Raghul Tales

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Raghul is hiding under the sofa and he hears the footsteps of his killer. All of a sudden the sound stops.

Raghul was watching his favourite cartoon and enjoying the leisure time he was having before his birthday. His mom who was in the kitchen came rushing towards him and told him that his dad is in someplace drunk and she needs to pick him up. As it is a regular thing which happens every Friday. Raghul nodded and said okay mamma but his voice had pain inside of him. As he thought at least today his dad and mom would be there standing with a cake and singing happy birthday for him. It wasn't the case so he just smiled at his mom and waved at her while she took the car and left the house. He locked the house and switched off the Television. He jumped on his bed and started to play with pillows. He used them as fellow wrestlers and used special moves on them but this couldn't hide the loneliness he was going through. He didn't have any friends waiting for him in a call or his parents with a cake. His phone looked so calm and composed it didn't even receive any vibrations. No texts from anyone It felt to him as no one cared he was born today. It is the one day that is dedicated to him and everyone seems utterly not interested in it.

He sat on the bed and stared at the empty wall. he said to himself that everything would get better one day and he would have a huge group one day to party and have fun.

his teary eyes made god cry with anger and the place started to get heavy rain and thunder.

The current went off and darkness surrounded the room. He could see and hear monsters coming to get him. He starts to shake and feels the need of his mother or dad. He takes his phone and starts to dial his mom's number. He hears a knock on the door while he was dialling. The knock made his whole body tremor in fear. His shaky hands dropped the phone on the floor. He was scared to even step down from his bed as he felt something was under the bed and would catch his hand when he takes the phone. His eyes started to tear up now in fear instead of the sadness he had. He just wanted to not get hurt as he know there are a lot of break-in happening in his neighbourhood.

The noises started to get louder and louder. Each bang on the door got stronger and Rahul felt the door isn't going to withstand this many attacks so he decided to go for his phone with all courage that's left in him.

He looked at the floor and he wasn't able to see his phone as it was dark so he had to search for it. Which made him terrified but he went down and started to sweep the floor with his hands in the hope of finding his phone. 

The bangs stopped when he took the phone. He thought he escaped. He started to dial 911 for help. His face was sweating and his lips shaking in fear of getting beaten up. He was looking everywhere while waiting for the call to be attended. 

When he looked at his window his whole life came in front of him.

A 6ft tall white man with a grey beard looking straight into his soul. He had the smile which killed Raghul. The guy looked at the window and started to laugh as he could break it in a second. He punched on the window. Raghul started to run from his bedroom and into the hall searching for a safe place. The window breaks into million pieces just like Raghul's hope to see the next morning.

As the Windows broke. The Adrenaline rush inside Raghul started to get high. He started running to the hall in search of a hiding place. The Guy slowly pushed each and every piece of glass in the window and got inside the house in search of Raghul. He looks so calm and was searching slowly. It looks like he has that gut feeling no one is going to come home for at least an hour and he can do everything in that one hour itself.

Raghul tries to open all doors but every door was locked by his mum. He couldn't find a way out so he ran upstairs and hid under the sofa set in his parent's bedroom. The guy was relaxed he went to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and grabs the leftover pizza and goes to the utensils box. He grabbed a knife from that and starts to eat it. He then started searching the ground floor completely for Raghul. He isn't able to find Raghul at all.

Raghul started to get panic attacks and was breathing heavily. He tries to jump from the windows but his fear of heights made him dump that Idea. He was praying to every god that is available and hoped his dad or mum would come and save him.

He wanted this to be a nightmare which he is having because of the depression he was going through. He tried to close his eyes tightly and open them again but nothing happened. He tried it multiple times. Each time his breathing issues started to get worse and his whole body started to shake after each time as he realised he is going to die for real. 

The Guy was on the steps and the sound of his footsteps was audible to Raghul. Each step matched his rushing heartbeat. He was stuck in there and felt so helpless. The Guy came into the bedroom and started to search for Raghul. Raghul thought of him as a thief but the guy didn't taking anything. He is searching for Raghul in a room full of precious items. This made everything clear to Raghul. The guy is here for him and now he felt so stupid. He regrets not jumping from the window. He closed his eyes tightly and has his hands shut his mouth and eyes. He wanted to make himself invisible. The darkness started to give him the Imaginative monster thoughts. He felt the monster thoughts are better than the guy. He starts to feel a physical touch on his legs. He knows the monsters can't touch him so when he opens his eyes and see that the guy is looking at him with a smile and is catching his legs.

