Past Life Memories - Chapter by Chapter

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

I feel I need to write up my Past Life Memories, one by one, so I can figure out what the HEY happened to me! I have SO many, I might as well upload them one by one. If the people are in my life today in different Forms, I will HINT at who they are. After all, I need to protect myself against the guilty.

My Past Life Memories, Visions, Chapter by Chapter -

By Alexander Guinevere Kern


I have endless (seemingly) Past Life Memories, and I decided I should write down what I remember, including my Visions (if that is what they are).

Souls like mine write STORIES for a role-playing Game or Performance. Sometimes my recall just STOPS, like she decided NOT to do that gig. I will write up those "trailers," too and YES, they call them exactly that. 

She's was about 16 years old when I was - or so it seems. I will start with what I remember as far back as I can go. Obviously, some Being is downloading these memories and God Almighty is giving me His story - so I will diffentiate between the two.

I might as well.

Know Thyself.

Considering how gadawful my life has been, I have to assume I was Attila the Hun or summat.

"To thine own self be True, and it should follow, like night the day, thou can'st not then be false to any man."  ~ William Shakespeare


Submitted: October 06, 2021

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Derina Peng

Past lives do exist, it is a good idea to make a go at it. You can weave what you know and make a semi-fictional story with that, in this way your memory may continue and will not stop. You can also start it as a book, as you say Chaper by chaper.

Tue, October 19th, 2021 11:56am


What an excellent idea! I have SO many, I hardly know with which one to start! But I will never be able to organize them in perfect order. I hoped writing down all I remember, order or not, will assist me in gleaning who and WHAT sort of Soul I must have. What my goals or ambition may have been. Why on Earth I am carrying around part of the Akashic Vault, when we are supposed to be veiled. What a mental/emotional adventure! Thank you SO much for your comment and suggestion! VERY helpful!

Tue, October 19th, 2021 9:02am

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