The Final Cure

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

An anthology series about a world that has discovered the cure for death.

Story 1: Life Insurance

Evan Baxter had gone through this song and dance a hundred times. It was getting old to have to listen to people whine about not being able to afford their medical bills. Today had been a particularly trying day for him. More protestors had thrown their bodies onto the cars to protest the new insurance laws, why throw away their time like that? Worst these people were wasting time of the paramedics who had to resurrect these clowns for getting themselves killed like that. To Evan, throwing your life toward any kind of cause was an unacceptable burden on the tax payers. On top of that the school had been closed down for the latest school shooting. He had bought the premium Life Insurance package for his children; they could afford to be shot a thousand times, yet the school insisted on wasting money on new security measures. More time wasted; more money wasted. Now he had to listen to this inconsiderate person whine about how he couldn’t afford Life Insurance.

Evan: You have unpaid claims on your cancer treatments Mr. Bosk, the firm can’t afford to pay for more lives.

Bosk: I can’t afford Cancer treatments because I was laid off from work! The foreman said cancer wasn’t a good enough reason to miss work. I’ve died twice because I can’t get treatment for my lung cancer. Please, there must be something you can do.

Evan: Lung cancer has an 80% survival rate when treated, the position you find yourself in is your own fault. We have thousands of paying clients who made time to pay for their cancer treatments so they could keep their life insurance. You have no excuse Mr. Bosk.

Bosk: can you at least pass my insurance onto my family? I need to support them!

Evan: it is against firm policy to transfer lives over to other recipients; you should have paid for them separately.

Bosk: you people are inhuman!

Quickly tired of the conversation, Evan showed the rude man the door. So many inconsiderate people in the world. What happened to the days of common courtesy? Evan met with another rude client later that day. He didn’t like being told that his son would die of leukemia because he failed to file as a single father. The man shot Evan! Evan lied dead for three hours before his secretary called the medics, he then lied dead for six more hours in the hospital before being brought back to life. The wait was unacceptable. The man would get only community service for the minor infraction of shooting a man.  Rude people were everywhere! Good thing Evan had premium life Insurance.

Story 2: Life Sentence

He was given a triple life sentence. At the time Victor Muentz didn't see how that was a problem. The state gives all inmates free lives with the cure.... that was one-hundred years ago. He was old now, old and very tired but he had two-hundred years left on his sentence. Victor kept aging and time after time he would die only to be brought back to life. He was transferred to the medical wing when he could no longer move. The nurse came in to check up on Victor.

Nurse: How are we today Victor?

Victor: Kiss my ass.

Nurse: mm spry huh? I just need to check your vitals really quick, okay?

The nurse when about his business as Victor watched helplessly. He was picked and prodded and moved without any strength of his own. Victor felt like a child, being babied without any sense of dignity. His heart felt weak like he was about to pass out again. As his body worsened his mind drifted back to the events that brought him here. Victor was a post man who walked by the houses every day delivering the mail in some small tow you never heard of. His favorite house was the Ulrich house. He liked the Ulrichs, most of all he liked Mrs. Ulrich. She liked him as well, in fact she liked Victor more than her husband. The two began seeing each other when Mr. Ulrich left on a business trip. They were together every chance they had to be alone. It was kept casual, too casual. One day they were caught. Victor responded by bludgeoning Mr. Ulrich to death. When Mrs. Ulrich said she was going to call the cops Victor did the same to her.

The case had hardly been a case at all. In and out like a delivery order since the Ulrichs testified to their murders. The Judge gave Victor a triple life sentence. Victor outlived both of the people he failed to kill, in his mind he failed. Why else would he be in this bed? He tried to kill himself on three seperate occasions. The first time he hanged himself, the second time he od’d on drugs smuggled into the prison, the third time he tried to attack an armed guard. After all three deaths Victor realized he wouldn’t die while he had his sentence. He would’ve died in that bed then and there, but the nurse brought him back. This was life.


Submitted: October 09, 2021

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