Sex on the plane!!!

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This is a erotic romance story with intense, passionate scenes!.......

On a humid and moist day, as of now, Elena and Alexandros will board the Aegean Airlines plane for a vacation to Athens, and/or ancient Greece a powerful, civilized empire; influenced by historical landmarks since the 5th-century BC.

Accidentally, they never laid eyes on one another up until today. Alexandros is known to be originated from a Greek orthodox ethnic group; however, Elena is also Greek but half Latvian and a devotee Christian as well. Latvia is a country in Europe which is situated on the Baltic Sea Peninsula. The tourist attractions are its beaches and forests.

Alexandros and Elena both appear to be in their young adult stage; coming to simplicity, aged twenty to twenty five ranges.

Elena is a glamorous, fanciable, lush woman with sunflower hair. Her occupation is a pole dancer. Alexandros is a charming, tall, masculine man with chocolate hair. His profession is an interior designer.


A crowded and rambling queue of passengers assemble; amid the terminal gate. Elena and Alexandros pass the jet bridge and make entry to the suffocating plane. Flight attendants salute and welcome and attend to their passengers; skipping up and down the aisle.  

Elena and Alexandros inspect their seat numbers. Little did they know; they spot that their seats are double decker on this mysterious flight to Athens. They store their carry on luggages in the overhead bins and get seated in an upright position. They fasten their seatbelts. All passengers are seated as well; silence slowly unwinds. The only sound that’s audible is the planes consistent engine. The plane smoothly ascends to take off…

Eyes are locked from time to time. Elbows touching paralleled in close up proximity. Chemistry and sexual attraction blazes and blurts into ashes betwixt the two lovers. Alexandros instantly glances a final turn at Elena grinning at her; he startles to encounter their first flirtatious conversation…  


She catches his gaze…

“Hi I’m Alexandros, you’re looking beautiful today!” he admits.

“Why thank you! I’m going to my sister’s wedding and I’m Elena” she confesses.  

“Ah that’s sweet! It’s a pleasure to meet you” he says with enthusiasm.

“Same here” she replies beaming at him.  


He bends down her; leaving a scent of his Giorgio Armani male perfume and says, “No wonder why you… Smell and vibe so good, Elena… I’d love to not be your lawfully husband but your one night stand… would you fancy me?”

He gives her horny looks and glides his bold, muscular hands down her slim thighs that her panties begin to arouse and get wet; his cock stirs rock-hard by her inviting energy and Dolce and Gabbana female perfume.

Astonished, staring at him with sultry and dirty looks she says, “You’re turning me on… Who would reject a handsome man like you?”

“You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen in my life!” he says. Elena feels unresisted by him and says, “Shut up and kiss me now!” she demands and they dive into an appetizing and mouthwatering French kiss!


Alexandros waits for approval to escort Elena. Once confirmed, they undo their seatbelts and he clutches her hand and they evacuate the cabin into the tiny lavatory. Elena firmly engages the bad odored toilet for no interruptions.

“I don’t care who you are or what you do; I want you now!” hot to trot, the tempted and urgent Elena commands.  


The sex scene:

Part 1. Performing foreplay

Bouncing, pulling and pushing each other adjacently; sticking like glue; gripping; kissing and biting her neck and clasping his hair from aback; sucking her busty plump boobs and nipples; caressing his copper 6 pack, evident abs and well-built bronze torso; massaging his lengthy cock with leftover hickey marks and sweat particles on salty savoured skins.

Part 2. Blowjob and headjob

Elena tensely gives in, seduces him with her sensual senses and sits down below undoing his peacock denims zip, rubbing his veined cock up and down with her fine acrylic nails and sucking. He moans throatily and he comes.

Part 3. Pussy licking and masturbating

Alexandros collects Elena and lifts her onto the mini toilet sink perfectly thus, she is skinny as a model. He undresses her fastened ebony jeans and begins to suck and lick her juicy, tight pussy; positioning her hand on his head; masturbating, teasing, fingering and squirting her mauve vagina; as the desperate slut moans and cries out loud. Then her lubricant and elastic vagina comes.

On the other hand, they’re doing an effort not to be so rowdy so they don’t get exposed and detected by their cover up from the well-presented, neat uniformed flight attendants.

In spite of the narrow and restricted space as it seems, the toilet feels like a steam sauna room from the maximum temperature of their flammable bodies and flesh. But they carry on to not giving a fuck!

Part 4. Captain style position

Alexandros prepares Elena. To begin with, he applies and rolls on a popular durex condom like a boss. He spreads her legs, lingers and inserts his banana penis into her peanut vagina. He then thrusts faster and deeper strokes, inner to her g-spot, going at it multiple times...

Part 5. Climax and orgasm

Part shallow breathing; part panting and part moaning; their affair, pleasurable, satisfying, with passionate orgasm and long lasting. Moaning mind-blowingly until sore…The lustful groaning takes charge intensely betwixt the two lovers as if it’s a porn show! What’s incomplete? Is a camera man!

Part 6. Ejaculation and coming

Once their wild orgasm is concluded, “The crystal clear loophole for numerous generations”, he uses the pull out method for his ejaculation like a professional expert! She comes as well both yelling each other’s names out simultaneously at once!


Fortunately, no distractions occurred throughout or on completion of their sexual intercourse. Despite the fact that, the plane was fully booked; Elena and Alexandros moved on feeling distant and verbally speechless and departed separate ways.

Their one-off dismissed amid the planes lavatory. As soon as the plane descended to land, they packed up their belongings, deboarded to exit the plane and never came in contact ever again.


Submitted: October 29, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Seni Haks. All rights reserved.

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