A Sequel To The Ghastly House

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Sequel To "The Ghastly Guest House" is a finishing touch of the story "The Ghastly Guest House" and will unveil the course of incidents that had taken place later.


 A Sequel To The Ghastly Guest House:


Alex and Glenn drive back to their home by car in a jubilant mood. But Alex had no inkling that he was embarking on the path that would land him in quandary in course of time. It was Alex who was in charge of driving while his friend Glenn zonked out of physical exhaustion at the back seat of the car. The entire route from the guest house to their destination was engulfed in the darkness setting the tone and tenor for frightening aura with no ray of street light, pockmarked roads, howling of the fox from nearby forests, screaming of vultures, and mist obstructing the visibility along with the cold breeze. After a couple of hours when Alex stops the car at the corner of the road to quench his thirst and wakes Glenn to take the charge of driving, he finds him nowhere in the backseat and steps out of the car to search him hither and thither. It was half-past one in the morning and the sky was overcast with thick clouds paving the way for bountiful rain.


Suddenly, Glenn comes from behind the woods and intimidates Alex for his surprise.

Alex questions him: When and where did you disappear all of a sudden?


 Glenn: I was sleeping inside the car, didn’t you know that?


 Alex: Well, I knew you were sleeping but when did you step out of the running car? 


 Glenn: I am not able to get your words!


Alex: I mean to say when I halted the car and turned back, you weren’t there.


 Glenn: Oh! I immediately got down and went for the nature call.


Alex: Is it? Neither had I heard the sound of the door nor was the door of the car strung wide open. Anyway, leave this discussion aside.


Glenn: Fools like you always are always lost in the clouds.


Alex: What do you mean? Are you the same Glenn whom I met earlier?


Glenn: Stop cracking jokes and get into the car as we have to travel a long distance to reach home.


 Alex: Ok, let’s head on to our destination.


 Glenn: Drive faster. Bloody fool!

 Alex: Stop abusing me, it’s enough Glenn.


 Glenn: People like you are a pain the ass and should be sent to hell forever.


Alex: I have endured you enough till now. Get down from my car immediately!


 Glenn: Who the hell are you to tell me to step out of the car? 


Alex in a fit of rage holds his collar and pulls him out of the car for his erratic behavior but the situation takes an ugly turn when Glenn transforms into the witch.


Alex steps back seeing this and growls: Who are you?


 Witch: Yes, I am the same who you thought was put to death.


 Alex: Where is my friend Glenn?


  Witch:  Glenn! He’s taken rest forever and now it’s your turn to leave this earth.


You muff! I rescued out of the house a minute before it set ablaze by killing Glenn and got into him as your friend.


Witch: You can’t kill me now. Perhaps no human has the power to end me at this time.


 Alex: It is your illusion.


Witch: Huh!


 Alex: I have framed a plan in my mind to kill you.


 Witch:  Laughs!  Kill me if you can.


Alex takes out the lighter and throws it quickly on her but she rescues again. She makes at him with her pointed nails and wounds him terribly. At his dismal efforts, he ponders over this issue, and finally, an idea pops up in his mind to end the problem forever.


Alex: I surrender to you on the condition that you allow me to get into the car and let me have my choicest morsel.  


Witch: With pleasure! But I will accompany you too.


 Both of them get into the car as the rain intensifies.


  Pretending to open the casserole, he picks up the matchbox from the floor of the car and lits it to set it on fire.  


Alex succeeds in escaping out of the car narrowly from the sideways but the witch caught in a ball of fire burns and turns into smoke.


 Though Alex returns home in a state of triumph after a long walk but with dampened spirits.

Submitted: October 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 pavan 236. All rights reserved.

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