Rick and Morty's, Deferentially devoted divinity

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rick is batheld, on a new discovery, not to far from his home town, planet earth, and has decided to take morty with him, To discovery a world within side itslef, where Rick and morty are destined to be gods, of this newly formed generated world, a paradise of dreams togther

(((Interderementional telvesion)))

(Man's Dramatic voice)
(In the begging, there where birds!
and at first they could only run
but as the did,
they escaped the clutches of the creatures who would hunt them down,
and learn to fly,

(((((Bird getting away from dominate preditors human last, and, bird sits on tree)))))


(Man's Dramatic voice)

But becuse of there flight, from then on, no one, could get them

((((Bird flicks feathers))))

Dam birds why!
We had it we had it all, Dam you!!!!!!

((((Interdermentional television))))

(Dramatic Man's voice)
It was seen to be the end, for us all

Where no one, would, could or dare stop them

(((Birds eye is watching directly at screen of viewiers then an low echoing screching bird call)))

(Dramatic mans voice)
but now our destineys have changed!

(Ricks big surprise voice)


(Dramatic man)
For it is here to stay

(forever!)(((( whispered)))

(Dramatic man)

(A whispered "Prothecta")
Zwzwzwzwzwzwzezez ..(static)

(((Rick See's the name prothecta but we don't see it)))


(((((Rick runs, out side shocked for what he has just seen)))) ((((and does what ever rick does off screen))))) ((((as in his genious))))

........ (((( intro)))...........
((Morty is in bed playing with his tablet/ipad))

Come morty, it's bigger then ever, you gotta see, come on

((Rick Takes morty in his space craft))

(((And Rick is extra excited and is talking very rappidly and also gives praise))

You won't believe it There's a new world, (but /it's) not just any world, it lives outside the existance of our own universe
it is a self generated multiverse

Safe from the harms of the outside worlds hostile enviormnet

It's, a man made computer generated genious

Remarcable it is With its core stabilty unit stored within inside its self,

Truely what gives this multiverse the ability to be self generated world

And from what I've heard, no one will ever find this core generator,

Nor even me

Yes these tricky (ba-st-ards) that created this world
Are so devien

They have even come up with a way to live for forever,
never dieng,
never to see the end of our days


Never dieng are you kidding me rick


Yes Never dieng
Not only that,
our lifeforms will be ultered into new beings, lifeforms, where we will be more than gods!

We gotta go!,... I'm old as it is,
I must be saved!

Morty, this is my shot, I must do it

Morty it's in our local district, it's not to far,

{{{{Thank buda for the hook, up thank you (internet provider) indermentional Netflix local you the best}}}}}

(((Rick Sniffs...... a line)))



Sounds pretty sweet rick,
what do we gotta do, I want in, I can't wait
I wanna live forever like a god
,What do I have to do

(((((Dramitic rick voice)))))

Go though the t-mpc

A thermail matrix Pulse Converter

A machine that is designed for an ulteration procedure
Where we as indvidulas, will have our minds transfered into this new environment where we will be uploaded into the multiverse system's bio's

But there is a catch to it morty! there no comming back,
A zero percent chance of a life out side the walls of this existance ever again

Arnt you suppose to be a geniuses
There's gotta be a way to stay
I'm not leaving forever rick, please think of somthing



It's OK morty, I have every thing under control,


(Ricks car voice)
((( you have Arived a destination pro alpha1))))

(((Town folk of pro alpha 1)))

((Do you know,))
((Have you heard))
((Brilliant absolutely brilliant))
((It's is hear, our saviour is here))

(((Town preacher)))
"""""Within our existance,
we have made a new existance, for our existance lacked existance""""""
Were this new existance its truley beyond our own existance,
Which makes our existance a devien existnace"""""
truly making your existance more than just an existance




pretty poetic
Give that man a medal



So what's the plan



There it is the line up for the t-mpc, though it is heavily guarded, we need to get in togther, alone!

