Midnight musings...Grace

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Kindness & angels unaware

midnight musings............

in a time when all to frequently one witnesses nasty, uncouth, rude & generally lousy behavior all around -

there are moments, tho too rare, that bring a smile to ones face, just because you were there to witness it.

pure class, gentle kindness & grace still exists it seems...

last night we flew home in one of those ultra tight clamshell commuter flights. now, understand that i am not only claustrophobic i am nearly phobic about flying at all, so this tiny little plane with even tinier seats was NOT a joy. (i am over 100lbs overweight myself & add my not tiny dh beside me, well you can imagine......)

beside us across the isle was a very tall lady who, like me, was quite large in size and in front of us were 2 sisters & 2 small children. the man who was supposed to sit next to the lady & behind the baby IMMEDIATELY required the stewardess to move him..

she (the lady) didnt say anything, but had a rather sad look on her face. & she was very quiet during the flight (unlike the baby, lol)

when we finally landed, & people were standing to stretch & get their bags she stood up as well, the little one in front of me (about 3/4 looked up at her and said "Mama, she's Big!!!" i have to say i caught my breath & you could see the lady tense up-

 Mama didnt even blink, looked at the lady and told her little girl, 'yes she IS tall isnt she? do you think she's as tall as 'sister'??? little girl looked and said yes, then Mama asked her - do you think she's as tall as daddy?? little girl looks & shakes her head & said NOPE, daddy's bigger then went back to her toy..

the lady next to me had the first smile i had seen since she had come on board.

I have to think those two little girls will grow up to be very gracious young women, just like their mother...
it made my day better.......

Submitted: October 06, 2021

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