Hanahaki Disease Short Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Hanahaki is a mythical disease. When someone who has dedicated all their heart and
soul into the relationship doesn't have their feelings returned,
a flower starts to grow inside of them.
You can prevent their death by having a surgery done
to remove the root, but they will be rendered emotionless or forget the person they loved.
Unless the person returns the feelings, the disease will slowly
and painfully kill them from the inside out.
But sometimes, it is too late...

(This takes place in an alternate universe where you have a string connecting you to your soulmate. You can only see it when you turn 18. If it turns black, your soulmate has rejected the bond. The recipient then develops Hanahaki, but the person that rejected the bond can still fall in love with someone else. If both reject the bond, neither will ever be able to love anyone. If the bond is accepted, the string turns turquoise and you will meet your soulmate within the next 24 hours.)

My lungs burned as I coughed violently, blood and gorgeous white petals appearing in the sink. The disease had been plaguing me for weeks, ever since the string that connected me to my soulmate turned black. Pain like never before hit me as I felt the thorns scratch against my throat. More blood dribbled out of my mouth while I leaned over the sink before wiping my mouth with a damp cloth. The petals had been growing bigger, the flower was almost in full bloom. There was no preventing it, not unless I rejected the soulmate bond. But no matter what, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t succumb to sentencing my love to the fate of never loving. Because I know what it is like to love. After all, he is my best friend.


Marke is a kind and sweet guy, only a year younger than me. I knew immediately that he was my soulmate, because he spent the night at my house so he could wake me on my birthday. His was only a month ago, and I never told him. I wanted him to find out for himself. But as soon as his birthday came, the bond turned black. I haven’t gone to see him, never wanting him to know my pain. Because I know he would feel guilty. He would accept the bond even if he hated me, because that is the kind of person he is. Marke is just too kind.


So I suffered in silence. I never left home, instead just ordering all that I needed. The looks of pity I got from the delivery people made me feel even worse. I could feel the flower just growing inside me, its soft petals a contrast to its sharp and deadly thorns. I could hear a frantic knocking at the door, but I was too weak to get up. A hard bang and I could feel the flower come up, blood coming out in a deadly stream. My name was called but I did nothing but cry out in pain. The familiar voice reminded me of what my fate was. I collapsed on the floor and heard Marke come in. 


“Danny? Danny, please stay with me. Who did this? Who-” He cut himself off and looked down in horror at the black string connecting us. I could feel the gears turn in his head before the bond started changing, turning turquoise. But it was too late, the flower bloomed. The thornes punctured my lungs and my heart felt ready to burst. Tears ran down my face as I gazed into his brownish-reddish eyes. He kept muttering, repeating the same phrase over and over. Please don't go. I'm sorry, I love you. Please don’t go! But I was too far gone. I just barely heard what he said next.


“I had rejected the bond because I was in love with you. You had never said anything about me being your soulmate so I thought you weren't them. I couldn’t bear to be with anyone but you. Please forgive me, I'm sorry I caused you so much pain. I’m sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Just please don't leave me. Please don’t go!” But it was too late. Everything went black.


“Danny? Danny! NO! DANNY!”

Submitted: October 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 LysiaErRoRBalance. All rights reserved.

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