Evergreen - shadows - book 3 - series 1(Unedited version)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Table of Contents

Packs and Prologue

Fait Pack   Apprentices Plum: wolf Steam: wolf Burst: wolf Hunters Birch Leg: wolf Red Wing: wolf ... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Dark Moon was barreled into by the fox. He clawed at her muzzle. She pushed her hind legs into his belly and pushed him o... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Blood Fang had been resting for hours his powers had been drained from the constant training and searching for Dark Moon ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Dark Moon walked for what seemed like ages before she heard a twig snap. She pricked her ears, allears, all senses alert.... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Fang Crystal watched the Fait pack entrance as Blood Fang walked back in. “Blood Fang!” Fang Crystal Called Runni... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Dark Moon walked into camp with Shaded Tree behind her. She saw that many of her old campmates weren’t there. They must... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Everyone cheered as the sun covered the moon. The Eclipse festival had begun, everyone had human forms and changed, this ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Dark Moon found Blood Fang at the border. He was waiting there looking at the sky. “Blood Fang. I’m here.” She ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Chapter 8   In a clearing in the forest, Fang Crystal watched as Dream Fall trained Shadow Slayer, Dream Fall was giving h... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 “Great!” Dark Moon exclaimed. “This is great! I’ve never rode a horse before, but this is fun, I don’t have to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Chapter 10   Fang Crystal watched Shadow Slayer and gave out pointers on how to control his powers more effortlessly while... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Chapter 11   Dark Moon woke up. Sunlight was pouring in from the drapes. She yawned and got up. It was now the third day. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Fang Crystal woke up, she stretched and looked around, Blood Fang had gotten up as well and his fur was sticking up on o... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Dark Moon watched as her pack did it’s normal duties. The full moon was in two days. She glanced at Shadow Slayer he w... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Fang Crystal walked up the wooden staircase that went up to the library, she looked out on all of the wolves below her, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Chapter 15   Dark Moon looked at Fang Crystal. “You should be getting back to your camp. I’m sure Griffin Wing i... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Chapter 16   Fang Crystal laid in her den sleep was illusive. She closed her eyes as a warm scent of wood and dew hit her ... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Dark Moon walked out of her den. Shadow Slayer had been gone all day and Dark Moon had been trying to contact Eagle Hear... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Fang Crystal and her pack went back into camp and everyone went into their dens quietly, Fang Crystal went into her den ... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Dark Moon looked around. A gentle breeze blew through her fur. The garden had statues of former wolves everywhere. There... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Fang Crystal looked around the room, it was the size of half of her pack's territory. There were areas of rest and there... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Dark Moon looked at Fang Crystal. “The Spirit of the tools?” She asked, “how come I’ve never heard of this... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Chapter 22   Fang Crystal, Yang Claw, Shadow weaver and Crow Song Finished scrawling the runes around. Fang Crystal jum... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Dark Moon sat watching the camp after Shadow Slayer had left. She looked at the sky, it was getting dark, she hopped dow... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Fang Crystal entered Griffin Wing’s den, she took a look at all of the maps and charts that were on the table in the m... Read Chapter

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