Serenberg A novel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

Anne Baxter, nine, is a young girl in Serenberg, a magical place in London, England. When she meets all kinds of magicians, and wizards, as well as witches. And other creatures.
The new children's fantasy novel by Robert Helliger.

Table of Contents

Chapter One-Anne Baxter

*** This book is G for all ages *** It was a bright, cold morning in London, England.  Anne Baxter, nine, saw t... Read Chapter

Chapter Two-Irison Bamford

*** Irison Bamford, the elf, watched the crimson flowers. It watched the Markets. It glanced at the ashy road. Its pointed ears were ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three-The Silver Horn

Anne watched the parade.  She saw a boy hoilding a Silver Horn in his left hand.  'Is that real?', she asked him.&... Read Chapter

Chapter Four-The Knight of Sorrows

*** Dean waited.  'I have to leave, Anne'. 'Leave'. 'Father is the Knight of Sorrows'. 'A real Kn... Read Chapter

Chapter Five-Magic

*** The room was medium-sized.  Bright grey candles illuminated the Room of Heroes.  For awhile, as was someth... Read Chapter

Chapter Six-Elvenland

*** 'Elvenland', Anne said. 'That is a where I saw them', Dean said. 'Is that so?', Anne asked him. 'There's another... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven-Serenberg

*** 'What is Serenberg?', Anne asked her. 'In the Old Age, Serenberg, a Dutch name for "Magic Peoples", was a mystical and m... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight-Morning sun

*** The sun was hot. Dean watched the Woods of Cain.  'We have to go there, Anne'. 'After breakfast', she said.... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine-Walking to the show

*** 'The Show is coming to Town', Dean said. 'What show?', Anne asked him.  'The Elf Queen is coming there', Dean answer... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten-The Elf Queen

'Who is the Elf Queen? What's her name?', Anne asked Dean.  'Queen Catamina', Dean answered.  'Is she pretty?'. 'I ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven-The Royal Carriage

*** The Royal Carriage was full of elves.  Anne was full of wonder.  The elf, Eichdorn, looked at them.  ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve-Going to the Royal Court

Elf Queen Catamina wore a crown of silver on her head.  She wore a lime green colored gown.  A red cloak around he... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen-Ceremony

*** Elf Queen Catamina stood on the elven throne. She grabbed a small sword made of jade, and said: 'Anna. Do you pledge all... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen-Shawsburry

*** 'Dean'. 'Yes, Anne'. 'Isn't Shawsburry a beautiful place?', Anne asked him.  'Yes. It's different from Serenberg... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen-Feast

Anne and Dean enjoyed the huge feast.  Elves talked to dwarves.  Anne saw several of the magical creatures.  ... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen-Areanmora

*** Anne saw the words in stone. It read: AREANMORA 'What does it mean?', she asked Dean.  'I don't know',... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen-Shadows

Dean saw a lot of shadows.  'We have to leave soon, Anne'. 'Why?', she asked him. 'Just a bad feeling I have', Dean admi... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen-Goblins

*** Olden saw the goblins' camp. 'It's fresh', he said. 'There's a fire', Dean said. 'Look! There's wood. Some of th... Read Chapter

Epilogue-Back to the Elven Kingdom

Anne was glad to get back to the Elven Kingdom.  Dean was waiting for her. 'Let's go back to Serenberg'. 'We'll inf... Read Chapter

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