My Newly Hypnotised Girlfriend

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Daniel knew that he was attracted to Lilly, only she didn't love him back. Dejected, he browses online forums to find an answer when he comes across a post from a particular user…

I stormed into my apparent as I had just been turned down by my long time crush Lilly. She would be mine, if it was the last thing I did. Only I had no idea how to convince her to go out with me. Well, if anyone knows, its random people on the internet. So I fired up my computer and began to look around for some answers. Being quite digitally savvy I found a few good forums on the dark net talking about pickup tricks, but none were really that effective by the responses in the comments section. I spent a good few hours browsing and was even beginning to doubt whether I could even pull something like this off, but then I came across a post by an anonymous user. In their post detailed a way of hypnotising somone in their sleep with voice recordings. It was quite detailed and provided a sound explanation behind the mechanisms of it all. Having experience with technology also gave me the perfect opportunity to try this out as well. For you see, Lilly uses an Android phone and asked me for help with some settings a while back before she knew I was in to her. Well, not only did I fix her phone, but I also installed a back door on it allowing me unrestricted access to her device. This meant that I could remotely control the phone to play the hypnosis tape whilst she was falling asleep to a podcast at night. It was genius, all I had to do was pull it of without raising suspicion.


The first set of suggestions were easy to come up with: if I made her more obedient then she would not have a problem with being my girlfriend. And so my first suggestion was that she would want to be obedient to me. Every time there is an opportunity to do something for me, she would do it. She wants to obey me. She would like being obedient.

The user advised that it could take time for it to take effect however I couldn't wait. The next time we were in the same class as each other, I said "Why don't you sit next to me here?" And to my surprise, she reluctantly complied. "Okaaaaay, sure. I guess..." This meant that the tapes were working and I could continue on with my plan.

The next tape reinforced the previous hypnosis, as well as adding a new suggestion: she would no longer be attracted to anyone except me. Each time he had a romantic or erotic thought, she would think of me. She would also consider herself my girlfriend subconsciously and no longer be able to avoid me. Also, any instructions over phone or text were to be obeyed as she would soon normally do.

I sat next to her in class again today. This time she did not complain but instead blushed a little. Although the tapes were showing success, these were only passive things that I was doing. If she was under stress she might be able to resist the hypnosis. That was why I decided to wait until after the Easter holidays to test out my handywork and strengthen my influence over her in that time.

But before I left her be for the holidays I gave her one final new tape: whenever I make physical contact with her, no matter what it is, she will not resist it and even enjoy it the more I do it. She will also act cuter and have an underlying desire to please me whenever she is around me. Over the next two weeks I waited, knowing that with every passing day she was becoming more and more hypnotised. On the last night of the holidays I could barely wait for college lectures to start again. 

When she saw me first in one of our mutual classes she perked up, then looked confused as she didn't know why she was so happy all of a sudden. This time, she sat next to me and the lecturer began to drone on as they normally do. I decided to put my arm around Lilly as I wanted to test the effect of my hypnosis. At first she half flinched, but then when her body refused to move away, she decided to snuggle up into it instead. After the lecture I noticed her blushing furiously, so I decided to take it one step further

"Hey Lilly."

"Hi, Daniel..."

"So you know how we have been asigned this essay that's due next week."

"Um... yeah... what about it?"

"Well i'm super busy at the moment and I was wondering if you could do it for me."

"I'm not sure-"

"Oh I'm sure you don't mind. Come on, it will make me really happy..."

She was struggling to comprehend my request.

"Oh... okay. If it makes you feel happy..."

"Now, don't forget to do a unique one for mine and make it look like I wrote it."

"O-of course."

"Good girl."

The compliment caused Lilly's face to light up with pleasure as her triggers kicked in, rewarding her for her obedience. I slowly walked out of there with an evil grin on my face.

Over the next few days I continued to play the tapes over her phone whilst she was listening to music and doing my essay. Her subconscious was so accustomed to my voice that she didn't make any effort to select a new song whilst my suggestions were being broadcasted into her mind. I had decided to test how far I could realy go with this once my essay was done, just in case.

When she texted me to say that the essay was done I decided to arrange something:

[Hey, I just wanted to let you know that your essay is done]
[Great, you can come round and deliver it to me on Saturday]
[I was actually thinking about just emailing it to you]
[No can do. I need you to run through what you have written with me]
[OK... but why do I have to fit around you. You were the one who wanted the essay.]
[Well, seeing as it is your job to write my essays, I think it is the least you can do to repay the gesture.]

