Wanted for pleasure | book 2 | 18+

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

He's mine, he was always mine. Lily has a secret obsession, an obsession of love. When the devil offers you the deal of a lifetime would you take it? He is dark. He is dangerous. He will steal more than just your heart. What happens when you play a twisted game. Some obsessions can be deadly. Lily can't let Ryker go, he's with her, she knows he's with her, she's been watching them for days, what happens when you enter the unbreakable couple in a dangerous game, a deadly game that will push all the contestants to their limits. Will they fall or will love conquer all...

Table of Contents

Chapter one

Lily   “Lily?”   “Hey gorgeous, did you miss me?”   He just stood there blinking rapidly, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

              Ryker   Just fucking perfect, Lily the fuc... Read Chapter

Chapter three

Lily   All the packages had been sent out, boy I wish I could have seen there faces as they opened them, tonight was going t... Read Chapter

Tease me

Charlie’s flashback   Lily had been a mysterious case, opening her file, I read who this mysterious woman was and what had... Read Chapter


Lily’s flashback   Doctor hottie had a few sessions with me after the unfortunate accident which still made me blush, poor... Read Chapter

A deal with the devil

Charlie’s flashback   I had her, I knew I had her, she was a sweet little pawn in my game and I knew it would be delicious... Read Chapter


Present day       Lily   Charlie Dalton was dangerous, I knew that, he was the kind of danger... Read Chapter

The first contestants

Charlie   Five minutes they had been here and already there was tension, with Ryker here I knew there would be, it had been ... Read Chapter

A mix up

Kala   Ryker didn’t speak the whole ride home, he seemed on edge but of course I knew why, I’d spent the night in a room... Read Chapter

An interview with the devil

Day one       Kala   Charlie was wrong, Ryker didn’t fuck me that night, in fact he had bee... Read Chapter


Kala   What the fuck was I doing? I shouldn’t be here, I most definitely shouldn’t be naked, and I most definitely shoul... Read Chapter

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