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Chapter 1-Xen

¨Ugh… My head hurts.¨ I sit up in my bed and rub my eyes. I grab the glass of water I have beside my bed and chug it all. I look at the clock, it reads 4:48 AM. ¨so early...¨ As I get up off of my bed I catch a glimpse of something on my hand. It’s writing that says ¨5:00 meet Leif¨ My head shoots up ¨Oh shit I totally forgot¨ I start rushing to get ready. By the time I have my clothes on and hair brushed the clock reads 4:57. I grab my backpack and rush out the door. 


¨A bit late arentcha?¨ Leif says with a giggle. I glance down at my watch, 5:13. ¨Yeah yeah whatever.¨ I say with a playful tone in my voice. ¨No time to waste then!¨ she says, grabbing my hand ¨Lets go!¨ She starts practically dragging me through the forest. 


As we arrived at the fork in the path she let go of my wrist and I grabbed my bag off of my back. I reached in and grabbed a map. I study it for a few seconds ¨uh… Leif?¨ I say with a bit of concern. ¨hm?¨ She says looking up from a mushroom she had been taking notes on. ¨Where exactly are we?¨ She immediately looked a mix of confused and concern. It wouldn’t be the first time we got lost here but we thought we had explored every inch of this forest. 


¨we passed the oak tree with the purple vines on it although I didn’t see the old raspberry bushes...¨ She looks so worried. I put down the map and reached for my compass but it wasn't in my bag. I sat down on a rock and started scouring around my bag thinking I must have glazed over it. I knew I had not left it at home. Leif was now helping me look around my bag. She knows that I would have never taken it out of my bag but it was nowhere to be found.


¨ I'm gonna look at the map again¨ She said as she got up. ¨Yeah ok¨ I replied, not looking up. There was a few seconds of silence and then ¨Uh..where did you put it?¨ I looked up from my bag to where I had set the map and it was no longer there. ¨I must have misplaced it.¨ I started looking around in this clearing but it also seemed to vanish out of thin air. It was then I realized the forest looked different. There were only 2 paths instead of three. I opened my mouth to say something to Leif but she got to it before I did. ¨ Where's the path?¨ Her voice was shaky, she was almost crying. ¨I don't know...¨ I said, trying to sound as calm as possible. ¨I think we should just go and we are bound to find someone that can help, right?¨ ¨you're right¨ She sighed.


I grabbed Leifs hand, not as tightly as she had grabbed mine, and we were off. As we were walking through the forest her breathing was still shaky and I would be lying if I said mine wasn't as well. After about a mile of walking, we were not getting anywhere. It all looked so new and it was getting dark. ¨we should set up camp¨ I offered. ¨yeah that’s probably a good idea, still got that lighter on ya?¨ she asked. ¨yep! I will go get wood, you can set up the sleeping bags in my backpack. I may also have some food if you need¨ I said as I walked deeper into the forest.


I looked down at my watch as I was picking up sticks. 6:07 PM. Dad is gonna kill me when I get home. The autumn leaves crunched below my feet as I walked down the dirt path. As I was walking I caught a glimpse of something purple. I turned around and walked back and I saw a field of beautiful purple flowers. I took a mental note of this and finished grabbing wood. While going back to the camp I picked one of them. 


¨Look what I found¨ I sang as I walked into the camp. Leif had always had an odd obsession with flowers and I thought allowing her to study one would calm her down.

¨Hm?¨ there was a slight pause and then

¨OHMYGODWHEREDIDYOUFINDTHAT¨ She exclaimed so loud I thought the trees would fall over.

¨In a field over¨ I started

¨WHERE?!?¨ She interrupted

I sigh and smile ¨over here¨ We started walking back towards the field and when Leif saw it, She lost it. She ran straight into the field and started writing down in her notes and studying the flowers. A butterfly landed on her head and she didn’t even notice. I listened as she was murmuring about something like an aromatic aster.


I looked down at my watch and it was 7:16. ¨Leif! I think we should head back¨ She looked up from her flower and nodded. She got up and ran towards me, smiling. We went back to the camp and Leif fell asleep right away. I, however, took a bit longer. I couldn’t help but worry. I can’t believe we got lost in these woods. Hell, we have been coming here for at least 5 years by now.