In a second everything looked dark to Raghul. As the guy pulled Raghul out of his place and starts to punch him in the face multiple times. Raghul is shouting in pain and his face is bleeding from all sides. Raghul faints after few minutes. The guy carries him on his shoulder and decides to leave the house.

He is walking towards the step to reach to the ground floor. The time he reaches the first step.

He is hearing the voices of people quarrelling. He lays low and looks at the door with the hope to escape with the kid. The door opens slowly and It is Raghul's mum and dad. They both walk inside quarrelling about the Incident.

Raghul's mum was shouting at Raakesh( Raghul's father). Who was unconscious and looked half dead. She took him to the sofa and dropped him safely there. As the place didn't have any light she took her phone and switched on the torchlight and tried to look for Raghul. She thought he was sleeping quietly but when she went to his room. There were pieces of glass shattered all over the place. When she saw the blood in the window her heart stopped for a moment. she couldn't breathe properly looking at the room and realising her son is missing. She started to shout Raghuls name continuously.

She ran to the hall and started to slap Raakesh multiple times. She started shouting at him and pulling the collar of his shirt vigorously to wake him up but it was of no use. She spit on Raakesh's face and decided to find her son on her own. she dialled 911 and was waiting in line while looking at all sides of the house. She still didn't think about searching the first floor. 

The guy was laying on the floor looking at all the things which are happening. He started to smile. He felt happiness in making people cry.  Seeing her cry and act weak made him feel that urge to kill her too so he took Raghul and placed him on the corner.

The place was so dark so he couldn't see her and she wasn't aware that the killer is still in the house. He started to slowly gain on her. The 911 operator attended the call and in that sudden situation, she turned towards the steps.

The guy reacted quickly and hid at the bottom of the staircase. She started to speak about things she witnessed in her house to the 911 operator. They told her a cop nearby is already on his way and everything will be fine soon. These words didn't help her at all. She didn't have the trust in the government or the cops so She started to run from her house to each and every neighbour asking about her son. hoping anyone saw what happened. She started to shout his name multiple times but her voice started to break after few minutes.

The guy decided he can kill her some other time but for now he's going to take Raghul as a souvenir. He looked at Raakesh for a good one minute and didn't do anything. He went to Raghul carried him on his shoulders and got to the window. He looked at the sky for a minute and then jumped from there. 

The guy misjudged his jump and landed on the cement tank so he broke his leg. He started to bite his hands very hard so that he doesn't shout in pain. His hand started to bleed but he just continued biting. After that, he started to limp with pain and Raghul on his shoulders.

He went out of their yard to the roads. What he saw made him feel terrified. The whole locality was searching for Raghul. Every Indian in the Society were searching with Rani (Raghul's mom). This is a society consisting of Twenty Indian households so If he can cross this means he can get to his car and get away.

The cop car arrived and the cops came out. The cops joined the search with Raghul's mom and promised her they will find her son as soon as possible.

The guy was confused and he was sitting in the bushes. He wanted to take Raghul to his place so that he can make him feel excruciating pain and enjoy giving pain to that kid but it looks like he needs to kill the kid right now and just leave. He was very confused.

He decided to take the risk and not miss out on the enjoyment. He started punching Raghul on the face again so that he doesn't wake up for at least an hour or so. 

Raghul who is unconscious still felt the pain and his eyes were tearing up. Those punches the guy threw on Raghul shook the bushes a lot. A guy in the search party noticed this and decided to check it out so he took his torchlight and started to walk towards the bush.


The Search party is searching for Raghul in full swing. One among the search party saw the bushes move so he starts to go towards it to check if there is anything in it. While he is moving towards it The Guy starts to panic. As there is a mob of people who will kill him before asking any question if gets caught. He tries to calm himself and think about what he needs to do. The search party is alerted about the bush and the whole mob is coming towards the bushes. The guy starts to get dizzy and all his previous memory flashes in front of him.

