An Interview Experience

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Marcia DeMaine is a busy, dominant, city lawyer. She's hiring a second in command but her hunt is not going well. Will the final candidate of the day be a wash out like the first or will she be surprised by fate?

Carrie is an experienced manager who is intimidated by Ms DeMaine but is desperate to be taken seriously and get the job. Will she be able to bring out her inner confidence and surprise both the interviewer and herself?

This highly charged short story contains some mature scenes of a sexual nature but will it end in tears of joy or tears of despair?




Marcia sighed. How many interviews for a second in command did she need to hold? She’d been interviewing all day and she was, she had to admit, feeling sick of being the one asking the questions. She massaged her temples and closed her eyes, leaning back in her office chair and willing the world to leave her alone. 


The cruel sense of fate had other ideas though and a quiet knock at the door revealed Marcia was getting no such luck.


“Come in!”, she barked, opening her eyes and plastering on her game face.


The door opened revealing a woman, about 5’2” with curly mahogany hair glinting in the office lights and a sweet but nervous expression covering her face that flushed pink. “Excuse me, I’m Carrie Raveille, I’m here for the deputy manager position?”. The woman practically hid behind the office door, waiting for something - permission? A command?


Marcia held back a sigh, nobody told her she had ANOTHER one. However, also nobody told her the final candidate was so attractive with her deep brown, red tinted tuggably long hair, long dark fluttery lashes and a dark pink pair of pouty lips that just gave Marcia one thought. Back to the interview though, maybe this one would be different given the eye candy but she doubted it, waving Carrie to the elegant leather sofa in the corner, rather than the seat before her desk, before she thought too much about it.



“Ms Raveille, great to meet you. I’m Marcia DeMaine. Can you tell me a bit about yourself and why you want to work for me?”


“Well Ms DeMaine, I’m a huge fan of your company's work. I followed the work that you did for the African water project and I’d like the opportunity to be involved in something like that.”


Marcia went to yawn. She’d had the same answer to that question three times today already. This girl might be stunning but she wasn’t looking too impressive so far.



Marcia looked down and caught sight of the long, slim legs coming from the hem of Carrie’s smart, figure hugging black pencil skirt - what a figure. 








Her first answer hadn’t gone well, she was so nervous. After all, this was Marcia DeMaine - THE Marcia DeMaine. The most famous lesbian lawyer in the city. She needed to do better if she wanted this job.. and she DID want this job.



Marcia asked her next question, “Can you give me an example of a time when you have got co-operation from a different department?”. Carrie could practically feel the exec’s eyes stroking up and down her long smooth legs as she asked this question. Her arms came up in goosebumps from the electric feel of those eyes on her skin.



Come on, Carrie - get yourself back in the game, she chided herself. She sat up straighter and looked directly into Marcia’s eyes. After taking a deep breath and dropping her voice to a more seductive purr she tried again.


“Well, Ms DeMaine, let me tell you about my last role - I was the group supervisor for a development department. Our team had a large launch coming up but none of the guys could identify how to get the code working. Luckily my ex-girlfriend happened to work in a different development team so I was able to use my personal network to gain some mentorship for the guys.”. The tilt of her head and the slight emphasis she placed on the word “ex” communicated to Marcia, whose eyes opened a little wider and she seemed to listen a little more intently. When Carrie emphasised and smiled at the word “network”, Marcia couldn’t help but smile, despite herself.


“So how exactly did you gain this collaboration from your personal network Ms Reveille?”


“Carrie, please, unless you PREFER Ms Raveille?”. Carrie saw Marcia's throat swallow and leaned forward. “Obviously formality has a place in a relationship, Marcia.”


Marcia’s dark brown eyes bored into Carrie’s blue ones, acknowledging her interest. 


“I find that it’s really important in both business and personal life to ensure that one’s network is SUFFICIENTLY engaged.” emphasised Carrie, her shy demeanor being replaced by a wolfish smile that she hoped would stir a reaction in Marcia. Judging by the way she leaned in, on the edge of the sofa seat, it was!


