and Annie looked at the girl. “You won’t come out!” Kris told her.

The girl still didn’t find any of this crap believable. “I’ll see about that! I’m going there tonight!” She raised a fist at the two girls. “And I will find Shawn!”

“You won’t see the sun again, or anything for that matter.” Kris warned.

The girl turned to leave. “We’ll see about that, won’t we.” She crossed her arms and glared at them both. “I know you’re trying to scare me, you think it’s working...But it’s not.”

“Your stupid.” Annie told her, a serious expression on her face.

“Or maybe you are?” She told them as she went inside. “Have you ever thought about that?”

Both Kris and Annie held angry expressions at the girl for a few seconds. Finally, they decided to leave the area. 

Andy saw the whole scene. He was intrigued about Green Leaf Hospital. Of course, he knew the rumors and had long wanted to go there. 

Its history was unknown. Nothing was known about what happened there. Something straight out of a horror book, the forbidden place you don’t enter.

Then again, maybe it was a stupid idea and something nobody should attempt. 

Especially with all the speculation and supposedly true rumors.

Andy sat up straight and stretched his arms, trying to pop some muscles.

He carefully grabbed his bookbag and slid his book inside. He had Math after lunch and wasn’t looking forward to it. It was his least favorite subject.

Next, he got up and walked inside, Andy went out of the cafeteria and to a vending machine by the restrooms. 

For a few moments, Andy thought about what type of food item he should get. There were so many choices and it seemed impossible to choose. 

After deciding, he put his school coin into the machine. His school didn't use normal currency for an unknown reason. They had a special coin that you had to first buy with real money, then use it in the vending machines.

It was uncommon, usually something you'd see in Korea or elsewhere in the world.

The coins were colored like pennies, but the size of quarters with the school’s insignia on them.

“Excuse me.” A female voice asked.

Andy turned around. He was shocked to see the girl with a gray jacket,

She had a smile on her face. 

Andy smiled back. His smile was awkward. “Oh, sorry,” He said to her.

“Do they have any chips?” She asked.

Andy took a quick glance at the vending machine. He looked back at her. “Yeah,”

“Well, how much do they charge?” She asked.

Once again, Andy took a small glance at the vending machine. This time it was for a microsecond.

“Seventy-five cents,” He answered.

She stomped on the ground once, never breaking her smile. “Shoot! I only have fifty cents!” She told him.

“Hold on,” He said.

Andy dug into his pockets and pulled out a quarter, he then handed it to the girl.

She looked at the coin in her hand, a smile still plastered onto her face. “Thanks,” 

He was nervous about what to say next and said the first thing that came to his mind. “You only had fifty cents and I had a quarter. I figured I could help.”

Andy stepped out of the way so she could get her chips. They both continued talking while she got her item.

“Your help was greatly appreciated. I don’t meet very many nice people anymore, not like how it used to be.” She explained.

“Well, I believe in being nice,” She turned around, chips in one hand. “Just the guy I am.” Andy said.

“My name is Janice.” She told him.

“Andy Harrison.”

Both of them shared eye contact with one another. “I don’t like to say my last name, but my brother is Shawn.” Janice said.

They started to walk down the hall, still talking. “So, your last name would be Williams?” Andy asked.

“Yes, it’s Janice Williams.” She answered.

Both of the students stopped walking. Now was to ask Janice something serious. “I saw you talk to those two girls out there,” Janice looked at the ground, the question bothering her. “Why did he go?”

Janice started to cry. At first, it was one tear, but then some more came down from her eyes. She really didn’t want to discuss her brother with somebody she just met.

Quickly, she started walking away from Andy. “I don’t know.” Janice told him.

Andy rushed over to the girl. He grabbed her arm. “I’m sorry.”

She looked up at him. “It’s not your fault, Shawn was very stupid, he should’ve never gone exploring,” Janice hugged Andy very tightly. “I don’t think he’s coming back!”

“He’ll come back, I have faith, you should too.” He told her.

Janice looked up at Andy. “You heard what they said, nobody ever comes back from that place.”

He pulled away from her. “Maybe, but I’ll change that!”

She rubbed her tears away, still looking at Andy. “You’ll help me look for my brother?”

Andy nodded his head. He then raised his fist to the air. “Absolutely!”

In response, Janice smiled at him again and made sure to also give him a hug. “Thank you so much.”

After a few seconds of comfort, Janice detached from Andy and disappeared down the hallway.

