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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Talking to himself, or "thinking out loud" of how he despises his short though very successful life. A young genius finds his mundane sentience of books and learning in a trice become poles apart.
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Chapter 1


As he mingled and shook hands, robotically discussing his philanthropy goals, ambitions and dreams, he reflected back to before he had finally graduated college. Of course he attended one of the Ancient Eight universities, for his first masters among two others. Esdras Landcastle was top of his class, always. With an averaged IQ of 207 over the years getting tested randomly but usually for schooll. He was working on his PhD in Forensic and Criminal Psychiatry and Human Behavioral Science. An eight to ten year stint completed in four years. All the while working a residency at the city hospital. His minor was in Music and Arts throughout his schooling, it help keep him grounded, still receiving a masters. All this schooling was monotonous, to him anyway, it was a factory job or worse. Like doing time in prison for a crime you didn’t commit, though you were contemplating it nonetheless. Yes, he never served legitimate time in prison though in his studies he spent time at prisons weeks at a time. Interviewed countless prisoners, male and female. He was incarcerated one summer for 30 days straight as part of a volunteer CIA sponsored program giving him many credits toward his studies, and a rather generous chunk of coin.

His last year he had befriended a beautiful young girl, her name was Antessa. He loved the name. She was sixteen and a genius among the same. Having came to the university light years ahead of her peers. She was radiant with dark long hair, reminding him of rosewood reflecting all the colors in the sunlight. Her hair! She was of a build that shown strength, not frailty with curves and muscle toned to God’s ideals. Her eyes green as the emerald tone of a river clean, lips full and plump, she always licked them and would press, rolling them together. His mind was fixed.

Trying, actually struggling to focus on the cannonade of persons with their questions and insolent chatter, he focused even more on Antessa.

She came to him as a prodigy and now was was a gem, his precious Antessa, he loved her so as to thoughtless he would give his life. She needed forsake to thrive.

He seduced her with shortness of time and he was felicity, she excepted, embraced his carnally barbaric, even violent sexual intensity bordering on the edge. He loved?

Dealing with a government agency, unknown to most, to be hired after completion of his degree. A man “ biggie” as only he knew him.

Met him in person two times, first was in a bar he frequently went to. He confidently sat down at his table and proceeded to explain vaguely who and what. The conversation was a ghostly blurb, and he barely thought of what was said.

Biggie was not big, though his aura was, like a nuke ticking away in some reality only he knew. His head was large with his dark skinned chiseled feature he was remnants of a king in the days of old and ancient worlds long forgotten. His soul crept away from him as he looked.

He spoke of my talents and abilities to which the “village” has taken notice. The lonely thing hetook from the brief conversation was simply “join”.

Before leaving him, biggie pulled a piece of paper out from his side jacket pocket. Placed in on the table and slid it softy to in front him. “Small bites, over time eat it all”. A quick shake of his head he said “what”? He took to his feet and walked away.

No words, images. A blank paper, that was all. Eat it? He picked it up and tore the corner off, chewed and swallowed. What the fuck? He lived in this one life.

This has only began..





Submitted: October 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 datakon. All rights reserved.

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