On a lovely summer day


In my hometown Farmington Hills,


I came back from swimming play


To checkout a channel with thrills


With possibly actors from Broadway


And came across a show having creative writing skills




It had the three primary colors


Of blue, green, and red


Plus yellow, black, and white,


Consisting of 11 ninja-like warriors


(Two of whom were brothers


Like my twin and I with charming heads)


Who would be superheroes day and night


With millions to billions of followers




The zords they all used in Godzilla-like battles


Were magnificent


Whether they’d be protecting multiple properties as a chapels


Or trying to be munificent


To all innocents watching their zords


Of animals, bugs, ninja, and dinosaurs


Having the strengths of 200 swords


As thousands below generously gave applause




(Great praise for everyone’s favorite T-Rex giant,


Just lacking a Spinosaurus robotitan)




Kira Ford and Trent Mercer


Were amongst the best and most fascinating


Aspect of it all,


Having a long lasting secret love relationship,


Embodying the talents of singers and artists,


And good intelligence of a bursar


To still maintain during future dating


As well as any ranger brawl


Against Mesegog and his forces strong as a battleship


While these youngsters being the smartest



(Cudoos to that couple resembling my grand parents


Who looked like them and are also perfectly caring!)




Trent White ranger’s and Kira Yellow ranger’s flyers


Also added to their forever romance,


Symbolizing pterodactyls of groundbreaking speed and traveling heights


Proudly aided in the other fighter’s efforts


With quick instincts of tigers


Engaged to one another and then bechance


(With lead ranger Tommy giving them A’s in gneiss)


To all good people giving them comfort




A series as old as my sister Humphrey the owl


And its classic follow-ups


Deserves an everlasting howl


Of cheers and love at the paste of a colorful radiant flux!!!!

Submitted: October 05, 2021

© Copyright 2023 josephfrost. All rights reserved.

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