He didn’t know why he said that. Now he needed to lie to his parents. 

The rest of the day was normal. Andy had no friends, so he didn’t hang out with anybody. 

But then that fool Peter Wallace walked over to where Andy sat, probably to be rude like yesterday.

“Andy, maybe you should focus on your school work.” He told him.

Andy looked up at Peter. “I do my work, you just bug me everyday.”

“I have a good reason to,“ He grabbed Andy’s notes. “Ghosts aren’t real,” He ripped a few pages in half. “Demons aren’t real,” He ripped even more pages in half. Andy tried desperately to grab them from Peter, but he held them high. The bully looked at him, smiling. “And anything else you want to believe in,” He tore everything else in half. “Is fiction!”

He looked down at Andy. “Life is real!” Peter pointed at Andy. “You are unfortunately real!” He bent down even more and whispered in Andy’s ear. “So, stop your occult nonsense, and actually try to do something meaningful with your life!”

The anger built in Andy and he punched Peter in the nose. 

In response, Peter grabbed him by the throat and proceeded to choke him. 

“That’s enough! Go to the office Mr. Wallace!” A voice shouted.

All the students looked and saw their teacher, he was angry and didn’t look happy.

Peter didn’t let go as he was told and go to the office, his grip lasted longer. 

“Let him go!” The teacher yelled.

Eventually, the bully did let go and walked over to the teacher, both of them shared eye contact. “Get the hell out of my classroom.” 

Peter gave an angry look. “Fine, I’ll go,” He told his teacher. “But take into consideration what I said to you, Andy. Know that I’m not done with you.” Peter said, back faced at the door.

“Are you alright?” The teacher asked Andy.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He answered.

“Are you sure? You're allowed to go see the nurse if you need to.” The teacher told him.

“I’m fine, my neck is just a little sore,”  He rubbed his own neck. “But I’ll be alright.”

His teacher wasn’t buying it and looked concerned. “Are you sure?” 

“Yes,” Andy answered.

After that, class resumed normally for everyone, except for Andy, He was still shaken up about what Peter did.

Most of the class time spent was Andy looking down at his desk. There was anger boiling inside of him, all that he worried about at the moment was how he could get back at Peter?


An hour later, school was out and over with. For most people it would mean relaxing, or doing homework at home.

Andy had something different to do though. 

First, he needed to contact his parents and lie to them, so he could help Janice find her brother.

Andy dug into his pocket and pulled out the small flip phone he had on him. His parents never allowed him to have a normal cellular device like his classmates. He didn’t know why.

Once it was in his hands, Andy wrote a small text and then sent it to his mom.


Hey mom, I’m going to be late. I have some after school work to do. I’ll be back after a while. May take several hours.


Andy hit send and waited for a response. All the while, his eyes staring into his phone.

The wait was longer than he expected, but after a little bit, there was a reply.


Do you want dad or Lauren to pick you up? What do you mean by several hours? Are you in trouble?


Andy didn’t want to make his mother grow suspicious, he could tell she wasn’t going to buy this. 

There must be some way he could make her buy it.


No, I’ll walk home. It’s very important and I’ve got to go. It’s for extra credit.


This time, almost immediately there was an answer.


Ok that’s fine, but I want you back home as soon as you're done. Got me?


Ok. Tell Lauren I said hi. Love you mom.


Love you too, son.


Andy closed his phone, now was time to go and find Janice. Now, where would she be?

“Hello, Andy.” A female voice said from behind.

Very quickly, he spun around and saw Janice. She wasn’t smiling anymore, her facial expression was normal.

He grabbed his heart. “I didn’t expect you to be there.” Andy told her.

“Sometimes I sneak up on people, I’m sorry.” She apologized.

“I’m ready to help you look for Shawn,” Andy said. He went over to his locker. “As soon as everything is put away for tomorrow.” Andy said, unlocking it.

Inside of the locker was books and an old film poster. All of the books were school related.

Janice looked at the poster very carefully. A young girl was desperately trying to crawl out of the ground. Her lower half wasn’t visible and a hand grasped the young girl’s throat.

Her curiosity ended once Andy turned around. “I’m ready now.” He told her.

Janice gave a smile. “You also told your dad and Lauren too, right?” She asked.

Andy nodded his head and the two of them started walking down the hallways of the school, approaching the exit.

One thought kept lingering in the back of his mind, how did Janice know about Lauren?

