The Lusty Spy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

One of the most confused and dangerous groups I have ever come across is the white women who only go after black men. I've noticed an underlying pathology there's usually this inferiority complex to other whites that brings about a level of discomfort so they hang out with black people to feel better about themselves. They usually fetishize our bodies and have overtly racist parents. This isn't all white women who prefer black men, but its just far too common to ignore.

White Skin with assassin's eyes.
Equipped with hoop earrings,
Urban slang, and minstrel show lyrics swirling their unconscious minds.
Self-hating powered stormy clouds looming over their world.
Racist parents with a black friend
Fed toxicity bred for the kill. 
Silly black man, you think you took his daughter?
He sent her.
3 brown kids to destroy for one daughter that he doesn't care about, but she will make him proud.
She will have two great teachers.
Her first master her Father which she will quickly learn unconsciously how to hate, then she will come across the second master that will teach her to hate black people even more and that is mainstream rap music and RnB these two masters say the same thing they only have different colors to their faces when they scream they/we are ruthless savages who get locked up and don't know how to act. One says it as if it's a horrible thing the other says it as if it is to be glorified, but still, the message is quite in unison.
And she will always be Daddy's little killer.

She then will begin having brown babies the first master may hate the curls the second master may at best teach the curls are of vital importance, but neither will encourage her to look past the hair to recognize and solidify the humanity of the child. This child will be disregarded, neglected, abused, treated like a pawn, brainwashed, and the criminal savage will be made, they are not born they are molded. From her womb children will be produced from her hatred self hating monsters will be made.

The father devoured will be branded by the ear as the child support payments siphon his small check if the bottle or needle doesn't put him out of his misery first. Either way, he will be pushed firmly out of the picture labeled a deadbeat and the next unsuspecting man will take his place, more kids will be born and you understand the pattern. Weed abusing, food stamps having, alcohol drinking, anxiety-ridden, Facebook faking, insecure, emotionally unregulated suicide bombing white women who psychologically blow up whoever gets in the proximity. Daddy's little girl will never get into trouble, instead will call the police and despite the obvious you will be the one in trouble. The state is now her daddy and she is always the victim.  The funny thing is all this exists right beneath the surface of awareness. Far too often people confuse obliviousness for innocence, but closing your eyes when you destroy does NOT make your hands any less bloody.

The only difference between Nigger and Nigga is the color of the face that speaks it.

James Baldwin said, "you can only be destroyed by believing you are what the white world considers a nigger."

What he may not have seen was the step after this disaster, that not only would one day blacks believe it, but will then be ignorant and conditioned enough to glorify it as if it were positive traits. Truly now the brainwashing is complete with far too much help from the Lusty Spy. 

Submitted: October 06, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Trindin Wright. All rights reserved.

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