Sweet Temptation | Book 1 | 18+

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kala Summers is the sweet and innocent girl next door. Ryker Jones is the bad boy too edgy for her. Yet they are drawn together in a complex maze of racing emotions and carnal desire. They know they are no good for each other but can’t find it in them to stay apart. Sweet Temptation is a tale of lust and desire and how far Kala will go to be with the one man she desires most.

Table of Contents

Chapter one

Poetry by Lottie Firth         Down on my knees I’m begging you please   ... Read Chapter

The scarlet

Chapter two    The Scarlet    Kala    That was a kiss? It was mind blowing, perfe... Read Chapter


Chapter three   Tempting   Kala   The ride home was awkward I was glad when it was over and I coul... Read Chapter


Chapter four   Home   Kala   It had been a week.   A whole fucking week.   ... Read Chapter

Welcome home

Chapter five    Welcome home   Kala   Sat at the bar, I ordered his drink, it burned as the... Read Chapter

The red room

Chapter six   The red room    Kala   “You want to be in my world little one?”  ... Read Chapter

Come undone

Chapter seven   Come undone       Kala   Wow, wow, fucking wow, I lay there mo... Read Chapter

Secrets & lies

Chapter eight  Secrets & lies   Kala   My eyes fluttered open, the scent of sex still... Read Chapter

Evil lives here

Chapter nine   Evil lives here   Three days I had been hiding, yes hiding in my apartment, hiding from the re... Read Chapter

In his eyes

Chapter ten In his eyes   Ryker   Shit, she had been nothing, but trouble lately, why would she get herse... Read Chapter

No longer innocent

Chapter eleven   No longer innocent  Ryker    Sitting there it dawned on me, I was going to tel... Read Chapter


Chapter twelve   Confessions        Kala   Blissfully satisfied, I awoke th... Read Chapter

The games we play

Chapter Thirteen The games we play   Kala   I was still reeling from his confession days later, crazy ex... Read Chapter

Completely mine

Chapter fourteen   Completely mine   Stepping out of the elevator threading my fingers through hers, fee... Read Chapter

When a stranger calls

Chapter fifteen   When a stranger calls             Kala &nb... Read Chapter


Chapter seventeen   Lost   Skye   Jogging down the stairs to Kala’s apartment, I had a spri... Read Chapter


Chapter eighteen   Trapped     Kala   I feel eyes on me, cold, dark, sinister, the poundi... Read Chapter


Chapter nineteen   Pandemonium    Ryker   I had sat here for an hour listening to Lily’s ta... Read Chapter


Chapter twenty   Obsession   Kala   I finally had it, I knew how he was going to kill me, with bor... Read Chapter


      Kyle   Shit, shit, what have I done? Looking down at my bloody hands, her bloo... Read Chapter

Broken inside

Ryker   Stumbling back out on the familiar cobbled streets, I felt no peace, no calm, I was locked in a prison of my own min... Read Chapter

Only you

I would never let this happen ever again, not ever, she meant too much to me to lose her, it’s true what they say you don’t know what... Read Chapter


Kala   It had been three weeks since I came home from the hospital, Ryker treated me like I was made of glass, which was inf... Read Chapter

Seduce me

Ryker   Fuck, what was she doing to me, did I want her? What a stupid fucking question to be asking me, of course I fucking ... Read Chapter

Wherever you are, that’s my home

Kala   My body still shook as the pleasure ran all over my body, I could still feel where his fingers had been, when he plac... Read Chapter

Give me heaven

Ryker   Waking up with her in my arms was my idea of heaven, she slept like an angel, watching her chest heave up and down w... Read Chapter

Goodbye Lily

Standing outside pandemonium the rain thrashed down, soaking me, washing over me, cleansing my soul, this was it, the day I was going to ... Read Chapter

Sneaking out

Kala   We had been drinking wine all afternoon, my head started to feel fuzzy, I was happy, elated as we sat through yet ano... Read Chapter

Pop sugar

Ryker   The drive back home was lengthy, I was exhausted the only thing that was getting me through was knowing she was back... Read Chapter

Punish me daddy

Kala   He looked tense just sat there, maybe he wasn’t happy he had to follow us out here, he was probably exhausted after... Read Chapter

Own me

Walking into the bedroom, my heart very nearly stopped beating as I looked at her naked frame sat kneeling before me, she looked so perfe... Read Chapter

Bliss or something like it

Kala   Six months of bliss with Ryker, he had even stopped worrying about Kyle lurking in the shadows, he was still overprot... Read Chapter

The calm before the storm

Ryker    I had been so nervous about today, weeks this had taken to plan, now I was kneeling before her, with my heart ... Read Chapter

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