Jewish Nazi

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With all the crap I wrote politically, it was not that I took a side. It was to show the ugly and sugar coat with my own ideology. This one is pointed right at the Jews, as they call out what reminds them of the war. Yet they are blind or very scared, in not speaking up. Many seem this way, whether or not they are Jewish. Actually this poem is all about every country. The two faced back stabbers that run to who ever to keep status, protection or wealth. Every country has them and yet we ignore, and fear comparison within democracy.

Public protection removed
Agents remove right to choose

Freedom to speak
Only if you're sheep

Friend or foe nobody knows
Afraid to stand on your toes

Blind to the atrocity
As long as you have immunity

Until they knock at your door
Do you choose to hide under floor

Think twice, think hard, or forget
Jewish cowards, your freedom soon forfeit

Submitted: October 07, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Sluggy. All rights reserved.

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tom mcmullen

Free speech has been eliminated by political correctness Sluggy, freedom's gone already!

Fri, October 8th, 2021 3:09am


Not sure what Jews have to do with political correctness. The Nazis were the ones who banned and burned books. Same thing happening down south. Say anything about a vaccine and a mask in some places and you'll be shot. No Jews there. I think you have more than a tinge of the ancient European sickness.

Fri, October 8th, 2021 12:59pm


Ah, many people take my most of my direction with narrow view. I placed Jewish people up front with this on purpose. Mainly they are active politically and have money, yet only are only vocal when matters effect them personally or as a group. They talk about the Holocaust, persecution, and Nazi control, but fail to see the obvious. In fact a group was falsely accused of a Nazi flag waving, when it is based on a tribal symbol of the native American indian. Yet the most obvious in replacing local police with federal on public speaking goes unnoticed. Just like they accepted changes back in the late 30s. What created Nazi Germany was fear, and Democrats push fear every day.

History with suppression is not as simple as black and white. In fact a slow and invasive method can allow accepting small decline in freedoms for protection, or other gain. With each generation comes less freedoms, as they know nothing of past freedoms, now lost forever. Every suppressed group has had infiltration within ranks.

Some Jews played both sides, a few were Nazi Jews under brown shirt policy to control within communities. Your best friend can be your worst enemy, and the Nazi party knew that. Alignment first and slowly remove and replace, until nobody had any power to disagree or take action.

Democracy has been changing too fast and radically to get a grip on why so much change. Vaccine mandates, Minority reconciliation , Racism and Political reform... they all have meaning, but what is actually being done behind the curtain. Its not as transparent as it seems. To act upon all at once without making either one completed allows back doors to open in allowing something else to happen not approved by both parties. If there is constitutional change it must be accepted by both parties not by the party in control.

The reason Nazi Jew is so direct, is that local police was replaced by a newly formed national police under the SS. Even down within German groups, local police was scrutinized and overridden by a propaganda directive. I wrote about that in S-bahn. Infact you can watch about the S-bahn Killer with on-line streaming. Not sure about which channel, Smithsonian or History. Biden has slowly pulled rank with overriding conconstitutional law a few times. I wrote about that in The Force. Much like Hitler did to control Germany. Small bits that go unnoticed until its too late. By removing local authority with city civil matters, that are about public schools, with FBI, is brown shirt tactics. One small step for public safety, on giant leap for political control.

Public schools are local not federal. If you work for the federal government, FBI will provide detective work and or protection if attacked. Its how the system works. Rarely does the FBI mitigate and take over police work for civil matters. Only if there is a group that is under the FBI eye for acts terrorism or breaking federal laws, such as murders, bank robbers, trafficing... etc, then FBI will step in. A school or public speaking should not have FBI step in on heated argument. Thats what Nazi brown shirts did and very effectively, mind you.

Fri, October 8th, 2021 7:51am


Your title was meant to provoke a strong reaction. I don't know what narrow view there is to take. Not all Jews are active politically or have money. This is a ridiculous statement. Indian Americans are politically active and have higher incomes and yet I don't see you posting Indian Nazi. What's the fascination with Jews?

The Nazi flag is not based on a native American tribal symbol. It has some origins in Indian mythology but was appropriated and made into a symbol of hate.

I don't really understand the rest of what you are saying.

Fri, October 8th, 2021 3:23pm

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