Infrared Vision

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A family of four reptilian bipeds with infrared vision grows up on a farm on Planet Xibrena. They leave home to find work and raise families of their own in a world of infrared vision.

I remember when I hatched out of my egg with my three siblings in the bedroom of a big farmhouse at Krolargo Station. It was near the east coast of the Republic of Jondabar in Eastern Pronos, Planet Xibrena. I noticed that me and my siblings were covered by infrared scales. I looked down at my hands to find they were a bright infrared colour. I turned my hands palm up. I looked up at our parents to find they were an infrared colour too. My people were a race of reptilian bipeds with infrared vision.

Then mum said “Mama, daddy” as she pointed to herself and then dad. We repeated what she said. She replied “Good. You’re getting it” as she smiled.

That was when my parents gave us our names. Mum called me Kaishasha meaning handsome man. My brothers were called Larklusa, meaning strong man, and Krumbi, meaning noble. Our sister was called Susutsu meaning cheerful girl. It was during the rest of the day that our parents taught us no and yes, and taught us the names of the objects. I noticed the house was a darker infrared colour.

It was five years later that mum was cooking lamb in the oven. It was about six in the evening. We had learned to tell time by then. Dad was sitting at the kitchen table with mum, drinking chicken blood. Whenever mum cooked lamb or beef in the oven, my siblings and I noticed that the oven glowed a bright infrared colour whenever it gets hot. The name Xibrena was derived from words xi meaning infrared and brina meaning light. Hence Tipan Xibrena means land of infrared light.

“Mum?” asked Krumbi “How come the oven goes infrared whenever it gets hot?”

Mum looked at us, leaning her elbows on her knees as she said “Because, my hatchlings, whenever an object gets hot, it releases infrared waves which we see as infrared. That’s why the oven is infrared at the moment. You may have noticed that many animals have an infrared colour.”

We all nodded, understanding what mum was telling us.

“That’s because a lot of the animals, like us and sheep and beef, produce body head. Which gives them an infrared colour. The hotter an object, the brighter the infrared light. When you watch water boil, you’ll notice that the water turns from a dark infrared colour to a bright infrared colour. Notice that ice has a faint infrared colour because ice is cold. They don’t produce much infrared at all.”

We nodded as we learned to associate infrared with heat and the other colours with light. But an object has to be extremely hot to produce light.

It was later on that day that our parents drove us to the woolshed. My siblings and I noticed that whenever the engine gets hot, the bonnet glows an infrared colour. Infrared is the first colour to be produced when an object heats up followed by red and then orange, yellow and white. My siblings and I climbed out of the car, running straight towards the hayshed. While my parents chased the sheep through the run, we went and played on the tractor. Larklusa played on the steering wheel, making the vrooming sound.

We then went and played hide and seek with me counting backwards from ten with my eyes closed. Once I had finished counting backwards I yelled “Coming, ready or not.”

I jumped off the tractor looking for hints of infrared light as I walked through the shed. I first glimpsed some infrared light behind a beer crate. I slowly tiptoed towards the crate until I spotted Susutsu behind the crate. I shouted “Got ya.”

“Oh man,” complained Susutsu as she slowly stood up. “That’s not fair.”

“Wait,” I said “I see some infrared light in the hay bails.”

Susutsu looked to her left, saying “Yes, I see it too. It’s Krumbi’s heat signature!”

Susutsu and I ran towards the hay bails and climbed over the hay until we spotted Krumbi in his hiding place. We said “Got ya!”

Krumbi groaned as he climbed to his feet. Then Susutsu said “There’s infrared behind that tree.”

We ran across the hay bails, jumping down onto the ground and running towards the tree, saying “Got you!”

“You got me” said Larklusa as he climbed to his feet.

We ran towards the sheep yards and climbed onto the wooden fence as we watched our dad dosing the sheep with medicine, the sheep giving off a bright infrared colour beneath the white wool.


When we were sixteen years old, our dad took us on a hunting trip into the Vriklasia Ranges. It was a cloudy day. Dad was out front, leading the way along the trail as we carried our rifles. Thorn bushes, trees and shrubs grew in the valley. The grass was long and the dark infrared river flowed through the valley.

“Hey,” said Susutsu “I spot something infrared moving among those trees.”

“I see it,” replied dad “Good girl. Kaishasha, let’s go behind that rock. You shoot it.”

“Ok, dad” I replied.

We hid behind the rock as I aimed my rifle at the infrared creature munching on the grass. It looked like a wild boar by the looks of it. I pulled the trigger. Bang! The creature collapsed. We ran down the valley, across the creek towards the now dead boar. I lifted the boar onto my shoulders and carried it back to the cabin. Once we arrived back after the long trek, I propped the boar into the back of the ute and took it back to the station.


Me and my sister arrived at the University of Britpiya in central Jondabar. We had never lived in the city before. We spent our entire lives in the country. We were both doing a bachelor of science in the biological sciences. Larklusa had got a job as a mechanic in Britpiya and Krumbi stayed back at the station as a farm manager for our dad.

After we had made ourselves at home in the hostel, we went out on the night to the nightclubs in the central city. Our infrared vision helped us see in the dark. We had met Susutsu’s friend, Judeya Jenglim, who came out clubbing with us. Man, she was gorgeous with her infrared patterns on her skin, making her so beautiful. As we entered the night club, we drank pig’s wine which tasted warm, the pork flavour going down our throats. We went onto the dance floor. Judeya and I danced to some heavy music. Judeya smiled at me. She placed her arms round my shoulders. I placed my arms round her waist and we kissed on the mouth, massaging her tongue with mine. We pulled back and smiled in each other’s eyes.

