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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story is about true love
What have you expected, taking love for granted?

  The dog rushes through the wet grass past the ball, slows down, but slips further. Hairy paws tear out tufts of grass, claws digging into the soil. Its rear skids, but the dog accelerates, grabs the ball with its teeth, and rushes to the owner, its ears fluttering like wings and bouncing from each push of powerful paws.

  The dog runs up to the owner, but his face is sullen and joyless. 

  “Give me the ball” he says and holds out his hand. 

  The dog gently releases the ball from its teeth and it lands cleanly in the palm of his hand. The dog looks at the owner with its tail wagging and its tongue sticking out. The ball rolls out of the owner's palm and falls to the ground. 

  He absently says “pick it up”, then adds “let's go”. But before the command was given, the dog picked up the ball and followed the owner.


  The owner brings the dog home, locks the door, and, without saying a word, goes into his room and locks the door behind him. The dog, having entered, puts the ball on the floor, but as the distance between her and the owner grows, her large expressive eyes become more and more anxious.

  After the slam of the closed door, the dog anxiously approaches it, and quietly lies down under it, moving her ear, trying to hear what is happening inside.

  From behind the door came the sound of crying, abruptly replaced by unnatural shaky laughter.

  The dog jumps up and starts barking

  The crying and laughing, now mixing together, did not stop.

  The dog gets up on her hind legs and leans on the door with front paws, slides down, repeats. Finally, the sliding front paw catches the door handle and the dog gets inside.

  The owner of the room is sitting on a chair, quite far from the table. On the table, there is a photo of a certain lady. The owner gets up, and through tears begins to accuse the image, screaming at it. The dog is barking, but the owner doesn't pay attention to her. He begins to sob again, then falls to his knees. The dog makes a jump and slams the photo off the table.

  The dog gets injured, but grabs the frame with teeth and starts frantically shaking her head from side to side. The owner hastily grabs the dog by the collar. A photo flies out of the frame. The dog breaks out of the owner's grasp, steps on the photo and bites out pieces of it – the familiar face disappears. The owner bends down to the dog and hugs it. The dog, whining, put her muzzle on his shoulder, he strokes it, on the head, on the back. There is a moment of silence - it is interrupted by the owner: 

  "My only true friend. Come on, we need to take you to the doctor"


  The doorbell rang. 

  "Sit down!"

  The owner went to open it, and the dog sat down at a distance, sticking out her tongue and watching him with interest. The door opened – there was the one whose photo was recently so violently torn by a dog. The latter one came closer and barked. The dog did not pay attention to the owner's commands, only barked and came closer. Finally, the animal is ready to jump, pushes off from the ground with its paws – a shot is heard, the dog falls to the ground. The owner lowers the gun, the woman hugs him, they whisper something to each other. The dog, full of confusion, is lying on the floor, a puddle of her own blood is slowly spreading under her. A guilty look – and her eyes glaze over. The woman kisses the owner.

Submitted: October 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 g7779993. All rights reserved.

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