Short Story 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

“You wanna do something fun?” I asked my best friend Jesina.

“I don’t know. It depends on what you have in mind.” She said. She has never really been one for trouble, always choosing to be a goody two shoes instead. It can get quite irritating sometimes. Unfortunately, I am infatuated with her. But no matter, today are going to change…

“Don’t worry,” I said, turning away from her. A fond smile made its way onto my face. “Everything will be just fine. There is nothing to worry about in the slightest.”

“Ok!” She said happily. Hehe, such an innocent woman.

I led her away, down the mountain on which our village lay. I led her further into the forest below, and down to the mines. Jesina, who has said nothing throughout the entire journey, finally spoke. 

“Marcell, Do you think this is a good idea?” She asked. There was something in her tone that I couldn’t place... 

“Yes Jesina. I am absolutely positive.” I said as we went further down. Finally I had her downstairs in a dark room, only lit by a single candle. A bit further into the room in a dinner I had made just before I picked her up. A surprise for her birthday. But before I went any further, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. The silver tip of a blade poked out. I fell to the floor clutching the wound. The candle had rolled ahead, lighting up the rest of the room. Looking behind me, I saw Jes looking around the room with a shocked expression.

Finally she looked at me, her face changing to one of horror. 

“Marc!” She yelled. I stopped her with a face full of betrayal.

“Why?” I asked. Tears ran down her face.

“Th-they said you were going to kill me. I’m sorry! I was scared. Please forgive me! I’m sorry!” She said,

I forgive you. I tried to say. But nothing came out but blood. The room started to spin and darken. Then everything went black.

Third point of view:

Jesina stared in shock at what she had done. Slowly she made her way over to the table to see in full what her, now deceased, crush had set out for them. It was a small dinner. Nothing fancy, Just chicken and rice, but it is just enough for two 23 year olds. There was a bouquet of flowers in the middle of the table. Chrysanthemums, her favorite... 

There was a note, carefully placed just barley in view under her plate. Carefully, Jesina took the note and read it,

Dear Jesina,

I set up this dinner just for you. I bet you are wondering why though. THe reason why is because, I love you! I have since we were just children. So I set this up to tell you so. And I choose this day because it is special.

           Happy Birthday my love,


Jesina felt tears running down her face as she clutched the note to her chest. She was so filled with grief, that she let out a scream. It was so loud and pain filled, that it shook the walls. And with that, everything collapsed. Both were buried, never to be seen again...


Submitted: October 14, 2021

© Copyright 2022 LysiaErRoRBalance. All rights reserved.

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