The Human Zoo

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In the future, humans are the ones in zoos and the animals visit to look at them. Petey the crow with his trusty AI Barry go and take a look at this zoo.

Petey, a smart but moody crow with a brain chip giving him an AI sidekick called Barry looked at a tasty fat worm wriggling about in the mud and licked his beak. He swooped down off his branch, grabbed the worm in his beak, but suddenly the worm started to get bigger and bigger, causing Petey to drop it.

"Damn Grower Worms!" Petey squawked.

These worms had a habit of inflating like balloons and at this point was much larger than Petey and no longer worth the trouble of eating. Many creatures were now surprisingly dangerous these days. Petey looked at the Human Zoo and saw its many cages, steel bars, concentrate walls, and the Zoo keepers looking after the humans. The Zookeepers were Elephants and kept the humans fed, clean, and in line. Petey heard a beep-beep and knew Barry his AI was waking up and sighed.

"Barry on!" Barry had just come online in Petey's head.

"Barry I didn't ask for your help!"

"No sir, I mean Crow...I mean Petey Sir Crow...Error." Barry said as he crashed for a moment and rebooted.

"Why do I have the only AI that keeps crashing and glitching? Just my squawking luck!"

"Shall we go see the humans Petey Sir Crow?" Barry said as he scanned Petey's small brain and detected boredom

"Why not? What else is there to do today? Absolute nothing."

Petey flew over the park and landed on one of the cages, he saw a couple of humans, pink, naked, and all their awful bits flapping around. Where were the feathers? The wings? The beak? Truly humans were some odd-looking creatures.

"Didn't humans use to rule this planet Barry?" Petey squawked in confusion.

"Yes, they did. They used to have animals in these cages and watched them, how things change." Barry replied as he looked at them in interest.

A human went to the cage and stared at Petey, Petey stared back and for a few minutes nothing happened but suddenly the human went to grab Petey but Petey was too fast and got out of the way.

"You damn animal!" Petey shouted as he landed on a branch of a tree.

"I guess humans don't like being in cages, that or you looked tasty to him," Barry said sarcastically.

"I would be his best meal! I bet I taste divine!"

"I heard chicken was a preferred food for humans."

"Chicken? Well, chickens aren't the smartest birds around, no loss."

"Just because that chicken pecked you one time doesn't mean you should wish all chickens dead!" Barry said shocked.

"Yeah...maybe your right! Still, it hurt!"

Just then it was feeding time, Petey looked wide-eyed at the cage and saw the Elephants drop the human's food into their cage. It was soy paste, the food of the future! The humans looked at it and grimaced, I don't think anyone likes soy paste but humanity did help cause most of the animals to go extinct so they kind of deserve this.

Submitted: October 11, 2021

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