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when is the claim of modesty a travesty

Midnight Musings.....

I fully expect to offend people tonite: I feel a strong Rant coming on – so read it or not, your choice. Don’t expect me to change my mind or even respond to any comments. If you don’t like it – delete it. Doesn’t matter either way. it is what it is.
My page my thoughts.

Rant of the nite: the claim of Modesty (freedom from vanity, boastfulness, regard for decency of behavior, speech, dress) or, more accurately, the complete hypocrisy in this movement.
I have to tell you I find it one of the most Antiquated irritating annoying inappropriate & superfluous (as in unnecessary or needless. obsolete) comments out there is when someone claims to be dressing “modestly”

Oh, I ‘get’ what the poster supposedly “means’ by the comment – they think it's supposed to be a compliment but it ISNT-
When this kind of comment is made, It’s the connotations that go with it that irritate me to distraction.

Case in point – a LOVELY well-made dress for a lady's daughter's prom. It was flattering, well constructed, dress of impeccable design – a dress for the wearer to be proud to be seen in & totally appropriate for the age of the wearer.

& then someone makes the comment of how ‘modest’ it is..
say huh? What has so-called modesty to do with ANYTHING?
It was sleeveless which by some antiquated standards means it's not modest. It doesn’t cover the neck – so not ‘modest’ and so on and so on.

The point I am making is the commenter was making a Judgement on the wearer’s lifestyle and belief system in that one rather snide comment.

And my particular beef with the whole modesty thing?....those who are the loudest & most virulent about it are the most NONmodest people out there.

Case in point – Warren Jeffs' group in Texas – explain to me how an entire compound of women dressed alike in badly fitting dresses that even the 1980s don’t want back with a totally weird stand out hairdo on every single one of them is Not a complete demand for your spotlighted attention?

And like the quiverfull people & their “modesty movement”  which, by the way, is based on the fact that men can’t control their urges, constantly think about your know what, and so, all good decent Christian women in the US must eventually be put into burka style cover-ups. They want that all women must be covered head to toe so those poor pathetic, defenseless men can control themselves.” (oh and these are one of the groups who claim to hate Sharia law- yet that’s what they want to enact!) and of course it's only the women who are targeted to dress ‘modest’


Now re-look at the definition of Modesty: freedom from boastfulness:

so going out in public standing out like a camel on an iceberg, making SURE everyone who sees you KNOWS precisely what you are CLAIMING you are… how precisely are you acting modestly ???

Because THAT is what true modesty is… how you ACT. Not what you wear. A woman in a bikini can still be a modest person by how she acts and treats the world around her.
from what I can see, every single woman out there that follows this ‘HAVE to wear Modest clothing thing, is, essentially, SHOWING OFF,

Proclaiming how much better than you they believe they are.
(even when it's not done deliberately (because of their own particular brand of brainwashing that they deal with)

That IS what they are doing. Showing off, bragging, making certain they are noticed……
As far as I am concerned that kind of showing off & thumbing their nose at the rest of the world is definitely the exact opposite of my idea of modesty. In ANY definition.

In fact, I find it quite vulgar in many instances – certainly completely hypocritical.

Submitted: October 06, 2021

© Copyright 2021 RL Tyler. All rights reserved.

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