He faints and he gets back to the past. He wakes up in his college dorm and looks so happy. The guy got up and is combing his hair and singing a swiftie song with a girlish vibe. Raakesh (Raghul's father) opens the door and looks at him in an awkward way. Both of them stare at each other for a good one minute. After that Raakesh shouts "Mike do you need an Invitation to kiss?" After that Mike ran to raakesh and started to kiss him with passion. 

After kissing They both sat on the bed and were discussing going to class today. Raakesh wanted Mike to meet his parents but Mike seemed to be not okay with it. As he felt they wouldn't accept him in their family. 

Raakesh tried to convince him but Mike was still reluctant. In the end, Raakesh looked at Mike and asked him " If you're scared to meet my parents now, how will you ask my dad for my hand in marriage?". This hit Mike as he was so madly in love with Raakesh. He said to Raakesh He'll meet his parents today for dinner. Raakesh was so happy with Mike, He called his parents and sisters and told them he'll join them for dinner. They were excited to meet him after a long time so they told him they are making a feast and going to call all their relatives. Raakesh was quite shocked to hear that as he didn't want to scare mike off by having huge Indian dining but he hope Mike would enjoy it.

Raakesh was asking mike to dress properly and behave well so his parents like him. Mike was actually breaking apart inside. He didn't know what to expect and he was overthinking everything. What if they tell him fuck of you white cunt and all. He was expecting a huge drama in the dining. The thing is he didn't want to let Rakesh down so he told himself to act confident and chill. 

Raakesh took his bag and opened the zip. He took some joint that was already rolled and in shape. They both decided to smoke pot and then have sex then later they can start the trip too Raakesh's parents home. Mike sat near the window and Raakesh sat on his lap. They shared the joint and smoked it slowly. They looked at the window and were rating all the couples and commenting on them. After a while, Raakesh kissed mike and went to sleep.

Mike looked at the empty sky and was getting obnoxious. Mike never knew his dad or mom just like harry potter he grew with an abusive uncle and Raakesh is the only person he cares about and the only person who genuinely cares about mike so he can't imagine a life without him and the first meet with his very important for this relationship to last very long so he was having a lot on his shoulders today.

he slept on the chair itself when he was thinking. Raakesh woke him up at evening 4pm. He looked so angry as he told Mike to wake him in few hours and it's been 8 hours now and he's sleeping. They should've reached the place by now and helped him mum in cooking but it's all fucked up.

They both got ready very quickly as Raakesh told him to wear anything and come. Mike wore a kurta and came out looking like eye candy. Raakesh looked at him and was like If am not angry I would have eaten you right now. They both shared a smile for that quirky comedy. 

Mike started his car and they started their trip to Raakesh's parents home. They were driving at extreme speed so they can at least reach the place for dinner. Raakesh was smoking a joint in the car to relax and face his parents and relatives for the night.

They both reached Raakesh's house and Raakes's parents opened the house and it was jam-packed with at least 15 people. Both Raakesh and mike started to sweat after this.


Mike was having that awkward smile while meeting his parents. the whole family were delighted to see Raghul and they started to hug him one by one. As much as mike liked his boyfriend having fun. He too wanted the thing he had people who cared. He looked at them with teary eyes and a hope that one day he'll be part of the family too.

Raakesh's mom Looked at Mike and greeted him and told him to join them in dining. His dad also gave him a friendly nod. All the kids were so excited to see mike and they were all burying him with questions about his family and stuff. Mike was enjoying the moment and he looked at Raakesh who was being surrounded by all the aunts and uncles. He was struggling with something which was visible from a distance but Mike couldn't leave the kids so he decided to ask Raakesh afterwards.

Raakesh's mom called everyone for dinner so everyone came and sat at the dining table. Everyone was having multiple discussions starting from politics to neighbourhood relationships. Raakesh was looking at the mike with a worried face and It was killing mike inside.  Mike just wanted to push everyone and run towards him and ask him what is the reason you look worried but he just stared at him calmly.

