Chapter 2: The party

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Walking down the stairs in my skin tight crimson dress that hugged me like a second skin, the party was in full swing, the beat from the music danced beneath my feet, scanning my surroundings there were masses of people everywhere, singing, dancing, drinking but none of them I recognized, I quickly made my way to the kitchen, opening the fridge and leaning into it scanning the contents, suddenly I froze as I felt hands come up around me, the stale scent of alcohol wafted around me as he breathed on my neck, I swung myself around to face who had inadvertently gave themself permission to maul me from behind.

“Jamie would you like to take your hands off of my ass” I shouted a little too loudly.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t like it” he slurred.

I scowled at him, who was pretending? Jamie was the equivalent of a male chauvinist pig but I preferred to just refer to him as a dick.

“I said take your hands off of me”

Before I knew what was happening he grabbed the back of my neck, forcefully pushing me up against the now closed fridge, I tried to wriggle but his body stiffly held me in the position I couldn’t wriggle out of.

“Jamie let me go” I screamed as his mouth came towards mine.

“I said no” still screaming but no matter what I said or how much I screamed he didn’t listen, the aroma of stench alcohol that wafted from his breath was starting to make me feel sick.

Before I knew what was happening Jamie the pig was thrust away from me, turning my head to see what had happened there was Jamie held upright in Sin’s grip as his fist connected with Jamie’s face, the trickle of blood ran down his nose dropping onto his crisp white shirt, turning his head Sin gazed at me.

“You okay Cat?” I just nodded, shaken I couldn’t move or speak, I slivered down the fridge that had been holding me up as my legs finally gave way, Blaine charged into the kitchen.

“What’s going on in here?”

“Catalina? Oh my god what happened” he ran towards me kneeling and stroking my hair as he’d always done.

“I’m okay Blaine, Sin saved me” I smiled in Sin’s direction.

“Sin take my sister back to her room” Blaine gritted.

“It’s fine, I’m okay, he’s just drunk”

“No excuse” Blaine spat back.

“Sin” my brother yelled once more, Sin just nodded as he finally released Jamie and pulled me up guiding me out of the room towards the stairs.

“Touch my sister –“ I faintly heard Blaine scream as I was ushered away.

 Back safely in my room Sin entered and closed the door behind him.

“What are you doing?”

“What your brother told me to do”

“He told you to stay with me?”


Sin walked towards my bed and sat down with his hands in his head looking down at his feet.

“Will you come sit down” his muffled voice spoke.

Slowly I walked towards Sin, he looked beaten, down, a shadow of his former self, Sin always reminded me of someone strong, he was always smiling and happy like he lived in a perfect world, he never let anything get to him but here he was in my room, oh shit, Sin was in my room, not exactly how I’d often pictured it in my head but here he was and he was sat on my bed, oh my god! I’d never wash my sheets again! If he didn’t look so down trodden I’d be doing a merry dance, but that would look weird, I didn’t want him to think I was weird, shit, when did I start caring about what Sin thought of me.

“Are you going to sit down or not” Sin interrupted my manic thoughts.

Slowly I walked towards the bed and felt the mattress move as I plonked myself beside Sin.

“Are you okay?” I place a hand on Sin’s shoulder.

“I’m fine, my hero protected me” I smiled.

“I just keep thinking what could have happened if –“

“But you was there Sin just like you always are and I’m fine”

Sin finally brought his head up his eyes gazing across my face as it always did, bringing his hand up he slowly brushed my cheek with his fingertips, I shuddered at the light touch Sin gave me as he stroked my face, so this is what heaven felt like, small goosebumps ran across me and I foughtthe urge not to moan with the light strokes he gave me with only the tips of his fingers.

“Do you know how beautiful you are”

Was that a question?

Was I supposed to answer?

Wait! Did he say beautiful? 

“Your drunk”

“No I’m not”

“You must be”

“I must be drunk because I told you I think your beautiful?” 

“Yes” I nodded, in case my yes wasn’t enough.

“Silly little Cat”

“Sin –“ I placed my hands on his chest, ready to playfully push him as I’d always done but I felt his hand move around my face, cupping me closer to him, his soft lips enclosed around mine and without thinking I closed my eyes as I felt his lips move expertly across mine, gasping into his mouth as his sweet kisses sent twinges to my clit.

My heart was beating faster as his soft lips moved delicately across mine and within moments his tongue was in my mouth, exploring me, opening me up, reaching the deepest parts of my soul and setting my heart on fire, with each gasp that left my lips, it was all for him, he was my sinful desire and he tasted like the sweetest fruit that was deliciously forbidden, my forbidden lust grew as he took my bottom lip between his lips and suckled and right then and there I exploded inside, every piece of me was built for Sin.

Every touch, every gasp, made me feel alive, I floated like I was floating on air, Sin had touched apart of me and awoken in myself what I never knew existed, even if he was drunk I’d finally tasted him and he tasted sweet.

I wanted more.

Submitted: October 15, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Lottie Firth. All rights reserved.


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