Daughters of the War

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl from London and a girl from Connecticut. Two opposites. Multiple Opportunities.

14 year old Hellen Page finds a chance at helping her family escape their life while 13 year old Charlotte Jones is forced into a marriage create an unexpected freindship everything changes. For the better? Or the worse?


This book is Written By Lillie H. And Lily M.

I don't take full credit of this book

Note--My co-writer is publishing this on Wattpad at the same time as I am publishing this on Booksie, so know that I did not steal this book--I am Lillie H, she is Lily M

By the way, this book has 69 chapters so it will take a while to upload

Table of Contents

Why Must He Go?

“I must go, darling,” my father insisted. “You know that I can’t stay here, as the other men risk their lives ... Read Chapter

The Interim Commander

We stood in the commander’s tent as he consulted my father, Henry Page, about his desire to become a general. King George always a... Read Chapter

The Pattersons

Delilah and Juniper were our neighbors. They had an older brother named James. He helped out at the bakery, which everyone thought w... Read Chapter

Nathan Hale

Mother and I stood, stunned, in front of the interim commander. Father had never told us what happened that had ruined the Page... Read Chapter

The Redcoats

I am one to freak out in troublesome situations, so I began to—well—freak out. I grabbed Rose’s arm and pulled her in front of my t... Read Chapter

Aboard the USS Lynch

Simon, Philip, Sarah, Charles, and I made our way toward the harbor, where we were lucky to find that a ship was just being boarded by a ... Read Chapter

Death Glares From Sisters

I watched nervously as the old lady-medic wrapped up Delilah's arm. I had been biting my nails and tapping my foot for the past fifteen m... Read Chapter

An Illness

We couldn’t find any comfortable thing to rest on when we were on the ship, but we made up for that by searching the soldier’s luggag... Read Chapter

An American Soldier

I kind of figured out the fact that this was going to be gruesome and probably dangerous. So, I just waddled back inside and laid down. A... Read Chapter


I stared at my sister; not sure I’d heard her right. We were sitting on the ship. Simon was fast asleep in Sarah’s lap as she told me... Read Chapter

A Trip to the Market

So, it turns out that it was illegal to have an army in your house. So, I don’t know if us having 10 American soldiers in our bakery co... Read Chapter

My Brother's Tale

“Well?” I questioned when we reached a decent distance away from my sister and other brothers.  ... Read Chapter

Familiar Faces

Once again, I am one to freak out in troublesome situations, so I freaked out. I quickly backed up and pulled my basket with me. I r... Read Chapter

Death of a Relative

Philip finished his story, with me questioning things whenever I’m surprised or confused. Turns out that he somehow... Read Chapter


Delilah was sitting in a chair hugging her knees close to her chest. Juniper was trying to comfort her older sister. ... Read Chapter

Eye of a Hawk, Strength of an Ox

Three weeks had passed since my youngest brother passed, and yet everyone still sobbed at the mention of his name or the thought of ... Read Chapter

Meeting the Turners

Three weeks after we’d received the invitation to the party, we tried on our dresses for the first time. Mothe... Read Chapter

Heavy-Lifting and Troublesome Events

Sarah, Charles, and I gathered around Philip and carefully lifted the two crates one at a time. It wasn’t easy. It took all three of us... Read Chapter

I Tripped

Rose and I were sitting on a bench in the garden where the ball was being healed. People were dancing along to the music while some peopl... Read Chapter

Land Ho!

A week had passed since the hurricane. We all were a bit baffled from the events, especially so soon after Simon’s passing. However, al... Read Chapter

Another Visit Planned

I sat in the buggy as Mother argued with Mr. Turner. I rested an elbow on the door and my head on my hand. I heard a knock on the buggy's... Read Chapter

Edmund Turner

It didn’t take long to purchase the apples, so we had returned to the man and he fed Jack before we set off on the journey to Connectic... Read Chapter

Beginning of a New Life

I was on the buggy making my way to the Turner mansion the next day. It was just me and James. This was my first time traveling across th... Read Chapter

Shakespearean Lifestyle

After all the introductions, Charles and I tagged along on a trip to the market with Edmund and his fiance. Edmund was being extremely qu... Read Chapter

Shopping and Fights

“My goodness! What is wrong with him? I’m engaged.” I laughed with Hellen. “That’s Charles for you. He clearly thinks your ... Read Chapter


I heard Charlotte shout my name and I immediately knew that something was wrong. I rushed outside to find Edmund and Charles tackling eac... Read Chapter


“How are we supposed to handle this?” I asked Hellen, nudging her elbow. “Charles! We’re leaving! NOW! So, get off the poor l... Read Chapter

Mrs. Jones

I was sitting upstairs in the bedroom I was staying in when someone knocked on the door. “Come in,” I said. The door opened to reveal... Read Chapter

A Failed Experiment

Rose was spinning around in her dress humming different melodies, her hair in a half up half down with a hot pink ribbon that matched her... Read Chapter

The March Sisters

I lectured Charlotte for bothering to try changing my brother’s mind about her. I then went to the buffet table to get some grapes, che... Read Chapter

The Meadow

I got bored at the party. Now and then people would complement me about my beauty or congratulate me. I was missing when life was simple.... Read Chapter


The next day, Charlotte came to the Turner mansion again, with her sister this time. I ignored the door when I heard them arrive. Charlot... Read Chapter

British Girls Annoy Me

“Rose what's wrong?!” I ran up to Rose. “Why are you two fighting?” Rose asked, letting out a sniffle. “I honestly have... Read Chapter


For most of that day, I sat alone in my room reading Macbeth. I didn’t set down my book until once again, there was a knock at the door... Read Chapter


The next day I unwillingly went back to the Turner mansion. I arrived at around ten in the morning. Edmund gave me his normal bow and bro... Read Chapter

My Brother's a Maniac

I finished my supper quickly and then I rushed back upstairs to put my paintings in the frames that I’d hung up the day before. As I wa... Read Chapter

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An dramatic, and deeply emotionally written historical novel. The writing is excellent; the characters are believable.

Tue, October 12th, 2021 9:21pm


Thank you so much for the feedback! We worked very hard on this novel and are glad to hear that you like how it is written.

Tue, October 12th, 2021 2:49pm

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