Morty I need you to create a distraction
I know you can do it morty

(((Big Smiles on mortys face)))

Hello everybody, over here

(((As morty waves)))
(((Everyone is looking at him)))

(((Da da da da, ricks foot steps sneaking))

((((and Rick sneaks past the security's fence))))

((((Morty walks off after his diversion
and see's ricks portal gun worm hole And eneters)))))

[[[[/or just use portal gun]]]]]

(((Then morty eneters the containment room to a t-mpc machine's holding area))))
((Rick is hacking a t-mpc))

(((((A Quick discrugruntaled rick voice says)))))



.....You won't believe it morty! these (ba-st-ards) have figured out a way to watch into there future, including our own lifes inside this so called paradise

meaning if it wasn't for you morty, I would have just entered there world,
Under there control

Where I will have always lived under there rule,

I love you so much right now morty

But these Bastard didn't expect me,
I will teach them a lesson on who's boss
I'm going to trick there (/future watching) ai (sencer/sytem) that watch's there future and deliver them false data so, I can become all and everything this world can offer

And they will Never know anything happened

and they will countunie on as if I have done nothing,

And also with a bit of Sanchez hackery
(((((Cracks fingers))))
Where destine to be there gods forever

What about comming back i don't want to live in there world forever I have family what about Jessica

yeah don't worry I'm done with that let's get out of here

(((((Rick uses his portal gun and they eneter the portal hole)))))
((((Now They are Back at ricks secret lair)))

((((Rick is serious)))))
It won't be long, I have everthing I need

((((Eye of the tiger (song))))

(((rick starts to set up a device
So morty decides to make a sandwich
And in that time rick is done)))

Rick your out done your self this time, that's quick)

(a t-mpc machine)

Not just any t-mpc machine, this one is significantly
designed to only send our virtual selfs,
living inside this new multiverse,

But only our minds

a none existancant existance
Were we will be safe from all harms of there newly formed generated world, where our body's and true minds are still right here at home safe

you did it Rick, Living forever, where we can come back, I'll get mum and dad, mmm maybe summer,

No morty we must do this alone, any ways the t-mpc's will be on earth, in full furition in less then 3 years,

I expsecial don't won't Jerry in there,
err (shiver)
his a Berdin to me morty I'm sorry but it is as it is,

You know it's me and you, morty that the way we go and the way it's always going to be, and now we are the ones who are destined to be gods toghter forever

With your, your, your, you,! and my geniuses
Nothing will stop us becoming more than ever before

Remember i love you Morty

are you ready, to take your first steps towards total devinity
((((Looks on morty face as he looks down then up and says)))



((((Rick straps morty into the rigged and hacked t-mpc then also takes a seat himself ))))

((((Now They eneter the multiverse))))




Yep sure takes a dump on reality



Wats there to do around here



Let's just have a looks see, mmmmm

(((Rick pulls out a device)))



What's that rick



Just a device, please read the manual morty did you even know any thing about this multiverse yet,

Even Jerry would know the name of this place by now

Do you even, know the name of this multiverse yet morty
(((Rick looks at morty, with a confused look on mortys face)))

Jezz morty, pull it togther your know where going to be the bosses of this town right
(((((Rick turns on a device)))))

(((And we look at the screen)))

((Pleasent music))
((((And we see the past scripture and people being kind while promoting there world))))

(((((And a computer woman voice says))))
((((((Welcome to prothecta)))))
(((((Your new home

Hmm nice to know

(((((Would you like to ask me any question or topics of prothecta's I'll be sure happy to assist you))))

So what's, there to do around here rrr


(Woman's computer voice)

(Madam, my name is madam)

((((((You can do almost anything, you can shop with a billion free credits
Anywhere within our system of prothecta

Enjoy the wonder and joys, of neverending value,

were our world has an endless supply of inventions, to fill your every need

But what we have take most pride on, that has come the most popular entertainment method of prothecta's of date

