Don't Burst My Bubble

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My Tuesday morning coffee break.

I woke up this morning thinking about the time my grandmother introduced me to the art and thrill of blowing bubbles.  I had so much fun.  The cats chased them.  The dogs barked at them.  I would see them soar into the air to eventually hit something and burst.
I had decided there was magic in bubbles.  Grandmother had made up some special soap with some corn syrup in it that would make the bubbles last.
I thought about all the sayings and lessons I had learned over the years when dealing with the simple thing... of blowing bubbles.
Grandmother was a master at turning playtime into learning time.  She had made the remark that it is natural for bubbes to burst.  If they did not burst, the world would be covered with soap.  The trick was to burst your own bubbles or watch them burst naturally.  Never let someone else burst your bubble.  I also found out is called a bubblehead was not flattering.  All bubbles are full of air and nothing else.  It also meant there was nothing in the bubble that would hurt anyone else unless the soap got into someone's eye.
I decided I would make a little sphere and take some soap out to the patio for my morning coffee.  I was going to blow some bubbles.  Silly me.  Sounds simple.  You have no idea how much trouble one little lady can get into blowing bubbles out on her patio in the morning.
I had my coffee.  I had my soap dish and a make-shift open-wired sphere to dip in the soap.  I gently blew against the soap film.  Pop, a bubble appeared."Yeah!! It worked."  I blew several more.  The dogs were fascinated with whatever they were.  They started barking at them.  Then a little man had been walking down the street and see bubbles coming out of the yard.  He decided I must have left the water going or something.  "You know, old people get forgetful."  Anyway, I look up and there is a plumber waving at me from my back gate.  I put the dogs up and then return to open the gate.
"Someone said you must have something flooded cause there were bubbles coming out of the yard.  I laughed and invited the plumber to join me in my efforts to blow bubbles a little longer.  I got a paper clip and made another little circle to dip in the soap dish.  Now, we were minding our own business and having a blast.  We laughed as the dogs started chasing the bubbles.  Then the squirrels got in on the game.  A truck driver who was staying at the little motel behind my house saw what we were doing.  He brought his own bottle of soap and his own instrument.  He walked around waving the instrument in the air and letting the bubbles billow out.  I hurried back into the house and put corn syrup in the soap dish with more soap.
The bubble parade had everyone stopping to watch are suddenly take part.  A couple of ladies from City Hall came out and started laughing at the group of people in my yard who were blowing bubbles, chasing bubbles, and even creating a make-shift supply table so anyone else could join in the fun.  I had to start laughing.  This was supposed to be a sleepy Tuesday.  It seemed the whole neighborhood was up and blowing bubbles in my front and back yard.
Then an odd thing happened.  A little woman was walking by and glanced at what was happening.  She frowned. She shook her head.  "You are a bunch of bubble brains."  She started to walk away after making her announcement.  A kid from the park down the street came running into the yard and squealed.  She thought something was wrong so she instantly went to the little boy.  "You okay?'
"Yeah, but I ain't no bubble brain.  We were just having fun.  Don't you remember what that is like, Lady?"  Then he handed her a little bottle with a bubble wand inside.  She dipped it in the soap, then blew bubbles across the yard.  The little boy started popping her bubbles.  She shouted, "Hey, why did you burst my bubbles."
"I just did not want anyone to call you a bubble-head."They both laughed and began to trade back and forth blowing bubbles.  I went back in my house to get more coffee.
Gradually, the bubble party moved on down to the park.  I got ready for my day and had to laugh about my morning.  Did I stop there?  No.
I went out to the Funny Farm.  Complete with blubble-blowers and all the soap we needed to create a bubble party there.
Oscar and the other animals had a blast chasing them.  I would like for everyone to know that Loverboy is officially off the market.  His heart is once again been taken by a very sweet llama name... Bubbles.  She went crazy for the bubbles.  I started blowing them and she started following them. He followed both of us.  When I stopped, she stopped.  When I started to walk away to get more soap, Loverboy gracefully trotted over, laid his head on her neck then made gurgle noises until he had enough bubbles coming out of his own mouth.  She fell in love with the bubble blower.
It was a good day for that today.  I had no idea what I had decided to do would cause so much abnormal behavior throughout the farm.
I had no idea that a simple memory would bring so much joy.  I shared my memory and was richly rewarded.
Sebastian came to take me back to town.  He looked around and said, "I hate to burst your bubble, but .."
I put my hand up and said, "Then don't burst my bubble... I just don't allow anyone to burst my bubbles but me."
We both laughed.  "How about raining on someone's parade?"
"Same thing, for sure."
Don't let anyone take the joy out of your life.  If you find yourself running a little short of joy, go get a paper clip and a little soap... blow some bubbles.  You have been warned...this act may cause more joy.

Submitted: October 05, 2021

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