Commune Lovers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic


Commune Lovers


- Would you like to join in Ann?

- No I was just having a look Jim.

- No you can join in.

- No, no, you keep going, you're not shy

are you?

- No! I've got plenty of energy, and I like what

I'm doing.

- I can see that.

- It's alright Jim, Ann's seen it all before

haven't you Ann? Don't stop because of her.

- Now where was I, what was I doing before

Ann came in JIll?

-You see Ann he's got a touch of dementia,

he forgets everything.

- You'll have to put him in a nursing home.

- I know Ann he shoud be in one now, but if

he leaves the commune it'll kill him. It's a 

pity, he's only eighty, and still quite athletic!

- Yes, I can see. What's he doing now? What's

he singing? It's that old surfing song "Surf

City" by Jan and Dean. Hear him singing,

" two girls for every boy..."

- Oh well Ann...I guess he's no good now that he's

lost in his memories...

- He sure is.

-Would you like to continue where he left 


- Yeah that would be great Jill.

- I mean it doesn't matter these days does it?

Two women?

- No, no, at least we've got all our marbles.

- If only we were as young as Jim...

Submitted: October 05, 2021

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