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Tales from the Trail 10-6-2021 Writing Style Changes

“Your writing style has changed,” she said. Paraphrasing, “Your caliper of writing is up there with notables, how do you explain that” she wondered? Coming from a well-known and respected MAHS teacher of English and writing, I did have a humble answer. Well, not an answer exactly. I told Penny, Mrs. Stahl to her many students that if I wrote about the reason, readers would not believe it. I admit to being a fiction writer. “How does that make you feel with that new responsibility,” was her parting question? I read numerous messages regarding changes being subtle, messages informing me that sometimes I may not recognize these changes myself, but others will. Messages that explain that we, you, and me, were created as souls and we had choice in our incarnations into our physical earth experience. God created us in His image and Likeness, gave us Free Will and the gift of Natural Love at our birth. There is however the ultimate gift that our Creator desires to give but must be asked for in earnest prayer.

Our first parents refused this gift and thus began man's journey of hard knocks. They wanted to live lives by doing it their way and mankind still does to this day. God withdrew His ultimate gift from mankind after our first parents' refusal. That gift was re-bestowed upon the birth of Jesus and it was the core of his teachings and sadly omitted from most of today's scriptures, regardless of translations. I’m getting ahead of my story. I’ll back up to the beginning, which is the beginning of my quest.

What does this have to do with my writing style changes? How did I get here from there? In hindsight I can now look back over my cinematic footage and recognize some of those life choices where nudges were either ignored or influenced and taken to heart. From earliest memories, my curiosity was developed, as was my uneasiness in religious instruction. By that I mean I had no choice but to adhere to family standards of Sunday school and church services, Bible School, and camp attendance. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. A Proverbs quote that I was influenced to stick in here and for a reason which will segway into the next paragraph.

I’m now old. I did depart from it. Not from God! I drew closer as He intends for all His children to once again become one with Him. That became my journey, after decades of detours of false beliefs, filled with error from well-meaning dogma and creed instructions. A flavored specimen dotted by Catholicism, Mennonite, Brethren, Presbyterian, and Jewish Old Testament law keeping dogmas. That was my seasoned path. It goes much deeper than that. Confessing my concerns with error yet having no answers for what and where truths could be found, I began to withdraw from my quest to fulfill curiosities.

It was the last few days of December 2016, a month into my 69th year, just before midnight. What particulars of that week or day passed that led me into making that decisive moment to be the one to confront my maker, I do not remember? A general somewhat rote prayer turned into a somewhat disrespectful lashing out of my frustrations of seeking but not given the simple truths that Jesus taught. How many times need I ask? How much more seeking before one receives? Is finding the elusive answer even possible? I continued spouting what sounded like a childish threat, going to give up and be done with this lifelong religious thing.

I know now it wasn’t my disrespectful threat, but my sincerity in soulful seeking that began my eureka moments into truth and from very unorthodox accountancy. The wealth of answers began within the first or second day of the new year of 2017. I was soon to know why I took to these teachings as gospel. Messages were explaining how my soul discerns truth from error. The reason for my discomfort in my past instructions. It was also noted that teachers of error regardless of ignorance of truth will have to unlearn their ways when in spirit and seek truth to avoid soul stagnation. It is the sole reason why I chose my words carefully in this week's column.

So, the answer to my writing style changes began almost five years ago when my soul was awakened to the truth of that ultimate gift. Those messages I keep referring to, they come from the highest of celestial angel sources, channels of God’s Light and Divine Love. Available to all souls who desire to seek the truth while still physical or passing into spirit. My prayerful desire is to be a channel of light, love, and truth. To become aware of soul gifts of writing and serving with instruction and inspiration from former writers from their celestial heaven abodes.

Does your soul feel comfortable with this reading, or will you override your soul feelings and count this a physical feeling of fiction writing? It is the only reason I give to explain writing improvements that elicited the personal observation of a reader. There is a lot more to this story.

Submitted: October 08, 2021

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