He figured there was a reason and maybe Lauren knew who Janice was. Still, Lauren never brought up Janice, and Andy knew all her friends.

She looked at him. “I figured if we head out now, we’ll make good time.” Janice told Andy.

“Why? Shouldn’t we wait a little later?” Andy asked, confused.

Janice raised an eyebrow, stopping to look at him. “It’s a much better idea to go now, it’ll be dark before too long and I don’t own a car.” She explained.

“So we're walking? That’s going to take a few hours, it’ll be dark by the time we're there.” Andy told her.

 Her facial expression didn’t change. She was probably unsure if Andy really wanted to help her. “And it’ll be dangerous, but I’ll do anything for my brother,” She explained. “Will you help me?”

Janice held out her hand. “Yes, yes I will!” Andy said, shaking it.

“Good, then let’s go and not waste anymore time talking.” 

They both then continued to walk, neither of them saying another word. The only thing on their minds was reaching the destination, the point of no return for many.


It was dark out, the woods beside the hill were creepy. They were untamed and gave off an unnatural feeling.

Luckily, now the pair were almost through the thick forestry. 

Janice was in the front leading the way while Andy followed close behind, both had been carrying flashlights to see.

“I hope Shawn is alright.” She said.

“I’m sure he’s fine, everyone likes to make up stories about this place.”

 Janice turned around, her eyes full of worry. “Are you sure?” She asked.

Andy gave her a smile. “Positive!”

A few moments later, they were at the end of the forest, and at the beginning of the hill.

Andy looked around the area with his flashlight. “Okay, it’s now or never.” He told her.

Janice nodded her head. “Alright.”

“It should take us...a couple of minutes to get up this hill,” He turned to look at her. “Once we do, it’s at the point of no return. Do you understand?” 

Janice had an adventurous facial expression. She didn’t care about the rumors and wanted to find Shawn from the look of it.

“Loud and clear.”

“Also one other thing, keep your voice down. I’ve heard a couple rumors about this hill.”

Janice was curious. “Like what?”

“During night time, we shouldn’t look behind ourselves, rumors say that there is some type of demonic entity that follows you. Sort of like P. T.”

She tilted her head to the side, curious by what Andy just told her “What’s that?” Janice asked.

“What’s what?” Andy asked, confused if Janice didn’t hear him.

“P. T. What is that?”

 Andy scratched the back of his head, giving off an awkward smile. “Don’t worry about it, just some game demo.” 

“I don’t play many games, not even when I was with my brother.” She explained.

Andy’s facial expression went back to normal. “Don’t worry we’ll find him.” He reassured her.

Her expression changed to a more confident one. “As for the entity, I’m sure it won’t bother us.” She told him.

Andy looked at the hill in front of them. It was big but not too large of a landmass for them to cover. They would reach the top very soon. 

The hospital looked like a small building on top of the hill.

“I hope you're right, Janice.” Andy whispered in a tone nobody could hear.

Both of them then started to walk up the steep hill. They heard nothing, just dead silence in the night.

Each step that was taken, the hospital got larger and larger into view, soon they both were in front of it.

“Here it is.” Andy said.

“I see, and the moon looks so beautiful. It’s shining onto the old building.” Janice added.

Andy looked at the hospital, the coloring was normal for one, but it was a little rusty from age.

Most of the windows looked brand new, despite their age.

Nobody knew how old the building was, or even how long it had been up here. 

But tonight, Andy was hopefully going to uncover many of those secrets.

Janice went up close to the building and peered through one of the windows.

Andy looked at the small fence in front of him. It was made of wood and only a couple of feet tall and looked brand new.

“Hey look!” Janice said.

Andy rushed over to Janice, he was expecting her to say something interesting like; ‘look at the inside!’

But instead, she looked at him. “Check this out, it’s dark inside.” Andy looked through the window Janice was staring into while she continued to speak. “I’m guessing the electricity hasn’t worked for a very long time.” She theorized.

It was strange, you could only see pure blackness inside of the hospital. Andy never saw or heard of anything like it.

Even in his house, you could barely see the furniture and make out what was inside. 

But you couldn’t, at least not from this window.

Janice looked at Andy. “Well, let’s go inside.” She insisted.

She twisted the knob and the door creaked open, the two of them stepped inside and it was strange. It was too dark to see seconds ago, but now Andy could make out what everything is in the hospital, he could see everything.

