Don't Let Them Do It

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You are a strong person now!




I don't know

How do they find us

Do they have

An inborn radar?

To find

The loners

The corners

To bully

The innocents

The new ones


Can you imagine?

Big faces

Zooming in to


Rude faces

Staring at


Garrulous mouths

Talking about



I won't run away

To hide or

To cry

I look forward

And walk straight

Pretending not to hear

What they say


If I run away

They think they won

I won't let them win

Without fighting


I don't want

To be bullied again


They will call you names

Don't worry

You have given a unique name

Which perfectly matches to you

They will throw you chits

Which includes drawings of you

Don't take them

Because you know

How beautiful you are


They will do anything

To let you feel

You are DOWN!

They will avoid you

To let you feel

You are ALONE!

They will paste posters on your locker

To make you

Cry the whole day!

They will do so many other things

To put you down!

By mentally

And physically


Smile. Smile is the best option

To get away from

Being bullied

Bullies always try

To make you cry

Not to smile

If you smile at them


You will never be bullied again!

Because you are a strong person now!



Submitted: October 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 nikappuhamy. All rights reserved.

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This is such a powerful poem and so true. I like how you put the bullies As they and you as the person and showed the contrast of the emotion of the poem. I like how you show the negative of bullying but you put a counter argument to shake them off. Quote Taylor’s swifts haters gonna hate but shake them off. They make you feel but you can choose how to react. If you’re speaking from personal experience you are a strong Person. People that bully are sad people who aren’t unique and mediocre and try so hard to fit in. I’ve been bullied a lot, but I think middle school was the worst. I don’t know why, but I think turning from preteen to teenagers can change a person. Someone actually trashed my locker, bunch of boys did, it was horrible. They got mad cause I got fed up with them bc they kept throwing books at the teacher And I wasn’t learning. so I basically went to the principal and we’ll the didn’t like that. However I didn’t let them win, Bullies fight a person cause they’re still insecure themselves so you call them out on it. Trust me they shut up after a while. Great poem! Really cohesive and showed the emotions of someone reaction to being bullied and the bullies reaction to bully. Nicely done:)

Sat, October 9th, 2021 8:28am


Thank you for reading! And I must say that I have not being bullied by anyone. I just added the locker part, coz I have seen it in movies..
And I'm very happy that you really enjoyed my poem..

Sat, October 9th, 2021 1:51am


Another wonderful poem. You have well described how a bully thinks. Unfortunately, most of the times, teachers, or the institution don't stand with the victims because of some reasons. Bullying / ragging is a pandemic which is usually being undermined. Well done! :)

Sat, October 9th, 2021 1:08pm


Thank you, Shri!! Yeah, they don't do it because of money I think..
Anyway, I'm happy to have a compliment from you..

Sat, October 9th, 2021 6:32am


Nishi, this is your most beautiful poem after all! The cover was so attractive. You have improved a lot and lot buddy! Bullying is something that does not happen frequently in Sri Lankan schools. But, you have captured these as some live seens. A GREAT INSPIRATIONAL STORY :) [Sorry for taking a long time to comment, you know the reason :( ] Anyhow, love this poem a lot. (The cover was extra-ordinary)


Sat, October 9th, 2021 1:35pm


Oh! Thank you so much, D! I know the reason. And thank you, again for taking the time to read this..
(Even I feel the same way about my own cover - EXTRA-ORDINARY!!)

Sat, October 9th, 2021 6:47am


A great poem Nishi. Bullying happened everyday, everywhere, not only in school but also at a workplace. The bullies never realised the damage done to people they bullied. It was great to see you write about this issue.
I like it when you say smile is the best option. Yes. Don't let them know their impact on you. Keep up the good work Nishi ^_^

Sun, October 10th, 2021 1:56am


Thank you, N.. I'm very happy that you read this piece..

Sat, October 9th, 2021 7:07pm


A great poem you got there Nikappuhamy! I love the rhyming vibe that the words created in the first stanza 'To find the loners, the corners..." and the last stanza "Bullies always try to make you cry". It's amazing how you've captured every step of bullying from how they start to target the innocent person with rude stares first, calling names, and then the lockers, and how in each of these phases, the victim reacts challenging them passively instead of trying to back down. I like how you've portrayed the victim and the person who uplifts the victim or the victim's optimistic thoughts in the first-person narrative. This is a unique way of storytelling :) You've emphasized the difference a smile can make and how powerful it is rather than choosing 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth' way. It's more likely to make bullies stop when we don't give them the chance to see us sad because that's what they sadistically want somehow. You've outlined all of this in such a wonderful poem, Good Job and good luck with the contest too !

Mon, October 11th, 2021 5:18pm


Thank you so much!!

Mon, October 11th, 2021 6:40pm

Matthew Hair

Great poem, nikappuhamy. It has a very strong message about bullying. I love the empowering feeling of this. It feels like someone is telling me, ordering me to stand up for myself.

The last stanza is my favorite. the line about smiling really gets to me. Bullys win when they get you down. I see a lot of messages claiming that the best way to stop a bully is to fight back but I disagree with that.

I agree with the last stanza here, the best way is to smile. Its a strong message. This is a wonderful poem. Great job and good luck on the contest. :)

Wed, October 13th, 2021 2:32am


Thanks, Matthew! Glad you enjoyed it!
No, I used without a fight for, like not giving up.. Hope you got the point!
And I wish you the same..

Tue, October 12th, 2021 7:48pm


Bullying is very sadly a big problem, and it's a very hard thing to go through. I think you showed really nicely how hard and annoying it can be. It was nice to see a positive end, though unfortunately a lot more is needed to be done than to just smile, although it would be nice if it were that easy. It is a challenge to be resilient but it is an amazing thing to be able to stand up to bullies. Great poem.

Sun, October 31st, 2021 4:46am


Thank you so much, Archia!

Sun, October 31st, 2021 5:54pm

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