There's always someone to spoil your day.

Being young is a great thing. It will lead you into old age, if you take care. I was young and feeling great. Lying there on the sand in the sunshine with not a care in the world. My friend came along with two bottles of ginger beer. He gave me one, and said, ''That will cool you down.''
I said thanks and began tasting the beer. Rising up a bit from the position I was in, I looked at the sea with its waves coming in and going back out. All day long, that's what the sea is doing.

After a taste of the beer, I said to my friend, ''That's nice and cold.''
All around us, there was peace, and I like the way things were running in our community. There was a great feeling within. I was just turning 17, and I had no girlfriend yet, but I was hoping to find one someday. Some other people came along and told us, ''War has broken out.''
I said, ''Where was he locked up?''
They started laughing and said to me, ''It is not a person. It is trouble between two or more countries. And everyone from a certain age upwards will have to go and fight.''
I said to my friend, ''Did you know that?''
''Never heard of it.'' He told me.
The other people said, ''Haven't you both been taught in school?''
''I don't know about my friend, nut I didn't stay long in school.''
''Anyway,'' they said, ''you'll get more news about it.''
I asked, ''Where is this war?''
''It's a long way from here,'' they told me.
I said, ''Seeing that they've disturbed my peace, I'll go and disturb theirs.''

The End.

Submitted: October 15, 2021

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