Are alot of competitional games, of any event, mostly inavirtual computer, games but there is most prostegious tortament we call the vicious games no rules exist last team alive wins don't worry though it's not a real death

But you might wanna come prepared and practice first if you were to win your voteing seat of power of porthecta's will be trippled,
and if you were to win again it countiunies over giving you the chance to ultimatly become supreme rulers of prothecta))))))



madam How many of those are there


(Woman's computer voice)

((((((One every 3 months)
((((((And mister you look pretty old

You can get a full make over, of your choosing and an upgrade of your face to a more presentable disirable one rather than what mother nature has left you)))))



Thanks Madam,
I wonder what her FACE! Looks like,

(((( Rick breaks device with only using his voice/or use's a sonic device)))

((Bep pop! Sparcs of electricity))
((Ewwwww(( breaks madam))

(((((Rick Throws device to the ground)))))

Who needs it, we'll own this town by sundown

((Eye of the tiger))

Rick is quick to climb to the top

Rick and morty become gods fighting and winning by cheating, using there hacks until the owners notices that it was not supposed to be this way....

(((During montage you will see the percentage of vote power that rick and morty are gaining in prothecta as it procedes during a montage)))) ((/maybe money value increaseing too))

(((((The t-mpc are now on earth and have a line up, and Jerry is excited must be approximately 3 years since rick and mortys entry into prothecta)))))

(( the owners strike back against rick and morty and anonce to a crowd))
While they Broadcast it through out the intire prothecta and this is what they say))

(One of the Protheca owners)
(We as the individual's that have made and own the rights to our glorious world of prothecta, we have noticed these 2 man

You may have heard of them, we have footage of somthing that was not of prothecta, and must be from an out side source)


((and the we watch rick break madam and say))

Bep pop! ewwww
Who needs it, we'll own this town by sundown

We'll own this town by sundown

We'll own this town by sundown



(((Not madam))) (even those sourounding rick and morty while they are pampering them)


(Prothecta owner)

(((Yes madam)))

((((And I, from now on declare war on these 2, this rick and morty
And I have this)))

((((((((Pulls out device))))))))

(((I thought I wouldn't use it for some time, a perment mind erase

(((((Were they will be deleted and whipped clean from our memory banks forever so we can start again

Without the memory of rick and morty

And from now on I want them dead

((Eyes of rick are deaping)) da da da

Do you know what this means,
Our minds will be is mush, are body's might of been safe but are brains is what we truley need

Morty this is the end where screwed
,where truley f@#ked


What do you mean rick, let's just go back to our univesere


No morty, I left our body's to decea I was never going to allow us back

Our body's are safe but we have no way on getting back to them

((((Morty looks up and then tilts head to the right as he looks slightly towards rick))))

Your kidding me right rick jokes,.. right rick, rick, rick!

Do you think this i was going to end everything Between us morty,
Did you think prothecta would just end
I'll be dead and jesca would probly be dead
you'll be dead
will all of been dead!


Rick were going to die, by rights, right now do you think my body's back on earth is just going to pick up its self and set us free

Morty...... ((ricks slow voice))

((((Rick With smiles on face))))
((((Morty with smiles on face)))

((((( a couple seconds pass by))))


I have no capble way of doing that

We are still truley f#@ked!

