Rick and Morty's, redirectional dyssocial sociopath

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rick discovers a way to, find all information of ever universe in ever demtion, and takes his true fight to the world, who knows what rick will do with unlimited power, that he acquired by his own two hands


I have evething the world has to offer,
What shall I do, with all that lies ahead, the infinite possibilities, anything I can think and its mine..

Beep beep beep
((Channels changing))


(((indermentional television)))

((((man speaking))))
Welcome!, to a prying eye, where watch
All but never die, you found me deap in connection but we stay well away from the misdirection

Hey there where got some interesting, spots and locations check out our range we have,
deap, deap, deap dark secrets

Bep Zzzzwwwzzzwzzzzzzz

(rick searches channels index (on Interderementional netfilx)

Most popular,

((((Rick looks around no body there))))))
Search types
(((Illisulion theroy))))

mass devetion
True dediction

Then, live

Boom! Add interupts while rick types in his search and then
We start watching govermnet secret missile launches, shooting, teft, and even soft core nudity (sex)

(Ha ahahaha ahahahaha)
(Bloody adds)

(((Still alot in search bar 200,056 million goggleplex)))

(((Then rick types,))

Near Alone, scintifical value

500 trillion relsuts

Then he does a Random search then presses play

(((((( indermentional netflix a prying eye production)))))

(((scientist speaking voice)))

(((((Dr. Lumino)))))
imagine it
a microspoic worm that has the ability to self duplicate and read Into minds

(((((high inspetor turns his head))))
(((And says nothing))))

Yes But
these worms can relay all sources of known information, of the mind including any spoken words

back to a source ,

( Go on) ((((high In spector rodger martin))))

This source,
(((Dr lumino Uses his hand to show that it is this source a stationary hub))))

the, collective station, the central processing unit

This is where an indvidual in control of this station can control all the information these worms can gather

where you will be able to read any information, they find

(((((Rogder Martin raises head))))

Yes! It's true,
,all, and eveything,
all truth

(((High inspector Rodger martin, smiles)))

Yes... these, thought gathering worms, most certainly will give the owner infinite interectual profits and properties of any source

That no one would ever talk about, out side polite company or even at all

(And what about quantity)

these worms will Multiply rappidly
Where They are A-Sexual and devided over 400,000 times every anual yearly cycle

(enough to gain, a full spectral image of our intire galaxy)

Most Certainly,

And we are the only 2 to know....

(When can i get a full production)

I can have over 100 million goggle plex of them in less then 3 months

(((((Ricks back of head gets in way)))))

((((((Rick says)))))
No, yoou,,, no,,,, what demtion is this

((((Checks device)))))
(((((Woman's voice))))
(D, 1, 10, 6, 8, 4, e, q, 3, 7, /,  banana
never been populized buy unisvre A)

Nor in my town lies banana town
((((Arrrrr drewl)))))

,Im gonna be rich
((Rick Hugs tv))


(Rick is working on somthing possible worms)

(((Heads out side exactly before morty arvives)))

(Hey whats up rick how ya been)
((Right At the front of the smiths house))))

Morty no, to explain
I have to run an eran

(Not this time rick I've got things to do)

What is it, morty

(You rember stefeany)


(We been seeing each other for about 2 weeks

can't you even decied to care about me for a change rick, and

You know who ever you think you are rick sanchez or who ever you think your kidding  it dosent matter, meaning its you that has nothing to do with, me or morty ever again!

(((((Then all of a sudden Sparks in the sky and the world reversing,
And Morty walking out side the house it seems like he has no idea what's going on)))))

(((And Stephany goes missing nothing else)))

(Hey rick what we doing today)

((((((And then stefeany is falling in the back ground from the sky hearing her distant scream)))))

Morty I've been really, thinking about everthing latly have you heard of, over protection theroey, developing In irregularities of approval of domination devien over control, by rights

becuse of right now

none of that truley matters, morty

(((Rick Sprays morty in face with water spray bottle)))

Jeses What that, what the, shit what the hell is that rick, what

I can hear me own thoughts,

stop it

((((Rick turns of a speaker)))

Rick! That personal space like serious,

(Stop morty,
There nothing in there
it's a dead waste of space,
morty your personal space is....