Dark chairs lined up in rows of three. A huge reception desk was in front of them. Andy couldn’t make out the color, but it was definitely dark like the chairs were.

Janice had her eyes wide open. “Wow, look at this place!” She whispered loudly.

He wasn’t thinking the same thing, Andy knew it was a hospital. One thing did perplex him, why did this place look so clean, so maintained? Was this hospital privately owned?

Janice cupped her hands around her mouth. “SHAWN!” She screamed.

“That’s not a very smart idea. We should be more-” 

Before Andy could finish what he was saying, a door to their left swung wide open, showing a long hallway through it.

The door didn’t scare Andy, he was into the supernatural, it perplexed him. 

“I guess we should go this way,” Janice said, pointing at the door that was left wide open.

The two of them walked into the strange and mysterious hallway. 

Andy could feel a cool wind as he went through it.

He looked back and didn’t see anything, there was no way the fan was on, was there?

All through the hallway were several rooms for patients. It was the type of rooms that you’d stay in if you were sick, or needed to stay in the hospital. They all looked the same. Very rarely, there wouldn’t be anything different about the rooms. However, sometimes there was something missing, and one even had blood in it, something definitely happened here.

Janice didn’t smile in the room, she looked disturbed. “I don’t like this one, I think we should leave this room.” 

Blood covered the bed, a chair and was everywhere on the floor, it looked like someone got murdered in this room.

Another room had everything hanging from the ceiling. The objects didn’t seem to be nailed down, just suspended in animation.

Andy already knew that this place...had quite a large amount of activity. He was going to make sure to tell everyone all about it. After all, the rumors are false, right?

They turned to their right and walked down the hall, most of the rooms were locked down in this part, except for one.

At the very end, Andy tried the handle on a large door, and it opened. Behind the door, there were stairs. 

They looked old but sturdy.

“Must lead down into the basement, or something.” Janice said from behind.

“Yeah,” He looked at her. “Do you think your brother may be down here?” Andy asked.

“It’s a possibility.” She answered.

Carefully, he descended down the steps into what lies below and The stairs looked like they'd been abandoned for some time.

When they finally reached the bottom, there were even more rooms and somehow, more bizarre and creepy than the ones above.

Andy saw a small nursery to his left, dolls were strung up everywhere and some of them hung from the ceiling. A few childish drawings painted the walls of the room, they depicted many things, mostly innocent in nature. One of the drawings had a child with their family.

He stepped inside of the room and looked around, hands in his pockets. “Wow, this is creepy,” Andy said. He touched one of the drawings. “Just like something I’d see out of a horror story.”

Janice came up next to him. “You read horror stories?” She asked.

Andy said nothing in return, only nodding his head, very slowly.

She laughed a little. “I guess you think this place is cool then, right?” Janice asked, smiling.

“Yeah, I like to read about haunted places,” He picked up a doll, not looking at her. “And I’m excited to be here,” Andy turned his head and looked at Janice. “But we will find your brother.” 

After a few seconds, he put the doll down and walked out of the room, She followed him close behind.

They continued down the hallway and saw a few more rooms and most of them were the same type of rooms where patients would reside.

However, a couple of these rooms on the lower levels were cracked and had visible mold covering the walls and going up the ceiling.

Andy entered one room, it was very similar to the other rooms. However, this one had something very special with it.

A note was by the bedside and was old, presumably from age.


Ms. Johnson appears to be suffering from nightmares again, but they have gotten worse.

Everything has been given to her from Prazosin to Valumn.05 mg. We have even tried to do a Polysomnography on the patient, however, results haven’t been satisfactory.

What other medication could be given to her? I’ve tried everything and as you know, nothing works.

Should we up the dose, or try that new drug in the lab?


Claire Robinson, RN.


After reading the note, Andy thought nothing really of it. After all, the note was only referring to medical information that wasn’t important anymore. This hospital had been closed down for a long time, as long as he could remember.

Janice didn’t say much of anything either, she was probably too focused on finding Shawn.

However, the note in the next room freaked out Andy with its contents. He froze in fear as it was read in his head.


After several lab tests, I’ve decided to transfer Ms. Johnson to my care. It is the best for her, as nothing in this hospital seems to work.

Their new medical drug, which is confidential, supposedly helped her condition a little bit, but the nightmares didn’t stop.

Now that she is under my care, I will be sure to perform a couple of tests, all the while giving the patient a brand new dose of her current medication.

