Screw Newsome!

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Got done with mum in California. Her second bout with Corona in 30 days... this time with Delta. So she has survived the first back in late March 2020, Mu in the begining of Sept, and now at the start of Oct, releas3d home from hospital with Delta. I blame media bs and politicians for not setting facts straight. 1) Animals are carriers. Her dog is part community in her area. A grocery store worker will pet and hold her pet at times. 2) mask mandates are not in full effect. Same store has maskes optional, even with workers. 3) there is no immunity with vaccination. Many go on believing so. Thus the lack of masks being used with proper distancing. The big issue with vaccinations from the start, is people got lazy and entitled with lack of caring on protection. Now after 3 Corona episodes, and no protection from vaccines, mum has resorted to staying at home, and having home delivery for everything.

Anyway my beef with Newsome is simple, his Corona tactics have been narrow minded, only accepting FDA to stringent levels. Eventhough I hate Illinois governor Pritzer, his policy in the long run has been good for combating Delta. If there was no Delta, it would be considered over done.

So masks only work if both parties use them, and distance. No hugging and no standing about talking in enclosed public areas with foot traffic around them.

This virus is manageable, its the lack of clearly stating the much needed facts, rather allow hear say dictate beliefs. All people vaxxed or not will get corona. To what degree, is how well your immunity fights it.

For months now elderly waiting
To be masked brings complaining

Forced with only one choice
The elderly without a voice

Moderna booster delayed
J&J booster unauthorized

Delta constantly breaking through
Vaxxed believing their immune

Ignoring mask and distance
So many with such persistance

Misinformation way too long
Newsome has done us wrong

Given no mandates to mask up
Only allowing one vaccine a cock-up

Submitted: October 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Sluggy. All rights reserved.

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sprinkly biscuit

Oh dear that's unfortunate for your mom , jeezo a 3rd time does she open her door and wave them in freely? No you know I just. Hope she mends just fine , bloody shame..
I hear you and agree about the masks however lots of peeps don't consider to observe personal hygeine , all surfaces even groceries one should be washing hands after touching them not just for Corona but for all pesky diseases that lurk among us..
Btw I'm not suggesting a mask v personal hygeine ..they have to be intertwined like pond crossed lovers..

Thu, October 7th, 2021 9:42am


Yeppers aboot personal hygiene... though if you lived here where I am, yanks are different than in Uk. Stay in place is always optional with their feelings towards being told what to do. Because of dietary needs I shop 3 or 4 times a week. Stories told between me and grocery workers, makes corona seems like a game with all. Children were always optional for masks until Delta. Seen a child hanging inside a fridge door glass in the dairy section. Family and friends making a shop of it. I and a few shop alone. They point the big problem of deaths trump, and actually we surpassed it with biden and vaccinations, once trump left. Goes to show you the problem is with humans not policies.

Mum figured it had to be shopping, as she knows how to keep herself clear with proper precautions. Being in her 70s she did not know animals were carriers. That point was burried in the corona news media. Her dog was handled by a few, but one worker who was young and non masked. Most who are non masked believe vaccines make them immune. Which is another pount, nobody is fully immune, which media wont push. Dems have stripped or I should say picked and choosed what we should know. Just saying vavaccination is required is a blanket override to explaining details on procedures to protect yourself and others, other than people are dying.

She was forced to take Moderna on early set of vaccines, which was not so effective with Delta and MU, but that was before variants became wide spread. Newsome dictatorship left few options with booster and choice for elderly. Mum is shit out of luck for any extra protection, thus stay at home and have delivery to door step.

Basically allowing illegals without vaccinations into states is mind boggling when delta is a concern, and blame be on non vaxxers. A double standard by Newsome and other governors on corona. All the blame is on non vaxxers, not on how policy is implemented. Thats my beef, I was critical on the onset of Corona and just the same with the onset of Delta. Thr problem was and still is on the lack of cordoning to keep sudden spread. Trump wanted to cordon but everyone had their own way with matters, and still do. I am glad I have chosen J&J as it was the newest choice late in the game, and ye has AstraZeneca. Which both do well long term and boosters will help against Delta. Moderna was the first and only vaccine approved by FDA, at the time when Newsome agreed all will get vaccinated. A side note, somebody paid to have Moderna slip passed regulations faster than trumps warp speed on vaccines. Truth in the matter AstraZeneca and pfizer had already started before corona hit the states. Moderna and J&J were having to catch up. J&J is an american version of AstrsZenecak so because of competition AstraZeneca had been black listed within our system, leaving J&J last and barely on the list of options. If Newsome was truley involved with public health he would have made an effort, and not cover any actions with hiding under FDA and CDC guidance. The two organizations are misleasing and politicalized. Childeren were ignored and tests were ineffective. Yet all the dsta they are using is filled with holes and mangled by forced testing guidelines. Its the same with the UK, with Johnson wanting a high rate of testing, and companies failing to keep up their standards to keep up with demands. Panorama hidden camera showed what a mess testing actually was. Newsome followed the same steps, and was actively pushing testing like a mad man. Do I believe our data is accurate, hell no! Again people believe testing keeps them safe, like a vaccine, when in reality it is abused, and hides the resl issues in infection.

Mum is good, out of hospital. She thought original Corona was bad, this one really did a number. Mu was not so bad, but the constant coughing

Thu, October 7th, 2021 4:36am

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