Raakesh's dad and mom came to the table and said every one to start eating. their maids started to serve varieties of food to everyone. Mike started to eat the food but he felt that something is not right so he looked at everyone's face. Everyone looked so happy and delighted. It doesn't look like a normal day so Mike felt there is something huge is about to be unravelled. That is exactly what happened. Raakesh's dad got up and asked everyone to listen for a minute.  Raakesh's dad shouted that they have found an alliance for their son. Mike was dead inside for a moment and he looked at Raakesh and was hoping for him to fight with his father but nothing like that happened. Mike couldn't handle the situation he got up and he walked out of that place. Everyone who was congratulating Raakesh didn't notice this at all. Raakesh was the only one who saw this. He got up and walked outside. Raakesh's dad and mom both were confused with his behaviour and they followed him and calling him. He didn't turn back at all he went to mike who was smoking a joint near the car.

 He stood near him and didn't speak a word. Mike looked at him and asked him "you said your parents knew?".

Raakesh who was silent the whole time started speaking. He said " No Mike no one knows. Do you really think I can say am gay to my father? You think it's that easy. He would kill me while am sleeping or my mum would poison me in the dinner itself. It is not as easy for us Indians to see gay people as a disease".

Mike looked at him and asked why you lied to me then?.

Raakesh told mike that he never lied and he still loves him and will marry him only. Mike looking at him with a delighted face. They both start to kiss.

Raakesh's dad and mom looking at them with visible confusion. His dad is furious and he takes a stick to beat the shit out of Raakesh. All the relatives are murmuring between themselves about the kiss. The kids are smiling and clapping for the lovely kiss.

Raakesh's mum starts to cry and abuse Mike with all sorts of words. His dad ran to them and starts to hit Raakesh multiple times. He is shouting at him for destroying the Manhood of the family. He is shouting that the tradition is lost in the bloodline and the bloodline has become impure because of Raakesh. 

Mike caught the stick and threw it away. Raakesh who is smiling with his eyes tearing up Looks at his father. He asks him that " you told me you are progressive and you support gay marriage to me when you saw some news then what is the issue now dad?"

his dad looking at him and all the family members there didn't speak a thing. Mike was furious by the fake wokeism his family has. They all act like they are progressive when it happens outside and they like it and share it but when it happens to them or to their family members they show their true colours. Mike's dad shouts at him that these are all lust and not love, You are being drugged by this white guy. Mike who was looking at this started to laugh. He caught Raakesh's hand and shouted " This is the man I love and going to marry".

Raakesh and Mike both started to laugh and kiss again. His dad looking at this couldn't handle this and his mum ran to raakesh and started to plead to him to come back and marry a girl. She started to say that he can marry any girl he wishes. Raakesh didn't even take his lip out of Mike. Raakesh's dad caught his wives hand and told her that their son is dead and from now on we won't speak to him. He pulled her with him and they went back to their house and locked the doors.

Mike looked at Raakesh and was not able to believe anything. Mike was so in love with him that he would kill for Raakesh after what happened now. He just left his whole family for Mike. Raakesh looked at Mike's eyes and told him " It's just us from now till death then".

Mike laughed at him and was so happy that he started to cry and shout like an animal. Hw couldn't handle it this is too much of happiness for him at one moment. A guy with no one to care for him has a lover who is ready to do anything for him and that made mike the happiest man in the world. Mike asked Raakesh "what's the one thing he wants to do now?"

Raakesh looked at him and said anything with you. Mike nodded and told him he'll take him to his favourite place. 

They both got into the car and were going for a long ride again. Mike was so pumped that he started to drive the car at full speed and blasting the song on both the speakers. He was dancing and singing along with the audio. While Raakesh was looking at him having fun.

Mike started to get a bit dizzy after the pot he smoked. As usual, he got a bit sleepy while sitting and left the steering wheel. Raakesh also got tired from the travel and he slept and he didn't notice anything at all. As it was a straight road the car went smoothly but all of a sudden the speed started to increase. Mike was pressing the accelerator without even knowing it while he was asleep.

Raakesh felt a bit nauseous due to some reason and he got up. He saw that they were gonna dash on a truck so he pushed Mike and woke him up. Mike when he saw that they were just a few metres away from the truck he took the legs and pulled the handbrake to stop the car.

The car started to spin multiple times and the tail end of the car hit the lorry so it started TO spin even more. Raakesh caught the hands of mike and said to I love you. After hearing that Mike wanted to say it back but before he could the car hit the barricade and everything went blank. 