That night, we arrived back at my room, giggling. We were drunk. We took off our clothes, kicked off our shoes. She dragged me onto the bed. I lay on top of her as I penetrated her, rubbing my cloaca against her pussy as I kissed her on the lips. We moaned and groaned. I pulled out of her as I ejaculated onto her stomach. After she wiped the cum off her stomach, we lay on the bed and fell asleep.


Susutsu and I did our masters of science shortly afterwards. Susutsu did her thesis on the bugs that lived on the forest floor. But she quit her master’s degree because she got lonely. She later married my brother-in-law. During my thesis I attended a joint limnology conference near Lake Jujutsa. I attended the session that showed images of the otters with their infrared colour. It was fascinating seeing them catch fish and eating them on the river bank. I learnt mammals can’t see infrared like we can.

I showed my poster on the nagossa syans climbing through the trees. Their infrared scales showing brightly against the forest trees. Afterwards my uni mates and I walked through the thermal pools called Zatzaru Craters. The pools were so hot that they glowed a brilliant bright infrared colour. It was amazing with all its infrared colour. We then went and played water polo in the pool. Whacking the inflatable beach ball over the net. Judeya dipped her feet in the pool, smiling at us with blue slit eyes.


A year later, we arrived at Krasalok City Hospital with my girlfriend, siblings and mother. Dad had suffered a brain aneurysm. We were 25 at the time. Mum told us that dad had sudden bouts of anger which was not like him. I never knew dad as having a temper. He’s usually mild mannered our dad. Mum told us he collapsed in the shower.

Well that evening dad was talking to us. Bubbly and energetic, he seemed fine. He had died during the night. We all cried over our dad.

We took dad back to the station and buried him in the local cemetery. The priest praying to our god, Ziziya, as they lowered him into the grave. Me and my siblings were the pallbearers. We cried. It was a sad time for us.


After I had gained my masters of science, Judeya and I moved to Krasalok City where I had gotten a job as an animal control officer for the city council. Judeya got a job as a zoologist. One day we were called out to a beautiful two storey brick house at the edge of the city. We arrived in the white van. A middle-aged female ran up to us and said “There is a quarlak in the living room. You must come quickly.”

We followed her into the house. She would have been in her mid thirties. We entered the front entrance, walking past the kitchen into the living room. There I had spotted the quarlak on the couch with its infrared colour. The quarlak was a ferocious slender predator with a flattened face. It gave a roar. Using my infrared vision, I loaded a tranquiliser dart into my rifle, aimed at the quarlak and pulled the trigger. Bang. The dart struck the quarlak in the neck. It collapsed on the floor.

My colleague and I plopped the quarlak onto the stretcher and placed it in the back of the van, slamming the back doors before climbing into the cab. We drove the van to the sanctuary out in the countryside. Once we arrived, the zookeeper came out to greet us.

“We have a quarlak in the back of the van,” I said “Caught it in the female’s living room.”

“Ok,” replied the zookeeper “Bring her in.”

We let out the quarlak and chased it into the field where it ran to the forest, where it met up with some other quarlaks. Such beautiful creatures with their infrared patterns.


Mum got remarried when we were 32 years old. Judeya and I were married by then with four beautiful daughters. They were four at the time. Mum had married a dairy farmer who moved in with her to help run the farm. She was the farm owner then. Krumbi stayed on as her assistant. My siblings were married with children too. The wedding happened at the farm house.

After the wedding, I quit my job at the City Council and trained to be a paramedic after witnessing a paramedic treating a child after he was attacked by grarson. We were called to the building when it collapsed in an earthquake. It was at the Central Bank of Jondabar. We searched through the rubble, using my infrared vision to look for survivors. When I spotted some infrared light under the rubble, I dug through the rubble, lifting the boulders until we got to the patient. I put a splinter on her leg, put a neck brace on her and checked her pulse and blood pressure. We shifted her onto the stretcher and lifted her towards the ambulance. We rescued a lot of survivors that day.

A few years back, I quit my job as a paramedic because I got tired of working weekends and nightshifts. I wanted to spend more time with my children. So I got a job as a freight sorter for Jondabar Couriers. Last year Judeya and I visited my parents during the summer holidays with our teenage daughters who’d be 19 now. We had a wonderful feast. Taking a tour of the farm. My parents had recently retired, having Krumbi take over the station. We had our summer feast at the old farm house, eating chicken, lamb, beef and pork. It was a magnificent feast, all this warm tender meat. We drank plenty of gravy and pigs blood. It was magnificent. I felt so happy, having seen my daughters grown up. Nothing like spending time with the family.

Now, our daughters have moved out of the house. One studying management, the other studying physics, the third working as a secretary and the forth joining the army. Once I had finished packing up the Britpiya freight, we locked up and set it on its way. I arrived back home to my wife, who is now working as a vet. Once I got changed into my pyjamas and she warmed up our dinner of roast lamb, we snuggled up in bed, kissing each other on the lips as we watched the movie. We smiled in each other’s eyes, embracing each other. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

















































Submitted: October 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 simon arthur. All rights reserved.

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