The Manangaal Encounter

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A girl who just moved to a quiet village in the Philippines to live with her aunt comes face to face with a Manangaal after sneaking out to hang out with her friend. Fortunately for her, the Manangaal was too busy with its meal to pay her any mind but her friend is not so fortunate since she was the meal.

Table of Contents

Jade Stone's Time In The Village

Jade Stone is known for her beauty and bravery. She is from Africa but has recently moved to The Philippines to live with her aunt since ... Read Chapter

Sneaking Out

At lunch, Jade and Rosa decided to sneak out of their huts around midnight that night to see if the rumours are true about Marisol Del Ro... Read Chapter

The Deadly Encounter

She looked in the direction of Rosa’s hut and felt that something was wrong. The huts in the village are made of bamboo so you can easi... Read Chapter

Finally Over

When they entered the hut, the Mananggal and the body were gone. The only evidence of the event was the blood coated the walls. The villa... Read Chapter

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