((((Bangs on door))))

(Random man)
(((((We know your in there)))))


What, do, we Awwwwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh (((screaming morty having a panic attack)))
((((Rick Slaps morty))))

Wake up morty, your going to die

(((((surounded by angry mob rick and morty are)))))

(((Fear on mortys face)))

 ah ah Awwwwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh



That it morty you got it this time your right it's time to super (/sayin) there asses






Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! (Power up)

(((Eye of the tiger))))

(((((All out war between the intire multiverse begins, rick and morty fight and they are victorious

Rick, inslaves the population to do his will
And Morty complys

Rick keep detion centres of the earth as it was in the 19th century, for peace in there comunity rather than death))))

Were it just so happens a farmer discovers the hidden core unit, Inside a cook book for quail puree,
And Inside the core it self, is were all records of prothecta's are kept,

(Mmm what this, prothecta's main stream history And future, direct core bypass up link)
(mmmm very interesting)

((((opens book with gold pages, and bright lights apear))))

(((Then farmer buffs up)))

Then he Breaks free out the detion centre with a army of fellow supporters

And now there is a super race of gods

Rick and morty fight
But all seems lost

They now are on there final retreat, with no where to run

And the cook book with the secret core of prothecta's kept inside, is held by the man that found it
Who just so happens to be the most powerful being in existance

Morty these devien, ass holes, figured out somthing we don't know, I bet it has to with super sighted ass over there and what he is holdin, it has to be the core, it's the only explanation, but if it gets destroyed, morty



Boom, no more prothecta



Rick its ok,

I'll give it my defenceive best, there no going back now,

I've never wanted to die so young but as odd as it is I'll be happy to go out with you

rember always Rick

I love you



No time for that morty, here they come

(((((And as the fight continues the book ends up in jeopardy from a blast comming from morty

The core, implodes

And all is lost


Prothecta is gone along with all its inhabitance including rick and morty

Jerry was next to go through the t-mpc and he is pissed but happy when the news of billions of lifeforms that died all at once

The dead body's of rick and morty lie dormant

Nothing happens

But then out of know Where a new rick and morty appear

And put up a shrine to hornor there gods

The fallen world of Prothecta's

Rick and morty

(((((A Dedication to existance 1))))
.......(((((another ending below if rick and morty can't die))))) after the final segment peace))))


((So where you been))






(For 3 years)



Long shopping trip



Yeah a billion free credits of it



((((((Well, I almost died)))))


(Rick and morty)

We did! (Rick and morty both say it a same time).....



Selfish bastard

(((((Did you get any of that)))))

((((It's a good show))))

Jerry also grows a beard in line for the t-mpc

((((And If rick and morty can't die, they have clones, and the definitive forms of rick and morty get back from holidays And they see mindless bodys of there clones selves)))

Woo what a holiday I never wanted to come back


True, clones are so useful

Well s#@t this wasn't supose to happen,

mmm still go with protocol developed minds and form as one memory



(((Woman's computer voice)))
Loading memory searching, not found, checking local data base, not found extrira database not found, disatnce adjustment, scan all local data bases, found, prothecta local database black box history

(Rick and morty)







Wow What!



That's was amazing



you stupid peace of s#@t if where here I would be more than a god,

How could you not live as me in a world where you had it all

Why not me!

hmm hmm why! (Rick huffing and puffing)


Hmm hmmmm



It ok rick, it's ok



Hmmm hmmm

I could of s#@t all over them come back

Do in a month if I wanted too,
I had it all,
why!!!! Not me!!!!!!



Why don't you make another prothecta



Hmm fmmm ((a tear drop whipped clean))

You don't get it morty
Why be God when you can take it

Here's a generated world right here,

(((Rick Drops orb))) ((((and smashes it,)))))

((((Crys of the dead))))

((((Mortys face is confused)))


rick was that real people in there


((((Back on pro alpha 1)))
((((Crazy guy says with billl board that reads thefe's which he is wearing)))))


(crazy guy)

Come within, see into the future I know the truth, stay away, stay away

Not safe, for all is in dangour, prothecta is in dangour


(Some dude)

(((What ever loser)))

Ahaahah! (((Screams))

(((All Broadcast channels gone)))

((((The crowd turns to him)))

God, god,

(((((As they priese him)))))


Did you get any of that

Submitted: October 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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olive tree

very interesting format u got going here, keep iy up!

Sat, October 16th, 2021 2:18pm

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