Her condition will be monitored by Janice Willians, Student of Clinical Psychology, my assistant, and myself.


Jake Abrahams, Ph.D.


Luckily, Janice wasn’t in the same room, she was in a different one looking for her brother.

He quickly slipped the note into his pocket. Janice couldn’t read this and Andy had to keep a close eye on her.

There was something mysterious about that girl, and now she was on a note from years ago.

“Find anything yet,” A voice he recognized asked from behind.

Andy quickly turned his head around and saw Janice, She wasn’t smiling, quite the opposite, a large frown was on her face.

Janice had her arms crossed. “No, we should look around more.” He told her.

Quickly, he passed by her and continued to walk down the hallway.

As Andy continued, the hallway got darker and darker.

At points, Andy felt something cold, actually freezing. However, he didn’t know why as upstairs and even when they entered the basement, wasn’t cold in the slightest. The strangest part, Andy felt like something was watching him.

They came across another room, another note by the bedside.


Dear Miss Williams,


I regret to inform you that your mother passed away a day ago, the time of death was 9PM.

We are terribly sorry, her cause of death was an overdose of medication. The nurse in question will be fired and likely go to court.

You don’t need to come to work for a couple of days, we understand there is a grieving process.

Make sure you arrive for work Monday.


With regrets,

Darren Fischer


Andy made sure to also put this note in his pocket as well, he wanted to leave. There was something really messed up going on here, some story he didn’t want to find the end to.

He walked out of the room, Andy didn’t see Janice, there was no sight of her like she vanished into thin air.

Instead of searching for her, he knew it was a better decision to find the way out of this crazy place.

Unfortunately, as he tried to walk back to where he was, Andy realized he was lost. All the rooms looked the same, it would take forever to find his way back out of the hospital.

Andy turned on his flashlight and took a few steps down the hall. He began to check each and every single room, praying that the exit was close by.

The next room he went into looked older than the others, it didn’t even have a hospital bed, or anything to indicate it was once a patient’s room.

Only two things were in the room, an overturned wheelchair, and a single chair in the middle. What looked like black mold covered the floor.

For some reason, Andy didn’t feel safe in this room, it was colder than any other place he’s been in the hospital.

He crossed his arms, trying to get warm and quickly left the room.

Andy turned down the hall and entered another room, it looked like an office and had another note, but this time, it was on the desk.

The note itself appeared to have suffered water damage.


I’ve had it with this hospital! 

Dr. Macready was found dead today! That’s the second death relating to a doctor this month! 

This getting strange and it all started to happen when that Psychologist’s mother died!

Nobody believes me, but I don’t care!

I’m leaving tomorrow, I’m not going to be next! They can get another Registered Nurse!


Claire Robinson, RN.


Andy looked up at the ceiling, he began to question who this Psychologist was?

On one hand, he probably found out why this hospital was left abandoned for some time. Andy could probably even become famous when he gets out of here, but first, he should get out of here, and quickly.

As he turned around, Andy saw Janice. He fell to the ground seeing her, partly because Andy didn’t feel safe around this girl.

He barely knew her.

“You alright?” She asked, concerned.

Andy scooted himself a little bit away from her, touching the wall.

Only something was different about this piece of the wall, it felt hollow. There was a thing behind it, possibly another room.

He turned his attention to the wall, Janice knew what Andy was doing. Her expression was still concerned but had a little bit of anger behind it.

“I don’t like this room,” She walked a little closer to Andy. Janice tilted her head to where the door was, motioning for him to follow her. “Let's go.” She tried to tell him.

However he didn’t care, Andy didn’t listen to her. From the tone of her voice, she had a secret, one that she couldn’t afford to let him know about.

He pushed the wall up like somebody would do with a window.

“Trust me,” She put her hand out. “We should go.” Janice said once again.

Andy reached into the small area the wall was protecting, he pulled out a small black journal.

“Don’t,” Janice said.

He looked up at her, she had an expression on her face that didn’t seem worried. To him, her face looked like she was warning him.

Of course, curiosity killed the cat and Andy opened it. Inside were several entries from someone.

A few sentences and words were scratched out, but he could barely read them.

It didn’t have anything too spectacular in it.

That was until he found an entry, the words on this page caught his eye.


Dear Diary,


It’s finally done, they all will pay, every single one of them. Charlie will rid this filth residing inside this facility.

