A simple rant/commentary from 2017

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discussing the garbage called what about-itis

a simple rant/commentary:

For all of you who subscribe to the "What about-itis syndrome*
First and foremost I would like to REMIND everyone of the definition of extremist " this is relevant & important
noun - "a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action". (up to and including cold blooded murder)
My point here is THAT ALL GROUPS of every walk of life has a small portion of extremists within it.
ALL groups..
the Difference here being that approx 98% of those groups are NOT led by, or even adhere to any form of that extremism- groups that the so called alt right love to hang out a flag and whine about - groups like Black Lives Matter, something they call Antifa. (a group against Fascism is bad? in point of fact i can see why THEY hate them (see below)** - Planned Parenthood, etc etc etc....... NOTE THESE GROUPS are NOT led by, nor even espouse the extreme portions of their own groups yet the alt right do everything they can to convince anyone they can otherwise..
THE DIFFERENCE BEING??? the alt right groups such as the KKK and the various NEO Nazis - are a WHOLE different kettle of fish gone bad. they ARE run by their extremists their entire entity is BASED on extremism.. the rare times i have seen where someone tried to go moderately, their OWN groups have gone after them like a shark feed frenzy..
SO DONT TRY wimping out with the "WHAT ABOUT?????" whine. its nothing but an attempt at a cop-out. IF YOU DONT Believe in the hatefilled violence driven alt right DO NOT - I REPEAT - DO NOT try the 'the left is just as bad' whine. they are not. they never will be. - their VERY EXISTENCE is predicated on the OPPOSITE side of what the neo nazis and groups like the kkk represent.
if you use this excuse - you are actually CONDONING WHAT they stand for. and i for one REFUSE to have any part of that..
i have served my country in 2 services. I CONTINUE to serve her in Standing up TO the hate and standing up FOR those willing to fight that hate.
*(a reminder that 'itis' refers to inflamation of..)
** the Antifa are autonomous anti-racist groups that monitor and track the activities of local neo-Nazis. They expose them to their neighbors and employers, they conduct public education campaigns, they support migrants and refugees and they pressure venues to cancel white power events.

Submitted: October 06, 2021

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