To leave or to stay

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sisters discussing their mother's life decisions.A conversation.

It was a warm sultry evening.Sarah and her sister
Michelle were sipping their drinks.Sarah twirled
the straw in her glass thoughtfully.
"I miss mom."she said slowly staring at the gate
of the fence of their cottage.
"Yeah!Me too."nodded Michelle.
"She was the strongest woman I have ever known."
continued Sarah as if her sister had not spoken.
"Strongest and bravest"she added.
"How so?"Michelle sounded mildly surprised...
"Well!She stayed with dad despite knowing about
all his affairs.That needs strength.I couldn't have done it.
She did it for us.So that we could grow up in a normal
family ,a well known, rich, comfortable family.If she had
walked out, our lives would have been so tough!I
could never make such a big sacrifice!Even for my
"You think so?"said Michelle"I am afraid I don't
agree.Don't get me wrong.I love her as much
as you do, but I think she was a coward."
Sarah swung around as if her sister had slapped her.
"How can you say that?"
"Well,"Michelle continued,"She knew that
walking out would have been tough.No easy
money,cars,homes,parties..It was not just us.
She would have had to give up a good life too."
"But she was not happy"protested Sarah.
She had felt her mother's pain so many times.
She remembered coming upon her once, crying
into the pillow .She had hugged her so tight like
she would never let her go...
"No she wasn't."agreed Michelle continuing
the conversation."That is just the point.We
both grew up watching her being disrespected
by dad all her life.In some ways it is like she told
us 'this is ok' which it obviously wasn't."
"But she loved us.That ought to be enough,no?"
said Sarah looking down at her shoes ,tears
welling up in her eyes despite herself.
"That she did,dearie"said Michelle reaching
out to hold her sister's hand.
Both of them unconsciously tightened their
grasp on each other's hand,holding on to
the legacy of love given by their mother.
The moon rose in the horizon heralding a
cloudless star filled night sky.

Submitted: October 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 srividya balakrishnan. All rights reserved.

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