I curse the heavens, allowing my heart to fill with pain and agony. Darkness will coax my veins.

I will have my revenge, they will pay, their families will pay.

If I’m dealt with, if they find out, Forever, will my soul be bound in this place! I will gather a family of my own! Hell will be unleashed onto their lives like no other!

My soul will belong to the creator of black, Charlie will bring me back and I will forever be in my god’s debt.

The deal has been done, they will find me eventually, but I’ll never pass on.

And soon...Neither will they


These words alone didn’t catch his eye, it was what was written on the bottom. The last two words on the page, they sent a shiver down Andy’s spine and made all his hair stand up.


Janice Williams


Andy dropped the book and saw Janice herself, she had an expression on her face full of no sympathy.

Now, he understood why she warned him so many times.

“You weren’t supposed to find that,” She said slowly, her voice sounding demonic.

He jumped over the hospital bed and stared at the mysterious girl.

“What the hell are you?!” Andy yelled, his voice filled with fear.

“They wouldn’t help me, you know?” She walked closer to Andy, Janice was across from him. “I can’t remember those days, it was so long ago, everyone moved on and didn’t think about my mother.”

Janice walked around the hospital bed, slowly approaching him. “This place carries a burden on me, I want out,” Andy tried to back away until he was hugging the wall, Janice still approaching him. “Do you know what it’s like to feel trapped? No, you don’t, people like you enjoy your lives while I stay in my,” She whispered the next word. “Prison,”

Andy was terrified. “What do you want?!”

Janice smiled, she was a few feet away from him. “It’s not about what I want, Andy,” Her finger pointed at him. “It’s about what you want.” She told him.

“I want out of here!” He yelled, his lungs feeling like they were going to burst.

Janice giggled. “No, I know exactly what you want,” Her eyes started to bleed red. “I know what you all want.”

Her skin began to change to a creamy white color, she was almost see-through. Andy saw her eyes start to turn into a deep, soulless black. 

“You’ve been bullied for some time, Andy. Let me help you,” She grabbed his shoulder. Andy struggled to get away, but her grip was too strong. “Charlie can give it to you, as he had for me! Renounce your faith!” She yelled, her voice once again sounding demonic.

Andy shouted at her and pulled free. He began to run faster than he’s ever run before. He had to get out of this place before she did something to him.

Unfortunately, everywhere he turned was Janice in her current appearance. She had a creepy facial expression.

He quickly ran in the other direction, dropping something out of his pocket along the way, and ran into an old room.

This room had many desks everywhere and cabinets. They all looked old and some chairs were overturned on the floor.

Andy hid behind a desk and prayed to God that he would live. 

A few seconds later, he heard the door open, and then footsteps. Andy grabbed his mouth and held it shut.

The walking continued and stopped abruptly.

He stopped holding his mouth shut and took a gasp of air, Andy peaked his head out and saw that Janice wasn’t in the room

she was gone and he could finally get out of this place.

His head looked to the side, Janice was sitting right by him. Her eyes were still black and her skin was a creamy white. Blood dripped from the girl’s eyes and onto the floor.

Slowly, Janice opened her mouth. “Don’t you want to help me find Shawn still?” She asked, her voice sounding normal.

Black bile dripped all over the floor. “You promised.” 

Andy was frozen, he couldn’t move. Janice’s jaw elongated like a snake, showing her pearly white teeth and black tongue.

The last thing Andy did was scream as loud as he could, his throat turning sore.


What should’ve been his end was not, Andy awoke laying down, Janice by his side.

She held out her hand in a friendly manner. For some reason, he took it without hesitation and she pulled him up.

Janice smiled at him. “See, much better,”

Andy looked down at his hands, there was no visible damage, Janice didn’t do anything to him.

His memory was a little fuzzy. “What happened?” He asked.

“I opened your eyes, Andy. I chose you to help me get revenge,” She said slowly. Janice walked around him. “And you feel better, correct? Charlie made you better,”

He looked around the large room and saw a variety of people, all of different shapes and sizes.

She pointed at the large mass of people. “He made us all better, and now we are his disciples, connected as a family,”

For some reason, he agreed with everything that Janice was saying. His mind didn’t tell him to think any differently.

Janice levitated in the air, her skin a ghostly pale. As she did, everyone else did too, including Andy.

She looked around the room, a serious expression on her face. “But there is one more, Charlie says she’ll be here soon...Very soon.”


Submitted: October 02, 2021

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