Light or Fright: part 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: From Pen To Keyboard

Esteemed author, D.K. Brooks, comes out with a brand new Halloween favorite. "One of the best Halloween tales yet...instant classic," -Emily Kingston (Turntables Inc. Ceo)

In 1937 a theme park opened called, Light or Fright. It was open until 1953 when reports of haunted behavior were acted upon, ultimately resulting in the closing of the park. It had laid there, untouched, until 1980, when 3 explorers went into the theme park and never returned. Now the year is 2015 and 17 year old Sebastian is trying to impress his girlfriend, Sam, and his best pal, Liam, by taking them to the park. After years of now one tending to it, the trees grew around it so barely anyone knew where it was. Along the way, the group picks up their 2 other buddies, couple Jay and Devin. The 5 decide to venture into the park but little do they know, this will be the scariest time of their life.

October 31st, 1953

The year was 1953 and the new theme park, Light or Fright, was a booming success. The franchise had been open for 16 years prior and had easily become a household name. However, one day would change everything going forward.

"Can I do that one?" Thomas Dunbar, 6 year old, asked his mom, pointing to the House of Horror attraction.

"Fine, just be back soon," His mom replied.

Little Tommy, as he was know as, ran over to the house. He showed the people his ticket and walked through the doors. The lights were flickering and the room was shaking. The noises coming from every direction sent chills down his spine.

As he ventured forward, he saw a figure in the distance. It called out to him so he followed. As he got closer he could make out a large man with a distorted like face. 

Tommy turned a corner and saw a dark room with flashing lights, blue and purple. He walked into the room and saw the man. The man motioned Tommy over.

"Don't be afraid," The man said in a odly mesmerising voice. "I am just a shadow."

"How can you be just a shadow?" Little Tommy asked.

"Well. I-I don't quite know. I do know...I must feed."

The man jumped at the boy but Tommy was able to avoid him. Tommy tried to run out of the room but the door shut. He banged on it and screamed but no one could here him over the noises. 

Tommy turned around and couldn't see the man anymore. He backed into a corner and watched in horror as the only light source he had, the blue and purple flickering lights, went out. It was silent and dark.

After what seemed like forever, the lights burst back on. In front of Tommy was the man. He had his eyes bloodshot and his hands had turned into claws. 

"Hello," The man said as he grabbed Tommy.

Screams echoed throughout the building as, unbeknownst to the other people, a young boy had just been killed. It would take 5 whole days for them to find Tommy. His mother had filed a missing person case. Then finally a woman said she smelled something horrible coming from a back room. 

They broke open the door and found Little Tommy, well what remained of him, scattered across the room.

October 27th, 2018

"Come on Sebastian! That isn't true," Sam said.

"Yeah bro. Tell a good story once in a while," Liam agreed.

"That is true I swear it! My grandpa used to babysit Little Tommy. He told me all of this," Sebastian defended himself.

The three of them were huddled in Sebastian's treehouse, unable to support over 100 lbs, much less 3 grown teenagers. The storm outside made it much scarier along with the creaks from the wood everytime they moved. 

Sebastian Craven, 17 year old senior, invited his best friend and girlfriend over to have a sleepover. They decided to have a scary story contest. But true stories. His girlfriend, Samantha Loomis, or Sam as they call her, told a dramatic, totally false, retelling of Halloween, while Liam Torrance, Sebastian's best friend, told the story of a man gone crazy while house sitting, which odly resembled The Shining.

Sebastian, on the other hand, told a true story of an unfortanate little boy, lured away from his mom and murdered in a 1953 theme park.

"You guys really don't believe me? You know what, lets go to it. Yeah lets go to the theme park," Sebastian decided.

The others stared at him like he was crazy.

"I'm serious! Our parents already know we are going to be out of the house for the next few days. Let's just skip Fear Fest and go to this theme park. My granpad told me a while ago where it was. They tried covering it up but he remebered. Only thing we would have to do is call Jay and Devin and let them know plans changed."

"You know what? Sure. Lets do it. Besides if your wrong I can just terrorize you for the rest of your life," Liam responded.

"I don't know about this guys. It seems dumb we could get- I don't know arrested?" Sam protested.

The boys both stared her down.

"Ok fine," Sam caved.

October 28th, 2018

"Bye mom, bye dad!" Sebastian hollored as he he got in the car. "Alright let's get this show on the road. Did you call Jay and Devin?"

"Yeah, they are excited," Liam answered.

Jay Vorhees and Devin Hardesty, the on again off again couple. Every group had one. Sebastian pulled up to Jay's house and honked several times. The two came running out. They hopped in the van, they called Nightrider, even though it looked nothing like the car from Nightrider.

"So, creepy 1950's, long lost, only Sebastian's senile grandfather knows where it is, adventure? Fun," Jay said, snarkily.

The group laughed as they headed out, unaware of their, soon to be, untimely demise. 

10 hours later

"Alright guy's we're here," Jay said yawning and wiping the crust from his eyes.

They had decided since it was such a long drive they would switch drivers. For the first 3 hours it was Sebastian. Then for 2 hours, Sam drove. Liam drove for only 1 hour followed by Devin driving for 1 as well. Then Jay drove for the final 3 hours.

They all gazed in wonder at what was in front of them. Sebastian had been telling the truth. What they were looking at was a worn down old theme park. There were trees growing inside of the buildings, coming out of the windows. They could see a sign, half bent, with leaves covering it. They could make out the words Light or Fright. 




They couldn't beleive their eyes. They decided to venture closer. Different kinds of birds flew past and the bushes rustled with noises that didn't sound human. They stuck together, each afraid of something different.

Sebastain was afraid of the man from his grandpa's stories. Liam was more afraid of getting locked in this hell hole. Jay was nervous about the roof would collapse on him and Devin was worried sick that she would miss prom. But Sam was scared of something entirely different. She didn't want her secret to come out and she knew this was the place it would.

Submitted: October 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 D.K. Brooks. All rights reserved.

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