Mike is back to the present and he looks concerned about the guy coming towards him. He wants to torture and kill Raghul as he feels he is the reason they are not together. he controls his pain and tries to choke Raghul with his hands. He is not satisfied with it as he wants to torture him to death but there is no choice in here so he chokes him hard. The guy clears the bush to see Mike choking Raghul. He pushes mike away from Raghul and jumps on him to wrestle him. Mike is a 6Ft guy with the rage of love. He just carried that Indian guy threw him on the fence.

The search party surrounded him on all sides. The cops were telling him to surrender or else die. Raghul's mom didn't understand what her child did to go through such a violent act. 

she was crying looking at the bruises on raghul's face and couldn't handle her emotion. The cops started to gain on Mike. Mike was standing there and had lost all hope of escaping. Right now he is ready to do anything to kill them both so he looks at both of them. He sets them as his target. The whole place is filled with noise and everything but he looks at them in a calm and composed way just like a lion looks at its meat.

As he was getting surrounded he was about to take his gun from the back. At that time Raakesh came out of the house and looked at Raghul and ran to him. Seeing his son unconscious and bleeding on all sides destroyed Raakesh. He looked around and found all his neighbours and cops. He didn't understand what was going on but when he was looking at everyone. He saw Mike, he couldn't believe his for a moment. He started to run towards him to hug him but mike didn't even bat an eye. The cops stopped Raakesh and told him that he is the reason behind his son's bruises and he tried to kill his son. Raakesh couldn't believe what the cop said. He pushed the cop aside and told him he would never hurt me, He went to Mike and looked at him for a moment like the past.

His wife couldn't believe what was happening she was shouting raakesh and telling the cops to shoot both of them. Raakesh told the cops to give him a minute before doing anything as he can de-escalate the situation.

Raakesh asked him "why didn't come to me before? I thought you were dead and everyone told me that. I even searched for you in every place we've been to. Where were you?"

Mike looking at him with anger. Once the accident happened the hospital called your parents and informed them so they came and took you to India for treatment. I cried to the hospital guys to not call them but they didn't listen. After that, they showed the accident as a reason and filed a restraining order against me once you guys were back. I was arrested two times for trying to reach, do you know that? No right. Raakesh nodded. Because you forgot me and fucked women and now have a kid with her. You just easily moved on in a year or two. From then on I watched your Facebook and Instagram and I would cry myself to bed every day. I would be alone in a room and drinking while you celebrate your kids birthday in the Maldives with champagne. It was never her life this was supposed to be mine. One day It hit me that I can kill them both and be with you again. Like we used to be. it is still possible right raakesh?

Raakesh couldn't believe how much mike has changed and how much he has been affected. He hugged Mike tightly and told him he still loves him but is bisexual and Is in love with that woman. Loving one person doesn't give you the right to kill anyone. Do you think am happy with life? No. Do I wish we were together every day and hoped you fucker didn't do the accident every day? yes. Raakesh hit Mike in the face and started to punch him multiple times. You fucker If not for you we would have been together and you should have felt happy that I was doing good but you felt that urge to destroy my life and make it yours. 

you ain't the mike I loved but I know he is still there. You just hurt a little child and decided to kill him so just think about what you did in jail go.

Mike looking at him confused and he couldn't get what he said. He was blinded by love and hate. The cops surrounded mike and arrested him and the cops promised Raghul's mom that Mike will never set foot on free land ever. He'll stay in jail for the rest of his life. The ambulance arrived and Raghul was carried on it for urgent medical treatment. The doctor started to check him and he was gaining conscience at the time, 

Raghul's mom and dad came aside to speak about everything in life. Raakesh looked at her and promised her that he would never drink but that didn't change her hate towards him. She told him she wants a divorce and she can't have such a character in her son's life who will influence him badly. Raakesh told her to challenge him in court for his son's custody.

They both shook hands and decided to get divorced and fight for Raghul's custody. Raghul was safe and he woke up after a few hours in the hospital and had that traumatic situation run inside of him infinite times. He started to shout his mum and dad's names. Once they were there he wanted them to sit beside him and be with him forever.

They were hating each other right now but they decided to act so that their child can blossom into a nice young man.





Submitted: October 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Raja Arun Elango. All rights reserved.

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