“Typically, I’d always want to find out what motivates people and find a way to give them what they need.”. Something in the way she said the word “need” made Marcia lick her lips. 


“What is it that you need Marcia?”, finished Carrie, going in for the kill.









Marcia had felt the heat steadily building as this gorgeous brunette talked. She thought this woman was going to be a total loss initially and then possibly an airhead based on her looks. Oh how wrong she was. The more Carrie developed her answer, the more her confident personality seemed to grow into the room, to the point that Marcia felt almost pushed back in her seat by the presence, consuming and surrounding her as the other woman’s eyes burned into her with the confidence of knowing exactly what Marcia was thinking. 



She caught herself sitting, mouth open, hanging on every word - and what beautiful words. Carrie talking about her ‘needs’ was among the most erotic things she’d ever heard. How could this woman know what Marcia’s needs were though? It really did seem that she did though from the confident, knowing look in her eyes. She caught Marcia looking up and down her shapely legs and almost smirked. 


“What is it you need Marcia?”, she heard. Marcia almost missed the question, so far into her own reverie was she but the tilt of Carrie’s head shook her thick brunette curls  and caught Marcia’s attention.


You - was the immediate answer in Marcia’s brain but luckily she stopped it coming from her mouth.


“Well in this case what I need is a manager who is capable of managing everything I ask of them - every fine little detail - and following instructions carefully and to the letter.”


“Oh, I would imagine as an important executive you are used to giving the instructions and not receiving them? Your life must be terribly busy.”, Carrie said, shaking her head almost sadly before looking up and staring directly into Marcia’s soul.


Marcia had to look down and away, the stare was that intense, that commanding, that dominating. As she did so, she heard a chuckle come from the other side of the sofa. “Well, I think it’s important for leadership to be a two way street and it’s important to give as well as receive, in order to command the respect of those around you. If I were to ask you to do something, would you do it, I wonder?” 


Carrie’s stare continued reading Marcia’s innermost thoughts and by this point the exec was convinced that she didn’t have any thoughts left. 


She was so distracted that when Carrie quietly whispered “Kneel”, she didn’t have the presence of mind to even question the instruction and dropped elegantly to her knees in front of the other woman. 



“Excellent, did you have another question?”


Marcia’s brain had emptied of questions, shortly after her knees had hit the floor and she had felt the tightness of her restrictive pencil skirt around her curves. She looked up at Carrie and blinked. Something was wrong about this image - it was an interview - but for the life of her, her brain couldn’t - or wouldn’t - tell her what the problem was. Finally, her brain fired back up and her auto pilot kicked back in, while somehow not spotting the obvious inconsistency that she was kneeling at her interviewees feet. “Can you tell me about a time when you coached a colleague to achieve something?” she replied, quietly but with a little of her usual confidence.


The wolfish smile on Carrie’s face broadened and Marcia was inadvertently reminded of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. “Oh well, I believe that coaching is an excellent form of leadership. It’s vital that if someone is doing something for you, or with you, that you’re able to provide feedback in a way that helps them achieve the right outcome for both them and you. I have always coached both my team in their performance and also colleagues. I wonder if maybe it might be easier to show you rather than talking though? Would that be OK with you Marcia?”


Marcia’s brain was still responding more on instinct to the power of the look and the sexual energy this woman was exuding. “Of course, Ms Raveille - that would be fine”. The wolfish grin broadened as Carrie nodded and her eyes raked hungrily down Marcia’s throat, chest and down towards where her core was sitting hidden under the restrictive skirt. Marcia felt that she was naked and Carrie could see how much her swollen and sensitive clit was throbbing in time to her heartbeat, which incidentally was like a rock band beating out of her chest.


“So if your goal is to please me, for example, how would you think about achieving that?”


The right side of Marcia’s overloaded brain was practically shut down and her left brain insisted on obeying this woman’s commands. She answered without thinking, “Well I normally would play with your breasts first… but...”

She started to form an objection that this was inappropriate but Carrie nodded and interrupted her saying “Go ahead”.


