The Silence that came afterwards A novel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Daniel Moore is a scientist in New York. When he goes on a deep dive one day, he gets into trouble. As a result, his life changes.
The new novel by Robert Helliger.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

*** This book is PG for mild violence, coarse language, adult themes, science fiction themes *** New York, 1962 Daniel Mo... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

'Are you alright, Sir?', Sienna Fraker asked. 'I can't remember'. 'What's your name?', Sienna said. 'Daniel'. 'You h... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

'This is Doctor Martin Oliver, MD. He will assess your brain function in the Neurology Department', Sienna told Daniel. He nodded. T... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Daniel was glad that the machines were working. 'The EEG is good. No epilepsy found. The brain waves are normal', Sienna said. 'I... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Doctor Martin Oliver, MD, looked at the print outs. 'There is no abnormal blimps in the brain scan, Sienna. Daniel suffered a "seizur... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

*** 'Daniel'. 'Yes'. 'It's Sienna. I forgot to mention that the you need medication because of the "seizure" you had during t... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Daniel hadn't slept with a woman since Di Holder left him. The relationship was tumuluous; the screaming was on his frayed nerves. He wat... Read Chapter


Daniel had a bath.  He then got dressed.  The robots served breakfast to him and Sienna. They were eating mushrooom... Read Chapter

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