The logic was blatantly faulty, but Lilly's newly altered mind saw no error with this reasoning.

[Oh yes, silly me! I be round on Saturday.]

Time push my luck again:
[Good girl. The weather forcast predicts its going to be very hot on that day. Make sure you come in your running kit and bikini.]
[Why the f**k would I wear a bikini to repay you for letting me do your essay!?]
[Because it is going to be really hot]
[But there are other ways to cool down]
[For what we are doing it is the best way, so if you want to keep doing my essays then you will come appropriately dressed.]
[I'm sorry, i'll be behaved.]
[Good, i'll see you tomorrow]

The nights leading up to Saturday, I trebbled the power of the hypnosis and made sure that she wouldn't be able to do anything unwanted such as notify anyone if she suspects I'm up to something. 

The day finaly came and in the morning I got everything ready for Lilly's arrival. When I went to the door I looked through the peephole to see that she was infact wearing a running to and shorts as well as the straps of her bikini being visible. I opened the door to let her inside.


She timidly said "Hi..."

"Come and sit down on the couch, did you bring my essay?"

"Of course, I have it here in my bag."

"Thanks. I'm pleased."

She giggled slightly as she handed me the essay printed out.

"Ok seeing as you are here I think you will enjoy spending some time together. Don't you think so?"

"I guess so... I mean, I do want to spend time with you..."

"Wonderful, now lets go inside."


After she gave me the work that she had done, I decided to really put my efforts to the test. I guided her over to the couch and put on something random on the television. It looked like a nature documentary at a glance, however my attention was now souly focused on Lilly.

"Now that we are both comfortable, why don't we relax a bit?"

"Um... sure!" (She looked confused at her own enthusiasm) "...I don't see why not."

"Great. But in order for you to be the most comfortable, you should strip down to your bikini." (I tried to keep my tone as  neutral as possible so as to stop her subconscious getting suspicious)

"...what?" (She sounded more confused than anything else)

"Don't you want to? I mean it is wierd that you haven't done so already, seeing as I told you to do it."

"You want me... to take off my tank top and my running shorts... i know I want to to it, like really badly, but i'm not sure I should." (Her mental resolve was wavering)

"Lilly, of course you should feel comfortable by taking off your cloths, now strip."

She nodded obediently and quickly pulled off her tank top, nearly ripping her shorts as she wiggled out of those as well.

"Good girl. Now, don't you want to sit on my lap as we watch TV."

"Yes! I really want to sit on your lap. It would make me so happy if you let me, please let me."

"I will allow you to sit on my lap, if you agree to become my girlfriend."

Her mind was extatic at the though and giggled as she sat herself down on my now stiff cock.

"Oooh... that feels nice..."

"So you want to be my girlfriend."

"Yes! I have never wanted anything more in my life."

"Wonderful. Now lets relax for a bit."

As we were watching TV I decided to explore her body. She stiffened up at first contact, then relaxed as her new instincts told her she liked it. She giggled each time I fealt her brests or shifted my crotch area. In return she massaged my cock with her but-cheeks and no longer resisted any more of my probing. She was quite the obedient little girl now. But I could take it much farther. But first I need to set some house rules.

"Now, as my girlfriend you are expected to do a few things."

"What are they Daniel?" (She spoke with an untamed excitement that was directed at following my orders)

"You will do the general house work, look after my daily routine in the apparent, and do my class work where applicable. In return you will recieve a place to stay here, the title of being my girlfriend, and get to do whatever I say. Doesn't that sound like a good deal." 

It was more obviously faulty logic but you could see Lilly generally trying to work it out. She came to a conclusion when she said:

"Thank you! You are sooo kind for letting me be here."

"I know, just make sure you hold up your end of the bargain and don't tell anyone else as they don't know that we have a teo way deal."

"Yeah, obviously."

Perfect, now I had a beautiful and submissive girlfriend. All I had to do now, was take her verginity.

"Baby Girl: I think you are rather horney right about now. Why don't we relax a bit more?"

"I would love that! Oooh, you are so hard. I would love to please you."

And with that I rolled down her bikini bottom and penetrated her quickly so that all she could do was moan in ecstasy. As she was riding me I put my final suggestion onto her before it would no longer matter: 

"Lilly, you are my slave."

"Of course master. I wouldn't want it any other way."



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