“Pardon?”, Marcia’s eyes widening, thinking she’d misheard.


Carrie just crooked one eyebrow, looking at Marcia. 


Marcia realised she hadn’t misheard at all. She couldn’t do this could she, she couldn’t reach up and unhook each of the white buttons holding Carrie’s blouse together. She also couldn’t work her way down until her bra was exposed - her white lace bra with satin white straps. Her balcony bra that was overflowing with her creamy, round breasts.


Suddenly Marcia realised she hadn’t just thought about doing this - she’d actually reached up and DONE it. She was now looking at the most beautiful and tempting pair of breasts she’d seen in an awfully long time. Her mouth was watering and she gave up the fight with her right brain, reaching and gently freeing first the left globe, then the right from their lacey bounds. Carrie’s nipples were firm, solid and dark pink. Her areolas were a beautifully contrasting light pink and a perfect size for Marcia’s mouth so she did the only thing she could and leaned forward and stuck out her tongue to lick each one in turn. She felt Carrie shift in her seat and opened her mouth to take in the left nipple, pressing her lips to the dotted pink areola and inhaling, sucking on the firm, warm nipple. She closed her eyes, focussing on the task and giving Carrie her full attention. She flicked her tongue and was rewarded by a groan from the other woman, who fidgeted. 


Marcia opened one eye. If she thought Carrie was fierce and gorgeous before, then seeing her with her head tipping back and her mouth open made her look like a supreme goddess. Marcia didn’t even think as she started to kiss, nibble and suck all the way from one breast to the other. Another groan came from deep within Carrie as Marcia nibbled on her other hardened nipple. A little suck and a flick of her tongue caused the other woman to arch her back and take in a sharp breath. 



Marcia pulled back and looked at Carrie’s face. The predatory grin had been replaced by slightly misty eyes. It took Carrie a few moments to catch herself and look down at a smiling Marcia. 


“Well, I think we established that you have good examples about coaching.” smiled Marcia, standing up.


Marcia sat back down on the sofa next to Carrie, straightening her skirt.


Carrie’s blouse was still open but found she didn’t really care, at this moment.



“I also think you’ve shown you have some very persuasive talents to back up your coaching.” continued Marcia. “And your talents are quite persuasive in themselves.”, looking down and smiling at the beautiful nipples still firmly and resolutely facing her direction. 



“Thank you Ms DeMaine. I always set out to impress.”


“You certainly managed that. I think we can safely say you are the most persuasive candidate I’ve seen. I would like to offer you the position.”


Carrie couldn’t believe what she was hearing - she’d got the job. Inside she wanted to jump up, shake her hair around and scream but she managed to hold a professional image and simply replied, “Which position?” with totally straight features though her eyes sparkled a little giving away her excitement.



Marcia was taken aback, she thought she’d regained control of the interview but, even with her blouse still open and her luscious breasts still commanding Marcia’s attention, Carrie had managed to shock her. Marcia paused, looking shocked, before replying, “At the moment, I’m thinking you can take a pick.”, with a raised eyebrow. She could retain her control here, as well as her cool, if she worked hard at it.



Carrie shifted forward and leaned across, moving towards Marcias face. For a moment, the exec thought she was going to kiss her, but she moved to the side and leaned towards Marcia’s ear, whispering something to her. Marcia went back to looking shocked - whatever she’d heard had clearly rattled her. She barely nodded and Carrie brought her hand upto Marcia’s chest, pushing gently.



Marcia lay back and brought her legs up, her back hitting the cushions as Carrie leaned forward, placing a hand on either side of her and sliding herself on top. Her free breasts brushed Marcia’s and they felt each other's nipples through the fabric of Marcia’s bra and blouse. The exec inhaled sharply and the bouncy curled woman continued leaning down and pressed her lips onto the waiting mouth of the lawyer. Both mouths opened and their tongues pressed into each other, Carrie stroking Marcia from her position on top and taking the other woman’s bottom lip into her mouth, pressing it against her teeth and pulling it firmly. Their kiss was a tussle for dominance, both women feeling the pull between them and neither wanting to bow. Carrie pressed harder with her teeth, firmly biting the lower lip. Marcia finally relented and allowed her tongue inside so it could stroke hers and then flick her top lip.