(((Mortys sad face))))

I'm mean well
There's plenty of room for new shit up In there

Your still only young you know,

Any ways morty don't tell any one, about this

And Come with me,

(Where are we rick,)

(((((Rick and morty are in an ally way))))

Shhhhhhhh, look over there,

(Is that who I think it is)

yeah, doo-ble! Box,

(Rick i only know him off, prying eye local)
What's he doing on earth,)

(Rick!,,,, Rick )

(((((Rick Takes off and eneters buble box club)))) ((((morty is soon to eneter))) but morty gets a back hand trying to eneter until Rick points him out)))

(((And now Rick and morty walk into club, were there are alot of gangsters))))

Yo, uorble burble!,

(Rick my man what can I do you for,
A drink, any unusual
you know me, deap within)

(Burble got the doe, and if you want (bloe /wowe) let me know)

Yo Burble herbal, I'll get a hoe, and get one for morty yo, yeah he did just lose a through

(Hah ha hah)

((((Morty thinks but does nothing))))

Mmm ha, hah, ahaa mmmm



((( both morty and rick start to walk away, with some hoe's)))

(((((Burble, box)))))
(Yo rick where's the love share somthing around don't just walk on by,)

Yo, Burble I'm not going to waste your time listen to this

listen to wat,

((((Speaker gets turned on))))

You what this, owe no what please mister, please mister, please stop thinking, why do I have such a kids voice owwwe rick I'm gonna!

(((((Rick turns of device))))

(Random gangster)
(You doe, what's that hoe)

((((AnOther gangster)))))
(I want some, of that!)

((((And another gangster))))
(Me too)

((( booble box
Yoe Asuuse, bring a homie a clam,
(((((Ricks eye's glow!)))))

Yo durble be kind to them

they are my babies,...

here are my worms, all you need is an fm radio

And it's all yours
Burbs the wordz

(((((Now rwhat seems to be ricks plan the worms are Spread every where by being sold, the the are deployed by planes, suit cases,and sprays off jets, garden farm sparys and put on cosmitics))))

Ahahahaaha ahahahaha ahahahahaha

This is so funny hahahahaaha I wonder what they do ahahahahaah


Hahahahahahahahahahahaah hahahahaha ahahahahaha hahahahaahah so fucking faunnnny

(((((Rick appears in and out of montage))))

2 years later

(((Burbs the box)))
You dog, what up, Thanks for the (central processing unit 2 years ago

I've heard so much

(Yeah! Me to, so halirious)

ahahahah ((( both laugh)))

(((((Random prisoner on chains))))
(Thats what youse think, I'm mean woof

(((( barks like real dog in mind))))

((((Becuse his mind can't control thoughts))))
Mr bubba, turn it off please,)

a dog that snitches barks

((((woofs, as buble pulls on chain))))

(((Da da da Dada))))

(((((TV cahnnel brodacast)))))
It's been 2 years since
Wide spread panic has emerged, now that
everybody most iner thoughts can be heard,

((((Segment of brodacast)))
I love you babe,

I lov,,yu,,,, Dam your ass is getting fat


The pandemic is spreading every where

((((Podemom of the U.R of universe))))
""""Today I have announced to all citizens, of the intire universe we will be strong,

and that our disishions will come to a acquire a qu-ire, and find absolution to these thoughts of our own concentration, Dam these tight pants there so itchy

There must be somthing to this
and we will find an end to it

They don't stop itching,

and we are going to do somthing about it

The wide spread panic started In America, a small planet country in the earth quadren

((((Tv gets Turned off)))

((((Random gangster))))
(Hey I was watching that) ((((in head))))

((((Urble burble)))))
Well I'm sick of it

(I watch your, shit all the time) (((in head))) (((((( gangster)))))

Bitch what!
Lili mother, I'll F in the N kill you boi

Lucky its just your brain, only, and I'll spare you you left index finger, but the rest goes to urble,

and don't spend any time messing around with that finger,

Cause if you do, I'm gonna un urble my burble, up in your ass and trust me you'll never want that

