A Door Is Not Just A Door

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A door is not just a door.

A Door Is Not Just A Door


They come in different dimensions and shapes

Like trap doors, often used for escapes

So a door, for sure, is not just the door


A door is not just an opening horizontal with the floor

It’s an opening or a gateway to something new to explore


A door can open and close on its own 

Unlike a broken heart or one bursting apart 

Neither one happens alone


Then there’s your car door

If it’s Porsche, then it’s like sitting on the floor

Surrounded by superficial rapport

But you got speed galore


If you’re thirsty, and Kirsty no longer quenches your thirst, you’ll want more

Give this some thought first


I think it’s better to walk out the door, before the same woman that made you feel loved and adorned, realizes it’s you she despises, and is now a woman scorned


You saw the stop signs, which you chose to ignore

Now you’re off track like a garage door


Check yourself, before 

you wreck yourself

You know this relationship will not endure


Folks bag their skeletons and hide secrets behind closet doors 

But once reveled, your fate’s sealed, and truth exudes your pores 


A door is not just a door 

Many types for sure

Hopefully after reading this, you’ll think of doors differently than you did before 


Written By:


Xavier Jarrell McClinton


Submitted: October 13, 2021

© Copyright 2023 xavier jarrell. All rights reserved.

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