Mystery on Route 7

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

They say a truck with the devil behind the wheel will drive down Route 7 at night if your naughty. Herman shouldn't have cursed at a passing graveyard.

In the year 1978 a couple were driving past Lakefront Cemetery. What they saw would forever startle and shock them.


Herman Johnson and his wife, Sally were driving on route 7. Herman is in his fifties, wore a striped shirt and had glasses. Sally is in her thirties, has a lemon colored shirt with jeans like her husband's. They have been driving for hours, so long that it has become dark. All around was desert with cactuses as big as people on either side of the road.

"This damn route goes on forever!" Herman said with his eyes fixated on the road.

"Look Hermie, a cemetery! Sally said pointing out the window.

"Why the hell is there a cemetery way out here?!" Asked Herman.

The cemetery had miss growing on it and was large and full of tombstones with the gate giving off an unsettling feeling. As if a strong energy encased it.

"Hermie, I don't like this." Sally said looking out the window.

"You know what I say? Fuck the dead!" Herman said angrily.

"Don't say that!" Sally said worried.

"Why are you scared?" Herman asked. 

"No I just feel that cursing at the cemetery isn't a good idea." Sally said turning on the radio.

As Sally twisted the knob, she shivered.

The news report was about a recent missing individual.

"Experts say that the missing victim was a nineteen year old girl. She drove a red 69 Chevrolet and was driving down route 7 and since then, hasn't been found. It is believed that she was drunk and fell down a ditch near the area. But as of now, that is unknown. Another theory is the myth of "Devil's Truck" which has been said to claim hundreds of victims and is a white and blue truck. It is sai-"

Sally flips off the radio.

"You scared?" Herman asked with a grin.

"Maybe just a little. I don't think you should have said that." Sally said looking at Herman.

"Relax, nothings going to get us in our blue convertible," Herman said looking at the road. "Besides we are past that cemetery anyways."


About 10 minutes later, they are still on route 7, but Sally has a feeling they are being followed.

"Herman, I'm scared." Sally said  while grabbing a hold of his arm.

"There is nothing out here but desert and cactuses! Also if you please,  then let go of my arm!"

Sally let's go then stares out the back of the window and sees flashing lights, almost like a vehicle of some sort.

"Hermie?!" Sally said tugging on Herman's shoulder.

"Stop it." Herman said annoyed.

Sally looked back and saw a pickup truck. It was dark, but she could clearly see a pickup truck. The color was hard to make out, but blue lines were on the far left and right side of the hood.

"Hermie look." Sally said tugging on Herman's shoulder again.

"What!?" Herman screamed.

"Look." Sally said pointing at the pickup truck.

Herman looked at the pickup truck then back at his wife.

"A little news report got you frightened?" Herman asked.

"I'm worried." Sally said with tears coming down her eyes.

"It's just another vehicle." Herman reassured Sally.

"But, it just appeared out of nowhere. That's not normal!" Sally screamed.

"Quiet!" Herman said fixating his eyes yet again on the road.

Sally stopped talking and crossed her arms.


A few hours later Herman is still on route 7 driving and Sally is asleep.

Sally was in a dark area in her dream. There was no lights of any kind and she was walking.

"Hello!" Sally called out in the dark.

She continued walking, seeing nothing but black and emptiness.

"Hello!" Sally called out again.

This time as she was walking there was crying. Sally continued walking and saw a girl laying on the ground. She looked to be in her late teens. The girl had on a white shirt, blonde hair and jeans. As Sally got closer, she saw there was blood all over her. It was running down her face and onto the clothes she wore. The girl turned her head and looked at Sally.

"Don't let it take me." She said crying.

Sally stood back, looking at the girl in fear. Then she heard an engine starting. She looked behind her and in the distance saw a white and blue pickup truck just like the one that was following her and Herman. It then started getting closer and closer. For a short second Sally didn't notice it was moving at her with incredible speed. The truck was close to hitting her and so Sally screamed.



Suddenly Sally awoke and found herself to be completely unharmed. She was still in her seat and Herman was driving. Sally looked out the window and saw the pickup truck behind them only closer. She could now clearly make out the color, which was white.

"You've been sleeping for quite awhile" Herman said suddenly.

Sally turned to look at Herman. "The truck is still following us Herman."