Carrie reached up and, without slowing her kiss, unbuttoned Marcia’s blouse. She broke the kiss to run her tongue down the other woman’s neck and throat. She nibbled and sucked, sure that this would leave a mark the other woman would have trouble explaining later. As she leaned forward, their breasts touched and Carrie’s clit lit up in excitement, most of her 50 thousand nerve endings firing and emboldening herself. She reached behind and unclasped the black bra she was nudging towards and rolled her tongue warmly around Marcia’s left nipple. Next she moved to the right and repeated the same action passionately. By this point Marcia was arching her back and pressing her thighs together. She reached up to the woman on top to run her fingers through her hair. Carrie held her wrists and pushed them above the other woman’s head, holding them there momentarily. She opened her eyes and looked up, catching the hot glance from Marcia whose blink acknowledged the unspoken instruction. 



Carrie moved down and with the flick of one eye, had Marcia lifting her hips while she unzipped and pulled down her skirt, exposing the black lace bit by bit, it contrasting with her own white lace like an indication of virtue vs vice - who was which was up for debate.



With Marcia now half naked, Carrie wanted more, she caught the other woman’s vanilla scent mixed with the unique musk that promised an electrifying tang. It spurred her on to push down with her nose and nudge the black lace down as her nose brushed against the short pubic hair landing strip. Pushing the lace right down, her nose pushed open the other woman's folds as her tongue darted along them, firstly darting up and down and then flattening to stroke her length. The tension had built and Marcia had to close her eyes and inhale deeply. Her arousal leaked from and coated her folds, Carrie stroked greedily, invigorated by the musky taste. She pushed deeper and entered Marcia’s core. Pressing harder she tasted deeper, finding the tang change from the homely, seductive musk to the exciting sharp, electric tang from deeper within this woman. She curled upwards and Marcia involuntarily jerked herself upward as the tongue found a certain spot. Returning to the same spot, Carrie curled her tongue and stroked the upper wall again, her pace speeding as her heart, pulse and own clit pulsed in time. She brought her hand near to her face and, with the tip of her thumb circled Marcia’s clit. The exec lost track of space and time as the contractions built deep inside her and what felt like an inevitable build towards oblivion beckoned. Carrie kept stroking both inside and outside in time and the rhythm and fast pace built the tension up her spine. She could feel her muscles clenching, everything from her vagina to spine tensing. She held her breath for a moment but blew it out as a wave of pleasure ripped through and her eyes flew open, seeing the incredible view of the brunette hair covering her lower half and moving in time with the exquisite sensation touching every inch of her inside and her soul in one. 



As she came down from the high, Carrie slowed her strokes and slowly moved up to lie alongside her on the sofa, kissing her fully on the mouth. The taste of herself on the other woman’s lips set off a smaller aftershock of pleasure and she returned the kiss with as much passion as her body could muster.



As they both returned to the moment and broke the kiss, Marcia spoke at last. “Carrie…” she paused, stroking the other woman’s hair, “you’ve not just got the job - I want you far more than that…”



Carrie smiled and stroked the other woman’s hair. Her tone had changed from the haughty, controlling exec to a softer, gentler woman - a woman she could not just respect but possibly something a lot more. “Marcia, I’ll work for you, on condition you return the favour in your bed later?”. Marcia, whose hands were still above her head, answered Carrie with a kiss that spoke more than any contract - they’d explore their terms of employment together later.. 



Marcia looked down and caught sight of the long, slim legs coming from the hem of Carrie’s smart, figure hugging black pencil skirt - what a figure. 




Submitted: October 03, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ChloeJamesLesfic. All rights reserved.

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Delicious writing! What an amazing interview experience. Welcome to Booksie!

Sun, October 3rd, 2021 11:27am


Thanks so much HJ, glad you enjoyed it!

Thu, October 7th, 2021 12:48pm

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