Chapter 2: Tug of Heart

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Free Writers

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As I walk away from where I was just standing I realize that almost everyone had stopped and listened to mine and Callums conversation. Callum... Why can't I get him out of my head. I have to ammit though, He was kinda hot. NO,no,no!!! You Can't think like that Olivia. he's probably already got a girlfriend. Plus why would the Alpha be iterested in a knowbody like me? I walk through the door to the frount office and sigh. It's so cold in here. Even though it's the middle of winter why would they keep th Air conditionars on?.

"Hello My Name is Olivia knight. I'm Supposed to start school today and I was told to get my schedule from Mr. Jackson.

" Yes please come over here." I stand there wondering if i'll see Callum at all today while he's checking his desk full of papers.

"Here you go Olivia. Feel free to ask if you need any help finding a classrooom."

"Do you happen to have a map of where all the classrooms are?"

" Yes. Here you go." As he hands it to me I take a good deep look at it. After a minute of looking at it I've completely memorized it. " Thank you, Sir. Have a great day." I hand the map back to him and leave before he can say anything else. As I walk down the hall I stare at my scedual for the day. Class 1: Animal history at Room # 1325. What a weird subject to be teaching at a school. I walk down to the door with the number on it and walk in. This room is full of live animals and students. The teacher is at her desk.

"Good morning Ma'am, I'm Olivia knight and I'm just starting school here today." As I'm speaking the room falls silent and I hear him behind me. Without even looking I say " Hello Lord Callum." I turn around to see him staring at me in shock.

" How did you know it was me Olivia?"

" You could say I'm good at hearing. Plus who else could make a loud room fall silent with just a few steps into the classroom?"

" Well said Ms.Knight" Says the teacher. " In the future please call me Mrs. Anderson. Please introduce yourself to the class." As she says that Callum leaves takes a seat. He whispers something to the person sitting next to him. They knod, get up and move to the only empty seat with their stuff. 

" Hello my name is Olivia Knight, This is my first time going to a school and I really like animals and lots of homework." A few kids in the back when they her that.

"Ok class, Any questions for Ms. Olivia? Luna, what's your question?" A girl stands up and bows.

" Hello I'm Luna. I was just wondering how you like lots of homework if you've never gone to school?"

" That's a very good question. I have a photographic Memory and when ever I hear a noise I can pick out what it is. For example Lord Callum just whispered into james ear asking him to move seats so I can sit next to him. If your going to ask how I know his name is James then I'll go back to my previous statement, I have good hearing. Also I am self taught. I grew up with no family until 2 years 6 months and 14 days ago. Which at that time is when I met my mother. I have no other family members except for her, So it is normal that I like giving myself extra homework."

" Thank you ms. Knight for your lovley explination. Thank you Luna for you question as well. you can both take a seat and we will start class right when you do." It takes luna 10 seconds to walk back to her seat and sit down, but it takes me only 3 because I already knew the plan. Right as I sit down I open my bag grab a notebook and some pens and start listening to class. As Mrs. Anderson starts talking about what we're learning today in class.  In the middle of class as she starts talking about the food chains of wolfs I doze off. Near the end of class I hear my name and startle awake.

" Ms.Knight since you like sleeping so much why don't you tell me what wolfs like to eat. What is it Callum?"

"Mrs. Anderson I couldn't tell if she was asleep or not but have you looked at what else she was doing in her sleep? It looks like to me she wasn't lying about great hearing." He takes my notebook and starts heading up to the front of the class.

"Callum stop!! You can't show her that."

" Why not Ms. Knight?" asks Mrs. Anderson.

" You won't understand even if I told you." just then Mrs. Anderson walks up to Callum and looks at the paper. 

" Very good note taker Ms.Knight"

" I warned you not to look at it. you should have listened. This happens every time a human looks at my notes. So if I were you I would run." Then her dark brown eyes turn into a scarlet Blue and she half turns into a wolf. Her ears, eyes are of a wolf. Her outfit is a perfect blue dress that maches her eyes. Callum and the student star in aww.

"Thank you Ms.Knight for showing us half of your true self." exclaims Mrs. Anderson. I lundge, but not before Callum can stop me. He's like me? Callum while I was getting ready to attack had half transformed like me and stepped to protect Mrs. Anderson. Somethings tugging at the inside of my chest. Why is it Callum? Why is he the one I'm supposed to love?I start going back into human for but he's tugging at my heart and as i drift into blank space for the first time in 6 years I find myself trying to stay with him as my heads telling me to sleep.

Submitted: October 10, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Elizabeth Wolfie. All rights reserved.


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