Waiting For My Casket

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The building I live in suffered some damage from the remnants of Hurricane Ida. This was a month ago. The owner of the building who is also a general contractor is still working on the building.

Should I use cherrywood or mahogany?

Maybe metal or just plain pine.

How much would each cost?

Can I get a discount if I use my Home Depot credit card?

Should I use silk or satin for the inside?

Maybe cotton or wool.

How much would the fabric cost by yard?

Can I get a discount if I use my Diners Club card?

I should make it water tight.

But that would cost extra.

He won't know the difference.

Should I use brass or silver for the handles?

Maybe aluminum or wood.

Can I get a discount if I use cash?

All these decisions to make for a casket.

Three months into this project.

And nothing to show for it.

Meanwhile a body lying on a slab.

In a morgue with a toe tag.

Like one big fish stick.

Waiting for his casket.




Submitted: October 09, 2021

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