I looked down at my watch. 10:36. I decided I would draw so I grabbed my sketchbook and pencil, lit the fire, and began to draw. I started to draw the outline of something. I couldn’t really decide what it was. It was a human. I know that humans are just kids' stories but I still love drawing them. By the time I was done with my drawing my watch read 3:06. I decided I should probably go to sleep so I got up and lied down. I closed my eyes and passed out recently


I woke up to a barrage of voices. I opened my eyes and saw a little girl right in my face. I am of course startled. This small child yells ¨HI IM MACY WHAT’S YOUR NAME¨ I flinch at the sudden loud noise and take a second to process the words that were just screamed in my ear. ¨I- Uhm-¨  She cut me off with another barrage of questions about my favorite color and candy. An older guy pipes up and says ¨Macy, sweetie, leave the poor kid alone.¨ The small girl backs up a bit and I get a good look at where I am. It is a rather small room with a bed and a desk which was covered in hand sanitizer, bandages, and masks. There were 3 people in the room with me. A man who was in his late 30s and had a bloody bandage over his eye, a woman who was in her early 20s and who had a robotic leg, And then there was the Macy who had pigments on her skin(possibly vitiligo im not sure)


¨You must be so confused¨ The woman said. I nodded. Another girl walked into the room. She looked to be in her late teens. She said ¨The goat girl is looking for her friend.¨ She began and then she looked at me ¨do ya know her?¨ Im not going to lie I was pretty intimidated by her. Though she seemed to be only about 5´4 she looked as if she could kick my butt. I stammered out a ¨Y-yeah¨ Ok come with me. She said as she started to walk out of the room. I got up and hurried out behind her

Chapter 2-Leif

I woke up in a strange room. I could hear voices in another room next to me but I didn’t recognize them. I sat up feeling groggy and tried to recount the events from last night but none of them could explain how I ended up here. I looked around and it seemed I was in an infirmary of sorts. Then a woman walked into the room. She seemed a bit older than me although we were roughly the same height. ¨oh you’re awake.¨ she said not really caring. Then it hit me. Where was Xen? ¨uh- Uhm yeah¨ I replied stuttering more than I thought I would ¨do you know where my friend is? They-¨ she cut me off before I could finish ¨Yeah he’s in the room right over there¨ she said pointing at where the voices were coming from.¨Ill go get him¨


As she walked out of the room I began to try and understand what happened. The last thing I remember was falling asleep in the woods. Then Xen walked into the room and they looked so tired and confused. I probably looked like that too. He sat down on the bed and asked if I was alright. I nodded. I then looked at the woman. ¨uh where are we?¨ I knew I needed to get home to my family. ¨I will let William explain that one. I have other things to attend to.¨ and then she left the room. ¨uh whos William?¨ I asked. Xen thought for a second and then replied with ¨ I think I saw him a few minutes ago, he might have been the guy in the room with me...¨ Just as he said that a tall man walked into the room. He had a bloody bandage over one eye. ¨Hey kids¨ He said in a calm yet booming voice. I waved. Xen wasing skipping anything and asked ¨Where are we and who are you. He chuckled and replied ¨ alright alright ill tell you¨


¨About 15 years ago a camp was made for people that werent normal. People who didnt fir in with their peers. We thought this camp was going to be a support place for the people such as us. However as soon as we got there it was apparent it was not. The councelers would try ti make us like everyone else. It was different for everyone and it was terrible. We were told we could never go back to our families until we were normal but everyone knew we could never become like everyone else. They didnt treat us like people. We were figuratively and litteraly torn apart. So after one year of the camp being open, the campers planned an escape. The camp was surrounded by a wall tha had barbed wire at the top. The only way to get out was to go through a building that the camp owner slept in and open a deadbolt locked door. So, one person, Jamie Wixx, volunteered to sacrifice herself and distract the owner and councelers as we escaped. I can still hear her screams as the owner took the anger of losing all of these kids out on Jamie. We ran off deep into the woods far enough so they wouldnt find us. We set up a shelter and it grew from there. Now we take in others that are considered not normal.¨


As I was still comprheanding all of that Xen asked ¨But why are WE here? We ARE normal¨ I hit his leg as he said that but william just looked confused. ¨But kid...your ears...and you¨ He looked at me¨ You look half goat!¨”Now me and Xen were confused ¨Yeah…? Im a sayr?¨ I said. He looked at me with shock. ¨Y-your real?¨ I was even more confused now ¨Next thing youre gonna tell me your a human¨ Xen said in a joking matter...Silence ¨You arent a human...are you?¨ William nodded¨ and you are...¨ Xen replied rather swiftly ¨an elf¨ 


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