"Yeah, I know but this route is long and so far I haven't seen a single sign of some sort."

Sally looked back at the pickup truck. It was now a few feet from their car.

"Damn thing is going to hit us!" Herman said while trying to speed up.

"It's getting closer." Sally said.

"I can see that." Said Herman.

There was then a sudden bump on the road. Herman looked and realized the pickup truck hit the back of their car. Herman swerved to the right side of the road.

"What the hell does he want?" Herman asked angrily.

The pickup truck hit the trunk again.

"That's it! Screw this guy, I've had enough!" Said an angry Herman.

He then pulled a revolver out of the glovebox and proceeded to load it.

"Hermie, what are you doing?" Sally asked.

"I'm going to flatten his tires."

"Are you crazy?!"

"No, I'm solving the problem."

"You can't get rid of it!"

Herman doesn't hear her and instead rolls down his window and shoots the tires of the pickup truck.

"What the hell?" Herman said when the pickup truck was unaffected.

"I told you." Sally said.

"Those are some strong tires."

The pickup truck then went to the right side of their car and Herman saw that in the pickup truck was no driver. Herman looked at Sally then at the road.

"What's wrong?" Asked Sally.

"No d-d-driver." Herman struggled to say.

Their car then gets hit again by the pickup truck.

"That's it!" Declared Herman.

He then layed on the brakes and the pickup truck kept moving. The car then went in reverse and the pickup truck did the same. Soon both vehicles were close to one another. "Hold on." Herman told his wife.

He then turned the blue convertible around while the pickup truck attempted to ram them.


Herman was still driving straight and for some reason they didn't see the pickup truck.

"I think we lost it." Sally said.

"I hope so, and I'm sorry for how stupid I was earlier." Herman apologized.

"It's alright Hermie."

"I guess I was-"

"Hermie look out!"

The pickup truck was in the middle of the road. It looked like it was deliberately trying something. Herman was not quick enough to swerve the car. It impacted with the pickup truck and it flipped upside down then went to the right side of the road.


Sally and Herman were badly injured afterwards. There was a big bruise on her forehead. Blood was gushing from her nose and down on her left knee. It got all over her clothes. Sally quickly glanced around and saw Herman. His glasses were cracked and there was thick gooey blood all over his face. She could also barely see bone but it was there. She unbuckled her seatbelt and tapped on Herman’s shoulder.

“Hermie?” She asked.

There was no response, no motion and no breathing from her husband. But despite that, she tried tapping on his shoulder again.


Still no answer, so  Sally instead tried to shake Herman. “Hermie! You gotta get up, I love you!”

There wasn’t any answer or motion of any kind. Sally knew that she had to leave Herman if she wanted to live. Sally instead opened the glovebox and took out Herman’s revolver then put in some ammo.

“Time to leave this road of hell!” Sally whispered to herself.

She crawled out of the car and looked around. In the distance was a white bridge that presumably had water underneath. Sally knew she could swim and the cactuses could provide good support because they were sturdy and could hide Sally well. With her plan hatched up, Sally began walking and hiding behind every cactus she could find. Then she saw headlights followed by a demonic howl. Sally started running as it got closer and closer. She tried not to look back but did anyway. Sally saw a black figure in the outline of a man driving the pickup truck. It looked like the shadow of a young man. Sally ran for her dear life, but the truck was faster and it seemed to be toying with her.


Sally didn’t look where she was going. She just ran straight ahead. Finally she was on top of a huge cliff. Sally was scared and the vehicle inched closer to her.

“What the hell do you want?!” She asked with tears rolling down her cheeks.

The pickup truck didn’t say anything and inched closer towards Sally. She had nowhere else to go and was getting dangerously close to the edge. The pickup truck didn’t care that she was close to the edge. It got closer and Sally backed away in terror.

“Ahhh!!!” Sally screamed as she fell.

Sally had fallen and was screaming her entire way down. Then it came to a stop when she hit the ground.

The ground where she fell was crimson red. Sally layed on her stomach, dead. A sudden laugh was heard when she hit the ground. It was filled with evil. The pickup truck looked at Sally’s corpse one last time before it began tunneling into the ground as the sun came up.


Submitted: October 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Epicwriter12. All rights reserved.

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