The Woodcreek Village

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sofia's graduation party has finally arrived. Her friends and classmates can't wait to party one last time together. The night ends up baring an even greater surprise than any of them expected. Finding a way home ends up being harder than planned.

Table of Contents

Getting ready, Ignoring the Thought

Hurrying around her room, Sofia rushes to finish off her outfit. She'll make sure this time she won't be blamed for them being late. Her ... Read Chapter

Best Friends and All

“Jo.”. A smoke cloud rises from Sofia’s mouth. Just the thought of her friend brings a gentle smile to her lips. She didn’t k... Read Chapter

Scene One.....

Sofia’s dream is a random memory of her with her friends. She finds herself sitting on a swing absently swaying side to side. In front ... Read Chapter

Future Nerves

Erica leads them up a hill...with a nice incline...that neither one of them appreciates. The smell of saltwater increases the higher they... Read Chapter

The Group

Sofia glances down at Josie to see her reaction to all the parked vehicles. She looks relieved to finally see others and straighten a lit... Read Chapter

The Football Seniors

“Can we get going now.”. Erica is already ascending the steps of the bus. Sofia shakes her head as Carly and Josie giggle, formin... Read Chapter

Two Hours on This Bus

Two hours later and the party is raging on. Smoke clouds the space, fogging up the tinted windows. The mixture of heat and whatever Shawn... Read Chapter

Cue the Cheerleaders...Tension

“I wouldn’t mind being in the middle of you four.”…... Shawn’s voice cuts through their giggles. Wiping her eyes, Erica rel... Read Chapter

The Party is Over

Sofia leans into the sink, drinking some water before splashing some on her face. She didn’t want to get sick tonight. Any other night ... Read Chapter

Unforeseen Accident

Shawn, Taylor, and the driver enters, slamming the door shut behind them. All three shed their drenched coats, dropping the soggy things ... Read Chapter

Waiting Till Morning

A pair of students didn’t find that driver’s words all that reassuring. Shawn paces back and forth in front of the little door to... Read Chapter

Shawn's Plan.....

Gerald suddenly shuffles Sofia, Erica, Josie, and Carly to the other side of the bus. “What?!”. Erica jerks her arm away from him... Read Chapter

And...We Crash

Feeling herself being moved, Sofia wakes from her nap. She stands straight up, looking around at Carly, Josie, Gerald, and Erica.….. ... Read Chapter

Where We Landed

For a moment, nothing but thunder echoes through the night air. Lightening randomly flickers, but the heavy rain has stopped. A few stude... Read Chapter

Welcome to the Forest

Gerald eyes the bus, noticing smoke starting to rise from it. The bus sparks loudly, startling the group….. The sound stuns them for a ... Read Chapter

The Cottage

Everyone else eyes are glued to what is sitting on the other side of the creek. Before them sits a small cottage surrounded by a small wh... Read Chapter

The Fog and...Just a Noise

Within seconds, that group vanishes into the fog. The rest of them stand in a nervous, silence listening for something...anything. The on... Read Chapter

In the Mart

“Tate, help me with the door!”. Sofia’s voice carries over the howling wind as she gets to her feet. When she’s up, Tate reaches ... Read Chapter

Forgetting it All

As the adrenaline leaves, Sofia can feel herself starting to shiver. The hut provides a little warmth from the outside air, but they are ... Read Chapter

Waking in Paradise

“Ew! Get it off! This is gross!”. Sofia’s eyes open, and she can vaguely see Maria jumping around….. She doesn’t recall hav... Read Chapter

Someone/Thing Calling

“Sofia. Sofia.”………. Sofia turns to the forest staring in confusion. She clearly heard her name being called...but how? She ... Read Chapter

Voices...and Dead Classmates

“If we fin – “Jo!” Sofia yells, interrupting Jason. She dashes into the forest without a second thought. “Sofia!”. Jo... Read Chapter

Chaos of the Mind

Sofia freezes suddenly. For a split second, her pounding heart floods her ears. Her breath catches as her eyes stay trained on something.... Read Chapter

Letting it Sink in

As they pant, Tate, Ashley, and Maria turn, to face the others. Josie is a little ways away from the door sitting on the floor, holding S... Read Chapter

Got a Plan

Sofia suddenly jumps up, throwing up. Her quick movement startles the others. They watch her on her hands and knees, throwing up some cle... Read Chapter

Nightmares...and Thinking of Home

Again, Sofia is in that dream bound to that tree. She’s at the start of it, feeling nothing but dread, knowing how this will play out. ... Read Chapter

Night Brings...Death

Sofia continues laughing as Ashley struggles with Taylor. To think things were like this a – “Help!!!!”. Ashley, Sofia, and... Read Chapter

The Forest Brings Memories

“Sofi, I plan on moving out of here too.”. Sofia smiles at Josie pulling her closer as they stroll down the sidewalk. It’s a ni... Read Chapter

A Beach and Others

After a few minutes, as Sofia calms down, she can’t tell why she’s disappointed. Maybe...she wanted it to come. Maybe, she wants all ... Read Chapter

The Trap?

Sofia runs and runs until the pain finally stops. When it does, she drops to the ground. She’s exceptionally exhausted at this point an... Read Chapter

Flying...not Bad

Sofia isn’t able to search for long. The sudden burning of her arm cancels her plans. She grits her teeth staring at the culprit. Her e... Read Chapter

The Campsite

“Gerald!”. That voice immediately cools Sofia off. Amber runs towards them with tears pooling in her eyes. “I thought I was... Read Chapter


Sofia hasn’t moved from her spot. Her throbbing leg means for her to sit still. This breather she’ll take for now. Gerald sits ne... Read Chapter

Barely Escaped

Sofia drifts in darkness until…she is tied to that tree...once again. When the yelling starts, she gets...some names to the faces s... Read Chapter


Erica removes her hand, seeing Sofia has passed out. The blood pouring from Sofia’s ripped jeans makes her heart flutter. From the amou... Read Chapter


“What happened to Gerald?”. Sofia tenses, glancing away from Shawn….. She doesn’t know. There wasn’t a sign of him nor Ambe... Read Chapter

Taking Chances

Ashley clears her throat. “Are we heading to the boat?”. Shawn spins around to face her. Sofia doesn’t move, shifting her eyes ... Read Chapter

Friends and Ends

Within minutes, the tree line breaks, and the water comes into view. Sofia is relieved to see the little town. She leads Shawn to where t... Read Chapter

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