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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic


Little woodpecker:

Little woodpecker came in front of me

Stood there and made me wonder in itself

Made me watch its stance 

It didn't move or dance

It didn't even make a sound

It was like little woodpecker made me watch 


He knew I was falling in its wonder 

He stood without movement 

Confusion grew within my head

Sadness or happiness, what made it act like that


We didn't look eye to eye

He was staring at bliss and so was I 

All I knew was void is not filled 

So trying to avoid despair is all it appeals 

But the little woodpecker was already filled 

With musical wish and cauldron of shield 


The wind, The nature:


The wind 

It is carrying the little pieces of heaven on itself

The sweet drops of every rain

The Geyser of emotion 

As the wind slaps over 

The face feels the cold and tender touch

For right now, time, I want it stuck

Forever in this pleasure is a wish 

But can't be fulfilled because of the twist


The sound of whistling

Feels like teasing 

"Wosh wosh" from the wind and my ear starts to peel 

The Fabulous thunder and rain 

All the light from lightning again

Took away my every pain


When nature starts to give

Power within, everything now you can heave

But the only limit is you and your mind

For this, nature cannot divide 

For it is our fault to time

All the great work and its demise 

All the great work and its demise.



The colors of cloud when moonlight reflected off of it:


The colors of cloud when moonlight reflected from it
Was bright and vigorous,
red and blue with green texture all over
The drop of dew on a leaf of clover
Everything shining with beauty from within
To without
No wind could break the cloud

Through mountains to planes in the south
All the disappearance of drought
Like the phases of the moon
Clouds went through summer in June
All that has ever been
And all that have never existed
Came too close to self
The truth was unveil-ed

Fixation on beautifulness
All the acts of selfishness
Lies on eyes of lookers
How good was the environment say
Freedom does not have a price to pay
Freedom does not have a price to pay. 




The wind is speaking 

Every bit it is changing

As a whole it's change

As a hole its frenz - y


I can hear it crying for all the world is dying

And every falling leaf

And every dying tree

And every angry reef 

Screaming change is a jiff 


But I, the one who only enjoys nature

Whose words are less powerful then knife itself

Choose to speak on nature 

For all this courage may god answer


But non can keep  words in heart alone 

The body and mind take over every node 

Hardwired in the brain within

Searching for things to be explained by being keen

To be explained by being keen.


Submitted: October 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 xRs. All rights reserved.

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