(((A kiss goodbye)))))

((((((Screams while he gets taken away)))))

So, yo Buble troubel
Jusy one question Whats with the employees still on the you know head radio

(Hear all see all)

(I like to see these my monsters most kept iner thoughts and secrets)

(Mothers be tripen dog! Like woaaaa)

(((Crazy gangster)))
(And I'm gonna stick him, yeah then yeah yeah, stick him again)

(Fat gangster)
(I like sprinkles and when it's covered in chocolate)

(Boom! Dead gangster)

I've had to see one flow away, before like bye little fisheys I don't like it when I have to make them go

They use to be my friends it's just imbarsi g bro/yo

(True brother, true that)

I know
And yo thanks, for the bounce syrium hook up that makes you amune to the worms

makes an even bigger profit then the worms, with the the central processing units combinded
I just wanna say thanks dog

(Yeah mind free as a bird it's a good thing)

yeah and by the way,

I'm sorry to do this

(((((All guns pointed on rick))))

I want what's in that brain rick

(Yo dog what with the disgruntled behaviour I was just waiting, for you to ask for it)


(Yeah, to say.... no, only pussys would wait this long to ask)

Shot that mizarrea down

(((((Rick, sits there being shot, for a short while then kick some ass))))

(((((After wards))))
((((Rick walks away And says))))

World here I come....

((((Rick, walks out building then spins the world back home Yes spins the world!)))))

Then There are alot of people comming after rick

Rick waits patiently at home
And then Rick walks out side and talks to them all

they turn up in mass numbers in space crafts and on foot And every where in our solar sytem field zone

And he says

"hello filth of the world I love.... you, all
Thank you all so very much for comming

There nothing here I wanna see or do more than to pown you alll

You own nothing any more that doesn't belong to me

and it is all true

fight with what your got or hide

for war is about to come to you

(((((Rick makes dome around intire solar sytem)))))

what your got truley! Belongs to me!

Da! Da! Da! Da! Da! Da! Da! stare off

(((((What a Big fight for rick to have)))))

Rick whipes clean the blood after his total

Huffing and puffing as he floats back down to the ground

With victory over his face he points at a mysterious black hole looking portal and says you! Your next! In seriois rick possed voice

(((( rick dragged the black hole thingy closer from where it was after realsing the containment wall over the intire solar sytem))))

(((the mysterious black hole does nothing))))


2 years ago, ((((after watching worm)))

Rick finishies building worms quickly at mass numbers)) (((((free will/ or duplicate machine, hyper reactive growth hormone, worm extract, pyscaldics, THC, and monotones,

(((Rick, uses an a-ray of portal guns holes, and a bottle of spray, hooked to the drums of worms. And spins the portal holes using mirror theroy, for every demintion In ricks existance)))

then after he is done Rick moves extremely quick, changing ingredients of the world,

everything in all a short time,
whitin 5s seconds of reciving worms Information,

Rick was done taking over the intire world

(((((With a slow timer that has secounds countdown clock featuring micro seconds)))))

(((Yo rick what we gonna do/^^))))
Starts where Stephany disappeared

journey into ricks brain the never ending void of existance but at the end, a class room of students, and hard real equation and what an Ansrew or subject would be

Then all there heads popping off
Then spinning back on waiting for next set of evaluation

((((Illusion theroey)))))

Breath in and out,

Between the last word said it is all ways  and will be rembered as a finished memeoery

but what is, that you do,..
Is automation of equastionequation

((((Moves hands quickly))))

Now can you repeat that for me


((((((Spoken last words)))))))

(((((((Did you get any of that))))))
((((((It's a good show)))))

((If anyone searches for ricks secret pass on Google or Netflix the will see A video clip to, rick and morty style, woman I can be your woman woman woman

(((When rick drops sophiea, she is then hit by train))))

((((But you here the sound of the train when you go back to rick and morty))))

((( Rick Sprays morty in face with bottle to distraction morty from ricks true plan as morty would of said somthing)))



Submitted: October 16, 2021

© Copyright 2021 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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that was interesting

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good read

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