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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Five teenagers are stranded on an island.

Table of Contents


Finees (16) (M) Nicole (15) (F) Feofan (18) (F) Kazuki (17) (M) Aubert (16) (M) 134 Hours Remaining. Day 1. 9:45... Read Chapter


72 hours remain. Day 3. 11:28 PM. 30. Finees scratches his spider bite. Feofan moves away from the group huddle. This wakes Nicole an... Read Chapter


58 hours. Day 4. 12:58 PM. 51. The cannibal falls into the low water. Feofan lowers her pistol. Aubert, Nicole, and Finees stare at h... Read Chapter


50 hours. Day 4. 9:23 PM. 71. Feofan answers Nicole’s question with a question. She asks if she’s heard of the Raven. 72. No ... Read Chapter


49 Hours. Day 4. 10:01 PM. 101. Several flashlight beams hit Feofan at once. A woman demands that she tell her name. Feofan introduce... Read Chapter


49 Hours. Day 4. 10:59 PM.  131. Kazuki hears a woman’s voice. He sees three figures moving around within the cave. 132. T... Read Chapter


40 hours. Day 5. 8:21 AM. 161. The kids round up the four dead apostles. Feofan investigates their bodies, finding wallets and the bo... Read Chapter


23 hours. Day 6. 1:43 AM. 191. Kazuki looks around, seeing figures in the darkness. He asks where everyone went. Geoffrey wakes up. H... Read Chapter


10 hours. Day 6. 2:16 PM. 221. Feofan heard the gunshot, then another. She’s running. She reaches the boat and nearly jumps onboard... Read Chapter

241-255 (FINAL)

5 minutes. Day 5. 11:55 PM. 241. The man is confused. Feofan makes him back away from the boat. She warns that she won't let him hurt... Read Chapter

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The story is interesting. It is full of mysteries and adventures. The story line goes smoothly. The teen characters are interesting. The characteristics of teenage are shown well. I'm intrigued with the character Feofan. Kazuki character seems full of surprises. I'm curious to know how the story will end. You showed me a new way to write a story. Thank you. :)

Wed, October 13th, 2021 7:29am


I appreciate the review. I'm trying to try something new. Thank you for your thoughts. :)

Wed, October 13th, 2021 11:38am

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